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Brut Round Solid Deodorant price at Amazon - ₹1,637 ₹2,926

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    Brut Round Solid Deodorant available in Colours:
    • None

    Brut Round Solid Deodorant Specifications

    Technical Details
    Brand Brut
    Color As shown in the image
    feature Eliminates odorLong-lasting protectionFresh BRUT scent
    Manufacturer Brut
    Model hbf-jjj-omgh-mh2648
    Size As shown in the image

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    Speed stick regular is the best for me or old spice
    Wheres the qvc overlays lmao long infomercial
    Don't like gel too sticky.
    Speed stick Irish spring the best 🧼
    Old spice Figi 🚫🧢
    Appreciate Video! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about - Franaar Fresh Feeling Formula (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for Eliminating Excessive Sweating Forever without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.
    Old spice all day...litteraly😎
    I'm currently rocking Schmidt's Charcoal Magnesium.
    This is the worst review of deodorants.
    Nick Fury giving advice about a madafukin deodorant
    My son is im here😐
    I use Gillette but I notice it stains my shirts, any suggestions on deodorant that won’t do that?
    Have you done a video of what's in my dopp kit? I would like to see something like that.
    Which deodorant leaves the least stains other than the ones you spray?
    Thank you. You have no idea how much this helps a 14yr old like me that gets really bad anxiety, stress & loves sports but can't find anything that does any good.
    Dove does not work for me 48 hrs. Only 24. Where’s speed stick? It’s great 👍🏾
    Hi! This would have been so much more effective had the host took time to actually SHOW PICTURES of each sample, not just one. Glows: Nice host, spoke well, nicely dressed, very informative. Great VERBAL description, AWESOME! Grows: The host continously hid the label with his hands and shifted the product around too much preventing the viewers from actually seeing the product. Yes, as he spoke, the caption was on but most times, it did not pick up his wording correctly, making it IMPOSSIBLE to hear and see the name of the product successfully! Suggestions: Next video, use a table to prop products on or maybe show a VIRTUAL label/product long enough for your viewers to screenshot or write down. Also, wearing deodorant at night can clog pores and that could be cancerous. Overall, good job.
    Im sorry i tried mitchum mountain air gel type and the only two problem is it always make my arm feel like their being glued down and sticky dries white
    He remind me of Fury if he retired before all the aliens arrived.
    Little do they know..... only the writers will know what I’m talking about
    Jeremy I need ur help.. I am from Lebanon and I'm a parfum collector and everytime I follow ur advices I need to get ur parfum signature how I can get them
    After watching lots of your video I realised you likes or love dior sauvage.
    Increíble perfume 😍😍😍😍💐👌👌 saludos desde Tampico Tamaulipas México 🇲🇽
    What u think about bvlgari man wood Essence?
    Gibt es eine Webseite, auf der alle Parfums aufgelistet sind und die jeweilige Haltbarkeit dabei steht? Danke, für die guten Videos.
    Y EDP is a true superstar, I got it a few days ago and can't stop using it ever since. So masculine, versatile for everything, literally everything. Long lasting (8-12 hours) Agree with Sauvage EDP, absolutely, stupidly long lasting although I prefer to use it for nighttime occasions.
    I have the number 1, dior sauvage eau de parfum:)
    My best friend. I will buy Date over all these
    I like the music at the end of the video, please tell me where do i get it 😀
    No Interlude??
    Dont use any of this shit - its not worth the money. Even axe bodysprys work many times better.
    I sprayed an empty Sauvage Dior on my wrist believe it or not it lasted for a whole day
    I sprayed an empty Sauvage Dior on my wrist belive it or not it lasted for a whole day
    What do you think of Old Spice and Blue Stratos.
    Dissapointed for not seeing bvlgari black cologne here
    10. Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler 9. Tobacco Oud by Tomford 8. Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf 7. Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler 6. Light Blue Intense by D&G 5. Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani 4. Acqua di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani 3. Y (EDP) by YSL 2. Ultra male by JPG 1. Sauvage (EDP) by Dior
    Objection, kilian black phantom is the best coffee fragrance on the market
    I don’t wear my smell for women 🙄
    He says in other videos that Sauvage eau de toalette is better than eau de parfum but here The parfum is first place. What am I to believe ?
    I am sorry if this was asked before. but can i use witch hazel over alcohol ?
    Can I substitute yellow beeswax for white? And are essential oils and fragrance oils swappable? Same amounts?
    Hi do you have any alternative for optiphen?
    Hello first of all I thank you for all your videos, I have a question I made a massage bar and it’s too soft thank you
    Wonderful video. Quick question, what kind of oil should we use to make spray perfume (Essential or Fragrance). Appreciate if you can help with this question...
    Using perfumer's alcohol or 95% ABV of grain alcohol instead of water and rubbing alcohol gets rid of the need for preservatives and emulsifiers. You also don't get that medicinal rubbing alcohol smell!
    When we buy the lip balm containers the tube kind.. or any of the containers.. are they ready to use or do we have to sterilize them before filling?
    Can you ship to Cambodia? By post office
    Can you make this without alcohol
    how do you fix the cloudiness ?
    Hello your amazing. I have a quick question. i want to fill a 8 oz bottle, do i just keep doubling the recipe until its full? Or are there different measurements for 8oz bottles? I appreciate your help.
    Can I use polysorbate 20 as a substitute and what amount can I use for this recipe?
    From Wer to buy the guide?
    I find that tucking a cotton swab test patch in your bra for a few hours is a good way to test the fragrance! Not just how it smells but how it makes you feel.
    I was with you until you said alcohol. Alcohol adjusts the smell of your oils/perfume. Alcohol has such a medicinal smell.
    Thanks for sharing yr video n recipe of How to Make Solid & Spray Perfume. Have a great day!
    Very nice.
    Hi, its very nice recipe thanks for sharing. I need to know how to make natural body mist
    How much would you add to perfumers alcohol?
    Hi Can you use a natural cane alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, and fragrance? To make a perfume?
    Not a fact of life in Japan apparently. In the UK there is a natural deodorant called Pitrok made from ammonium alum. I don't think there is proof that ammonium alum causes cancer, but women might want to border on the side of caution.
    I’m going to make my own and if it don’t work I’m going to try the ones you mentioned.
    Good breakdown.
    Where can u buy that deodorant
    Great job Jeff but I use Arm & Hammer essentials with natural deodorizers. Fresh rosemary & lavender. Try it out
    Sharp look! Thank you for sharing the info.
    Well dressed and well spoken. Kool.
    I have sensitive skin like a girl. 😢
    Love your energy man. Subbed. Also thanks for the list hella helped.
    This was actually good
    Schmidt’s magnesium and charcoal. Light pleasant scent, all day, go to go.
    Thamk yo oy brother. You always. On top of rhings
    I tried Every Man Jack’s Sandalwood deodorant and it did not work at ALL. Within about an hour of any physical activity I could already smell my BO. Plus, at one point it started burning. I’ll have to continue my search for all natural aluminum-free deodorants!
    Thank you. This was a great starting point for me on this topic. Question? How well do these deodorants prevent the yellow armpit stains? I go through a ton of white tees because of this issue. 😔
    I've been using Arm & Hammer Essentials and so far so good, also like the green round stick Brut deodorant which is a non antiperspirant and no aluminum
    Don’t forget, Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant
    Great Video Thanks O.G! I’ve been a little obsessed with finding a great natural deodorant but hands down Duke Cannon Bergamot and Black Pepper Charcoal deodorant is it! Goes on smooth and quenches what stenches all day.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this. Keep it up with the good work a
    Just picked up some Schmidt's bergamot & the scent and doesn't break me out.....this is also the first all natural deodorant i have used.....we shall see how it does at work.
    Great & straight to the point video