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Buy BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag online at Flipkart. Sleeping Gear BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag Colours: Green
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BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag Features

Sleeping Bag With Inner

  • XL Size
  • Ideal For: Kids
  • Color: Green
  • Nylon Material
  • Inner Material:- Polyamide
  • For 1 Person
  • W x H x D: 10 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm
  • Sleeping Gear
BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag Colours:
  • Green

The lowest BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag Price in India is ₹1,799 at Flipkart.
Buy BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag online at Flipkart.
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BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag Specifications

Additional Features
Safety Features Hypo-allergenic
Depth 9 cm
Height 15 cm
Weight 110 g
Width 10 cm
Age Group 5-60 Years
Brand Bs Spy
Color Green
Ideal For Kids
Ideal Usage Hiking, Boating
Model Id QWA18
Model Name Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap
Space for 1 Person
Suitable Weather Winter
Temperature Rating 3
Tog Rating 9
Type Sleeping Bags
In the Box
Number of Contents in Sales Package 1
Sales Package 1 Sleeping Bag,1 Outer Cover,1 Woolen Inner

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BS Spy Bag With Woolen Inner And Cap (QWA18) Sleeping Bag Reviews from YouTube

Sleeping in a wool blanket
How to Choose Sleeping Bag Liners || REI
Sleeping Bag vs Quilt | Don't buy one before watching THIS!
Let me know WHY you prefer a sleeping bag or quilt - especially if you have tried BOTH! Before you discount quilts, check out this video busting 5 myths about backpacking quilts:
I love the idea of a quilt but like you see at 2:30 having your bare neck and top of shoulders that exposed looks like a bad time.
Just learned something new about "Compression". Thank you
if the weather is good, a quilt will work just fine. If the weather is ugly, take a good sleeping bag and a good well insulated ground-pad to keep you off the ground. Also, in bad weather, if weight is not a constraint, take a good rated synthetic sleeping bag. If using a quilt, remember that some ground-pads are made for sleeping bags; they are not meant to have the sleeper lying directly on the pad. For example the "Klymit static V". THe deep "V" in the pad is there to allow the loft of the sleeping bag to fill-in the deep "V" and thus insulate your body from the ground. Lying directly on this type of pad as you would when using a quilt gives you zero insulation.
I'm not a big guy but I have broad shoulders and a mummy bag is torture to me so I always used to buy a square bag but there to big and heavy to carry....a quilt is the only way to go for me
Cold airflow sucks in windy conditions especially in quilts plus I can see your tent, so try using one under a G.I. poncho in -10 or being homeless for a year and you'll see they are crap.
I use rocks and pine needles. Size of rocks. The bigger the better
I'm not convinced.
My mom an grandma made custom quilts to fit our new sleeping bags from a quilting frame! Then using long stitches added to sleeping bag! When need cleaning easily removed from bag an replaced because they were custom shaped for each bag!
Bs dude you have no idea what you’re talking about.
I'm really tempted to try one, I'm going to wait for things warm up a little so I can try it with something light and cheap then get something warmer if I get on with it.
Ain’t talking about Grandma’s quilts. Hers weigh about fifteen pounds
Pro Bag, 1) side sleeper, 2) active side sleeper, 3) sleeping without tent in the wind using GWS from WM. 4) Probably higher extreme rating as well in emergencies/survival situation.5) Hood with mosquito net sawn on summer bags e.g. 6) when sleeping free in cold, a hat can fall of your head, the hood won't ever.7) Bags can be coupled/connected....
I bought a Coleman sleeping bag for -15 about 4 years ago. It’s light and a quilt if unzipped. I love this thing. I was homeless during the winter and if it wouldn’t of been for this bag, I would of froze to death in the back of my car which had no heat. The heater core was shot. I swear by this thing and if it ever wears out, I definitely will buy another. Now I have an apartment and still use it because I have asthma and have no heat on in my bedroom plus the window is cracked. I sleep like a baby. It’s my security blanket also. Lol Best $80.00 I ever spent.
Heat loss from your back being exposed. You would have to get a really high rated R-value sleeping pad (which negates seem weight savings from the quilt), also would have to wear an extra clothing layer too. Not convinced, yet..
Good video mate ordering a quilt to try 👍
How about you just use an unzipped sleeping bag as a quilt so you have the sleeping bag option if you need it.
For hammocking, cannot beat a quilt.sleeping bags take a lot more time to get into and zip up in a hammock. One thing I appreciate about hammocking with a good underquilt is that I don’t have sweat underneath me. I used to wake up with cups of perspiration on my z-pad. In my hammock, no such thing.
Hi there! what type of sleeping socks do you use with your sleep system? Do you use a dedicate pair or just any hiking socks you might be using?
them lucky log sleepers
I'd have to go for a piss, 5 seconds after! I folded this blanket around me.
I love your accent! Are you available for adoption?
Never thought of that diagonal method just subbed!
U telling us, that keeps u warm?
That blanket wont be enough when temps dip down below freezing. A good set of insulated base layers and heavy wool socks along with an insulated ground pad or thick layer of pine bows is critical. I know this video is just to show different methods of using the wool blanket but nobody should get the idea that you will have a good night sleep in cold conditions with that set up.
I like the second a Native American Papoose!
Awesome video dude, awesome explanation of everything
Thanks for the tip and good on u for admitting your faults... we never stop learning. 👍👍😁🇺🇸
love from nepal
What accent is that?
Filted? Did you mean felted?
Eksi verenler yün battaniye sevmeyenler 😆
Congrats guy. I like very much your explanation.
I am really impressed by your videomaking skills as well as knowledge. I have seen a lot of bushcraft youtubers and especially for your age you are really ahead of a lot of them.
Harbor freight tools has a wool blanket (70% I believe) in the tarp section of their stores for 12 bucks. Good starter to test while you shop for a more expensive 100% wool blanket. Even 100% wool will get torn up if you have dogs. I've gotten about 5 years out of the 2 I got from harbor freight and still very usable condition.
Nice job !!
Nice, quality content here
Can you zip to liners together ? I have 2 sleeping bags I zip together so I want a liner that I can do the same thing with .
What about the temperature increase from merino wool?
Nicely summarised, well done...
I love how the environmentalists at REI tell you to avoid natural/biodegrade products like cotton, instead they promote synthetic products that aren’t biodegradable. Did they forget the fibers are made by the big bad industrial companies polluting the earth?
what no mowhalk
Hmmm — No word on Vapor Barrier Liners.
Mirandas videos are way better
Be careful about the claims of adding warmth to your sleeping bag. The thermal liners ratings are misleading.
My OR drysack doubles as both sack and liner, imagine that. Dont waste your money people, just try using what you have
I recommend a warmer base layer if temps are your intended gain with a liner. Or another useful layer like a Ultralight wind pant that will act as a vapor barrier. And you can always of course wear your puffy inside your bag or quilt. Liners so keep your bag cleaner but I just don’t sleep in my hiking layers. Most dont
Y’all forgot about the world’s best sleeping bag liner ever devised by humans. The mighty yet humble woobie. Sillyvilians.
Didn't even I didn't even know those existed. Somebody come sub me! Come on maaan! Happy to trade if you like.
Good video. I enjoy the flexibility a quilt gives me. Was that a UGQ? I've got a zero degree Bandit, I've had it down to 13 degrees, toasty warm. Of course the right pad plays a big part in staying warm.
Excellent Thor... A bases covered very well and under 14 minutes... Perfect!
Both too expensive for me.
Watched every quilt vs sleeping bag video on youtube. Yours is the best. Thanks, for all the info man. Great channel. Keep'em coming!
I do this crazy thing and unzip my bag and mostly use it as a quilt. And since I'm like 99% of other hikers who are not thru-hikers, I'm cool with a few extra ounces.
I am going to disagree with you in this one Thor... my Sea to Summit Spark II has a 850+ fill, 300gr of it actually AND it weighs only 540gr. I paid 325€ for it and it is much warmer than any equivalent quilt. IMO it all depends on the usage. Let me explain, hiking at high altitude means that the weather and temperatures change unexpectedly and having the ‘cocoon’ you’ve mentioned gives you an extra ‘blanket’ (pun intended) of safety. Quilts are great and if you are a ‘nervous’ sleeper like me, they are definitely more comfortable. HOWEVER, if you move in a weird way while sleeping, you might freeze and wake up intermittently during the night to re-adjust yourself... In a nutshell, less experienced hikers that don’t intend to camp in crazy cold conditions should be ok with a quilt as long as their pad and base layer is right for the temperature. For anything else, a good sleeping bag will be the better option. Experienced folks know what do do anyway ;)
That was a very well-organized and informative presentation of the differences between quilts and bags. Maybe the best I've seen. You covered all the pros and cons..except one; wiggle room. The older I get, the less I can bear being confined in a sleeping "sack". It drives me crazy. A quilt allows me spread out, toss and turn and feel more like I'm in my own bed.
Very helpful!
You actually changed my mind :D I was going to have a poofy pad and a bag, but hearing that quilts will usually be lighter AND cheaper, the quilt will be my option. Also I use a "quilt" in my normal bed, so I will be fine XD
Well explained video brother. One thing though: Traditional sleeping bags do also come in center zip (like mine) not just LH/ RH, and these can be unzipped all the way and function exactly like a quilt (I do this when it’s hot in the summer but prefer a full mummy bag for cold weather which is majority of the year here in the rainy PNW). I’ve tried it with a LH/RH zip bag and it’s more awkward. I do like being able to do either setup with 1 bag.
Quilts till the day we die! UGQ bandit for the win. Just can never go back. Esp in deep winter, the zero degree for me and a zero degree with thermolite Sea2Summit for Elisa(cause as you already know the ladies near 10 more degrees comfort.) Last month those combos were a big win at 0 degrees F. That was a cold trip, so glad we had our smaller Luxe MiniPeak XL 2p. Thats a great tent esp with the inner winter tent. Can actually fit 2 people if the wife is same size as the guy .....well....if there are like Elisa and I. We should go out next month bro on a weekend someplace in the uintas. Would be awesome.
I’m waiting for my UGQ 20 degree to arrive later in March. Your recommendations were extremely helpful. I went with the sewn foot box though. Totally agree that things have changed since Boy Scouts days, haha. I’m curious about your Nemo Switchback sleeping pad.. did you go with the short or regular size? I’m grappling with which size I should go with.
I tell you the Sierra Designs Cloud 800 that your boy Devin raves about is the best of both worlds. My UGQ 0 is so comfortable and warm I honestly can't bring it because I sleep in because it's so perfect. Seriously sleep till 9 am every time I wake at 6 something everyday but UGQ keeps me down lol
Well presented and informative. A great place for newbies plus to start.
Some great information there man! It has been a rollercoaster for me and my family when it comes to this subject. Originally...all sleeping bags. Then all quilts. And now recently were kind of in the middle. If I had it to redo I would have gotten us all wider quilts (went with 55" but would probably go with the xwide 60") just to help more with possible drafts when you roll around. But like anything...the bigger the heavier and too big of a quilt could end up being basically the weight of a sleeping bag.
Very well presented ... good info - I'm actually going thru the sleeping bag vs quilt right now
I’m not sure quilts save a “ton of weight”. We’re talking feathers here. I also think that you don’t save much (if any) money. The research I did suggests that if you look at comparable quilts and bags you can save maybe 6-8 oz. by deleting the hood and back on the quilt and you save no money. I bought a quilt because I’m an active side sleeper and quilts provide the freedom to move around. It has made a huge difference in my comfort. If you are a quiet sleeper who just lies there like a dead person, I would get a bag.
Hello my friend, I have both a quilt and a sleeping bag. I prefer the sleeping bag over the quilt but both are good. Take Care and Keep Exploring The Outdoors.

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