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Bsquare Single Breasted Solid Men's Suit
Find the best deal on Bsquare Single Breasted Solid Men's Suit at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Bsquare Single Breasted Solid Men's Suit Price in India is ₹2,850 at Flipkart.
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For a comprehensive understanding of Bsquare Single Breasted Solid Men's Suit we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Bsquare Single Breasted Solid Men's Suit Reviews from YouTube

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What's your height bro
Bhai Raymond ka size 36 ismay konsa size loon
Bhai mera please help me Mera chest 38 Shoulder 17 Waist 37 Konsa size mera hoga ?!?!(fitting )
What is size broo 36,38
Aur uska size perfect hota hain kya
Bhai FAVOROSKI brand achhaa hai ya nahi ? plzz reply fast broo I need blazer Urgently
Bai mere hight 5-00 he to kitne size ,32 34 36
Bhai my height is 5'11" and i wear 34size jean. Which size should i buy
Bhaiyu mera bhi size same hai pr fitting mei to koi problam nahi hai na
Hii Pls tell me tht how to pick a perfect size of blazer Its very confusing
bhai mera shirt size L hain ,maine L size ka order kiya hain, perfect hoga ki nhi?
How is cloth reply iam ordered that from your cloth is nice quality
Kya jab Order place karte he to seller ka size confirm karne ke liye koi phone aata hai?
Bhai mai 5.6 feet ka hn weight 52 kg hai.Skinny body haiSize kon sa chha rhega Plzreplay
Bhai mera Height 5.3 hai aur chest size 38 inch h, please help konsa size ka lena chahie. I mean lebal dekhu ya chest size konsa lun, thore explain kardo yaar konsa lun
manQ brand flipkart pe nhi hai ?
bhai mera size 5.8 hai weight 58 hai kon sa size prefect rahega ?
My height 5"8 My chest 38 My waist 34 Kon sa size lun
Bhai acha rhega mujhe wedding ke liye lena h
Hi , Brother I am 5.9 and waist is 32 weight 68 kg . What will be perfect for me 38 or 40 1999 pe mil raha hain le lu value for money hoga and nice review keel it up
How to know the size when we order online?
what are your measurements and Height
Very ceahp
Hi Pls tell about how to order a blazer with proper size. It's very confusing
No perfect stitching
Good coat
What size would I choose for a 5.6 skinny man? Btw, I love your channel for the English narration. Im an Indian but not knowing Hindi. Most of the review channel I was found speaks Hindi, which I cant understand.
What was your height then bro?
vid strts from 5:30
Background music is very irritating.
Bhoottt Ghatia Choice hai Aapki
Good job bro but next time speak Hindi only because lots of people in our country not comfortable in english.
kya english ki ma behen ek kr ra he.hindi me bol le
idk how can you say the fitting is perfect the fitting seems really bad and i always prefer custom made suits over blazers which might be a bit expensive but i think its worth the money
You're succinct and precise:) (if you get the reference, I'll be overjoyed)
this is bad. really bad.
My height 5.5 inch which size best for me
Where did u buy the knife from
Double-breasted. It makes people like me (broad shouldered, small waist) look more imposing, and is more elegant overall. You can make a statement with it, and it looks very formal. For suits, I only wear double-breasted.
Double Breast for sure
A definition of the two would have been helpful
I’m a short person and I just got myself a double-breasted suit. Totally changed my game really. It’s so comfy and even comfier than my single-breasted suit.
double breasted suits are the best, if you can pull it off.
thanks gents
I think the double breasted suit is to be the next piece of business wear for people who want to "challenge the social norms, mannnnnn" to be made a mockery of with their bad fashion sense.
Double breasted is your power suit, playing no games, all business.
1:42 hahahahahahahha
Double breasted is more formal.
Only after having 12 single breasted two buttons (of all the required colors and fabrics and one in beige) and a tuxedo, I decided to buy 2 of double breasted. This shows the versatility and necessity of a mid lapel, European cut, two buttoned, single breasted suit; however, if someone is in shape and has a good v shaped torso, nothing beasts a peak lapel, double breasted suit (pin stripe or patterned).
Them tight ass pants and jackets. that's what you call perfect fit? LOL Hope your shoes dont come untied. you gonna split your damn pants trying to bend over LOL
All of these men channel talk more than women channels. Get to the point~
When I see a single breasted suit I think you're about to park my car or serve me a cocktail.
My grandma took me in the 10th grade to buy a suit for my school's annual semi formal dance. I was looking at some and she came up to me with a double-breasted navy blue suit. She said this is the way to get noticed and boy was she right. Fast forward to my adult life and last week I ordered a custom-made double-breasted navy blue tuxedo with pinstripes.
A question regarding the double breasted suit; I've recently purchased a burgundy colored double breasted velvet blazer, and I want to dress it down. I thought I would wear a white rollneck made from extra fine merino wool which makes it a lightweight handle, black trousers with folded hems , black minimalistic watch, a white pocket square and lastly the SHOES which part of me WANTS to have crisp, minimalistic sneakers (say like Common projects) which part of me is paranoid that it's TOO informal to wear with the outfit and a part of me says black oxford shoes what's your take on this? How far can we push the "informal" wear of a double breasted blazer?
Double breasted is more elegant and I do have a navy double breasted suit
I love double breasted jacket any day any time.
Double or single,it's a no no button up while you you realise that
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A double breasted jacket does not need neckwear. Turtlenecks look great with double breasted jackets!
Why is this video so short
As much as I love the Y formation. I do love the look of the V formation.
Great video. Please do more videos on double breasted suits.
Hi, I was wondering what the formation in a double breasted jacket is called where there are six buttons that *just* goes straight up and down, nothing out of center like a Y or a V. Thank you in advance. Edit: basically like the black coat in this video, but with 6 buttons.
Double breasted is the superior configuration of suit.
Hmmm 6 roll 1s and patch pockets on a DB both look great if done right. Brands like Cifonelli are known for both. I'd rethink this one. Also ties and bowties not required if you know what you are doing.
I'm 55 should I wear a double breasted suit jacket
Just bought my first db jacket I just love the symmetric look of those and how they accentuate the body more than a single breasted jacket And you don't see them often, which makes them special
Savile row in uk. End of story.
I got a white double-breasted jacket tailored and I got to say it is truly marvellous!
At 2:24 the dude on the left is wearing patch pockets with the double breasted jacket right after you said not to do that. Is that just for more of a casual look?
I just ordered a custom double breasted tuxedo this morning!
Love the double breasted almost all my suits are double breasted. I think as a tall guy with bigger shoulder and chest it really fits my build better.
I remember when you only had like 1000 subsnice to see you've moved on up
Ok so a man like me I’m wearing suit every day and I have 5 suits and I thinks it’s not enough and I’ll go for it for sure!
Hi Antonio I'm 6' 6" and weigh 115kg I have a gut, but I appear like a rectangle from the front. If I wear a double breast with narrow V shaped buttons, will it give a slimming effect?
Double. No questions asked.
Interesting, I always tought double was for cold weather and single for hot weather since army uniforms are single and my merchant navy uniform is double.

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