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Bs Spy Duck Feather With Cap And Pocket Sleeping Bag | Flipkart ... is offering Bs Spy Duck Feather With Cap And Pocket Sleeping Bag only for Rs | Only Genuine Products. Free Shipping.


Bs Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap Sleeping Bag | is offering Bs Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap Sleeping Bag only for Rs 2999 | Only Genuine Products. Free Shipping.


Bs Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap Sleeping Bag | is offering Bs Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap Sleeping Bag only for Rs | Only Genuine Products. Free Shipping.


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BS SPY Sleeping Bag (With Cap) Features

Sleeping Bag With Inner

  • XL Size
  • Ideal For: Kids
  • Color: Green
  • Nylon Material
  • Inner Material:- Polyamide
  • For 1 Person
  • W x H x D: 10 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm
  • Sleeping Gear
BS SPY Sleeping Bag (With Cap) Colours:
  • Green
  • Blue

The lowest BS SPY Sleeping Bag (With Cap) Price in India is ₹1,799 at Flipkart.
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BS SPY Sleeping Bag (With Cap) Specifications

Additional Features
Safety Features Hypo-allergenic
Depth 11 cm
Height 200 cm
Weight 100 g
Width 110 cm
Age Group 5-60 Years
Brand Bs Spy
Color Green
Ideal For Kids
Ideal Usage Hiking, Boating
Model Id QPA17
Model Name Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap
Space for 1 Person
Suitable Weather Winter
Temperature Rating 5
Tog Rating 4.5
Type Sleeping Bags
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package 3
Sales Package 1 Sleeping Bag, 1 Outer Cover, 1 Woolen Inner

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BS SPY Sleeping Bag (With Cap) Reviews from YouTube

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Sleeping Bags and Quilts - All You Need To Know
sleeping bag $60 budget vs premium review $1000 mountain hardwear phantom goretex -40 degree
Are you looking for the best sleeping bags for camping & backpacking on Amazon of 2021? These are some of the coolest sleeping bags for camping & backpacking we found so far: ✅1. Kelty Cosmic Synthetic Sleeping Bag​ ✅2. NEMO Disco SPOON Shape Down Sleeping Bags​ ✅3. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed​ ✅4. Therm-a-Rest Corus Down Backpacking and Camping Quilt​ ✅5. NEMO Riff SPOON Shape Down Sleeping Bags
No mention of western mountaineering? Lol not very well researched.
Can't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Awesome content 🤩🤩🤩. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these stuff. MStar Tutorials also had amazing info about similiar make money online things on his vids.
Only if they are Made in USA for me.
I like Warmth and room for my lower body👍
In 2021 Thermarest is still the best at sleeping bags
Let me know WHY you prefer a sleeping bag or quilt - especially if you have tried BOTH! Before you discount quilts, check out this video busting 5 myths about backpacking quilts:
I love the idea of a quilt but like you see at 2:30 having your bare neck and top of shoulders that exposed looks like a bad time.
Just learned something new about "Compression". Thank you
if the weather is good, a quilt will work just fine. If the weather is ugly, take a good sleeping bag and a good well insulated ground-pad to keep you off the ground. Also, in bad weather, if weight is not a constraint, take a good rated synthetic sleeping bag. If using a quilt, remember that some ground-pads are made for sleeping bags; they are not meant to have the sleeper lying directly on the pad. For example the "Klymit static V". THe deep "V" in the pad is there to allow the loft of the sleeping bag to fill-in the deep "V" and thus insulate your body from the ground. Lying directly on this type of pad as you would when using a quilt gives you zero insulation.
I'm not a big guy but I have broad shoulders and a mummy bag is torture to me so I always used to buy a square bag but there to big and heavy to carry....a quilt is the only way to go for me
Cold airflow sucks in windy conditions especially in quilts plus I can see your tent, so try using one under a G.I. poncho in -10 or being homeless for a year and you'll see they are crap.
I use rocks and pine needles. Size of rocks. The bigger the better
I'm not convinced.
My mom an grandma made custom quilts to fit our new sleeping bags from a quilting frame! Then using long stitches added to sleeping bag! When need cleaning easily removed from bag an replaced because they were custom shaped for each bag!
Bs dude you have no idea what you’re talking about.
I'm really tempted to try one, I'm going to wait for things warm up a little so I can try it with something light and cheap then get something warmer if I get on with it.
Ain’t talking about Grandma’s quilts. Hers weigh about fifteen pounds
Pro Bag, 1) side sleeper, 2) active side sleeper, 3) sleeping without tent in the wind using GWS from WM. 4) Probably higher extreme rating as well in emergencies/survival situation.5) Hood with mosquito net sawn on summer bags e.g. 6) when sleeping free in cold, a hat can fall of your head, the hood won't ever.7) Bags can be coupled/connected....
I bought a Coleman sleeping bag for -15 about 4 years ago. It’s light and a quilt if unzipped. I love this thing. I was homeless during the winter and if it wouldn’t of been for this bag, I would of froze to death in the back of my car which had no heat. The heater core was shot. I swear by this thing and if it ever wears out, I definitely will buy another. Now I have an apartment and still use it because I have asthma and have no heat on in my bedroom plus the window is cracked. I sleep like a baby. It’s my security blanket also. Lol Best $80.00 I ever spent.
Heat loss from your back being exposed. You would have to get a really high rated R-value sleeping pad (which negates seem weight savings from the quilt), also would have to wear an extra clothing layer too. Not convinced, yet..
Good video mate ordering a quilt to try 👍
How about you just use an unzipped sleeping bag as a quilt so you have the sleeping bag option if you need it.
For hammocking, cannot beat a quilt.sleeping bags take a lot more time to get into and zip up in a hammock. One thing I appreciate about hammocking with a good underquilt is that I don’t have sweat underneath me. I used to wake up with cups of perspiration on my z-pad. In my hammock, no such thing.
Hi there! what type of sleeping socks do you use with your sleep system? Do you use a dedicate pair or just any hiking socks you might be using?
them lucky log sleepers
Luke's got this one in the bag! I'll see myself out now.
We call a quilt, sleeping bag, because it is a bag. What you call a sleeping bag, we call it a mummy sleeping bag.
Which one for a trial that goes from desert weather to snow?
Luke I love your videos but here you’re dead wrong, let me explain, 1st you don’t know how to sleep in a mummy bag, it snugs you you and the bag are 1, you move side, back, side the bag moves as you do, you don’t spin inside. 2nd I zip open my mummy bag and it’s a quilt just with a hood, a bag is both, a quilt and a bag, a quilt is a quilt! Keep making your fantastic video’s.
You can always unzip your sleeping bag and use it as a quilt
Is "HotCore" a product you tried before? 🤔
Bam! Right to the point. No loud music. No commercial plugs. Right to the point. A+++++
This made me realize that my woobie is a quilt, lol.
My wife and I are looking at getting in to backpacking. We were invited to do a trip to Guatemala some time next year. We were wondering if you had any comments or thoughts on 2 person bags.
Love how politics are not discussed on this channel 👍🏼
Pro: sleeping bag is also better at keeping out bugs. ( Or snakes. Yes, I have seen too many Western tv shows. )
So over quilts. Too many cons for minimal weight savings - often lost by the need to carry a warmer pad anyway.
Hey Luke, check out the Coleman Big Basin bag. I'm 6ft 6 and swear by it..! But its huge, lol.
Put simple, if you never heard of, or not sure what a quilt a sleeping bag you'll be fine. If you love to camp no matter what...learn about a quilt!
UGQ Bandit Quilt all the way!!
What’s the tan quilt called ?
Quilt or sleeping bag? Most hotels have beds with sheets and comforters.
I prefer a sleeping bag, can be left open and draped over and used as a quilt or when cold just zip it up. I have seen some quilts that have a zipper and can do both jobs but as you said are expensive. Tip for larger guys, buy a sleeping bag, get some elastic straps for sheets on your bed and modify it to make it work. I had to do this as most sleeping bags won't zip up past my chest.
If there's one thing that gets having to get up and pee in the middle of the it's drafts... But then again, a mummy sleeping bag won't do because of its confinement.
Sierra Designs Cloud sleeping bags - All the comfort of a sleeping bag with all the ease of use of a quilt. Couldn’t recommend enough
If anyone spent the full 5 minutes watching him stuff it into its bag, they need to get a life. 27 minutes total? Nope. And what was his point anyway? Urgh
Watching from here in the UK, I can't believe you nailed that bag at the price you did. That's a $1200 bag here if you can even find it. I am ex military and we certainly don't get veterans discounts readily anyplace and where it is offered its about 10% on average. I'm jealous, it looks an awsome bag though overkill for our climate unless you find yourself high in the Scottish mountains on an exposed pitch during an unusually cold winter which would be pretty rare for 99.9999% of users here. I still want one, you know, just in case.
thanks bro
Hi there what do you think about the andes 1000 rab ??
-40 degrees celsius indeed is -40 degrees fahrenheit.
You're going to have to eat 5 cliff bars to get your energy back from stuffing that thing
I just ordered 2 of them. :-) looking forward to some winter action.
I think what I would prefer is a review from someone who has actually used it. Give me real life experience
Both temperatures scales are linear, but start at diferents arbitrary points, and both function intersect at -40.
When stuffing tents the manufactures suggest unzipping all zippers before packing away. The same with down jackets. It's supposedly helps prevent damage to the zippers and prevent them from separating.😕 Thanks for the review. I'm looking for something to take to Mt Everest base camp.
Junk. A $1000 bag should use 950 fill power. Here's an idea, get a loco libre -40* topquilt 900fp for $550.
Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same at -40° (-40°F − 32) × 5/9 = -40°C
Bags with waterproof outers stuff a lot easier if you turn them inside out, as the inner is way more porous than the outer. Good luck and thanks for the video.
Lay on top of the bag for a min before stuffing into the compression sack . It will make it flat and get the air out .
Hey! what is your contact - want to discuss being an additional user

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