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About this item · The unmistakable and classic fragrance of BRUT in a Deo, for the classic BRUT proper man · The Distinctive fragrance of Paris for the masculine ...


Buy Brut Original Deodorant Spray for Men, 200ml Online at Low ...

About this item · The unmistakable and classic fragrance of BRUT in a Deo, for the classic BRUT proper man · The Distinctive fragrance of Paris for the masculine ...


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Brut Original Features

  • Quantity: 100 ml
  • For Men
  • Container: Bottle
  • Key specs are not available.

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Brut Original Specifications

Aftershave Splash Traits
Container Type Bottle
Quantity 100 ml

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Brut Original Reviews from YouTube

Brut Parfums Prestige for Men Fragrance Review (1964)
Brut Original Eau de Toilette By Fabergé - A Review of the 1960s Parisian Classic Cologne
Original BRUT Aftershave by Faberge
Brut Fragrance Review (1965)
Recently I bought the green original brut after shave from Flipkart And was not really surprised to see that the bottle was completely fake Will soon put up a video
Bought one today for 3.99€. Not bad at all.
Hi. You need to try Mohit Khatri's (Perfumer from india) version of it . its called Brutal and its 95% same and its Beast Mode.
Hi Joy, good to see you doing a study on Brut. I've a Brut Oceans. Pretty good usage after a shower!
Hello folks.
GOOD REVIEW. I wish if you could compare in detail this to green bottle with medallion because both are original prestige EDTs. Thank you
I love smelling the original Brut. I bought a couple of splash bottles. Nice smell but woeful performance. I also have the Special Reserve. it performs better, but still not great. I just love smelling the frag. Its a real nice fresh smell. Takes me back to my teenage years, in the 80s, (which were very happy times)
Brut has been toned down over the years! Unilever killed Brut i miss Brut by fabergé! Cheerio
This fragrance was way better before reformulation - as many others were, unfortunately.
bro pls review al waseem from swiss arabian its also inexpensive and its just awesome not many know about this fragrance but its awesome pls bro consider it , the projection and longitivity is so good for the price
Joy brother I noticed sauvge etd similar somehow brut and denim
Ahh Brut memories. My fathers signature scent. Alongside Tabac, it's most distinctive barbershop/fougere scent.
Another great staple fragrance. Thanks for the review
Sound interesting perfume
Hey Joy, Many people have nominated you in Jeremy's Top Reviewers video. I hope he considers by your great review and passion for what you are doing for frag community. Keep going brother.
hola broo
I want to say that American bruit has less vanilla, but I'm saying based on the plastic bottles produced in Mexico by idelle labs.
I love Brut. But I got this Brut original Eau de toilette today in the mail from Amazon, and I can barely smell it at all. Will never buy it again. They have destroyed a classic. I guess I will never get to smell that rich strong Brut from the 60's again. In fact the Brut cologne in the plastic bottles, they sell at the stores is better than this.
my father use to get this fragrance (eau de cologne version) at the end of 60s to middle of 70s along with Roy eau de cologne and Mennen skin bracer aftershave ; those fragrances were cheap in price but fine fragrances (for those who couldn't afford more expensive ones) I used to shower in these fragrances so much that one day the teacher told me to slow down in putting on cologne as I was chocking the whole class (I was in year 6 primary school by then).this is why whenever I go to any chemist, drugstore or shop and I see Brut, Skin bracer, Avon Musk or any of the old aftershave/cologne for men the memories come back to my head.
You can buy the real Brut Faberge from eBay it cost me about £60 a bottle and it's the real deal from the 60s and it smells 100 times better than the crap they sell these days
Hi, great review, I wear Brut EDT and I love it, at £5 for 100ml in the UK its unbeatable. Your right regarding longevity but at this price I apply liberally and purchase in bulk usually and I use the original deodorant body spray to finish. I also have Polo blue EDP and many more designer type fragrances but I mostly wear Brut now! Especially during the day. Davidoff Cool water is also in my nostalgia collection available at super low prices in the UK and what a great fragrance! Between Brut and Davidoff I'm happy and I feel Brut beats Old Spice, just seems to have a more refined image "Faberge", "Paris" this pedigree of the past adds to the modern image and I love the old school box it's quite masculine! I'm using Brut Oceans deodorant at the moment, which is ok but the original Brut is a classic and isn't beaten. The Brut Original long necked "splash on lotion" is available in the UK priced Inbetween spray deodorant and aftershave with EDT priced highest but all priced low anyway. The splash on is very subtle and is used as an all over splash on for the body.
In normal situations the eau de toilette is longer lasting than cologne. This is not the case by Brut. In fact this eau de toilette sucks. The cologne version by Brut is way much better.
Such an iconic fragrance, for sure can't miss it! Shame about the performance, but can always take an atomizer out if needed just need to get past the abrasive head. Great review!
Love it! My dad used to wear this fragrance!
There is the one with the silver medal to buy again too and smells the same but stronger and lomg lasting as the Aftershave
This video is scary somehow
What about the original after shave in the glass bottle? Is it any good? I'm want to buy some aftershave closest to the original All I can get in the States is the Classic aftershave.
After much research the rights to the brand Brut were purchased for some regions by Idelle Laboratories, a division of Helen of Troy Limited. There is a bottle made in Mexico I think which is 757ml (huge bottle!) and will probably last several lifetimes. I got a bottle online for £30 or so and it is exactly like the original in every way and lasts all day. Worth a look for those interested.
Interesting. I love Brute (as a casual wear). I just picked up a full (good) bottle of Brute 150 ml "Lotion" from a local thrift store. It has no neck, just a green plastic cap, no medallion. It's printed "Brute Lotion". Squarish bottle. Yellow juice. Never seen one before. Definitely Brute. Smells great! Looks to be an older version. Also picked up a full 200ml brown paper bottle of "Burley Talc for Men". Love the old masculine classic men's fragrances!
المكان فين للشراء
أين مكان البيع فى مصر والسعر كام وشكرا
Met my husband in 1972 ,using Brut. 2020,married for 45 yrs,still uses Brut!
I love Brut smells very nice
My very favorite scent. I wish the unilever one in the square glass had more staying power.
My dad loves brut XD
Thanks for explaining everything about Brut
Wish I knew where in Paris of in the UK i can get Brut , Unilever in USA is not so good, I brought a lot online, I'll spend a small fortune to get the real deal, the favourite of two greats, Mohammed Ali and Elvis
Just to let you know there is a Brut Cologne by Faberge, 750 ml from Amazon
It’s weird but there actually seems to be a second modern cologne spray of Brut in the same Glas bottle as the modern after shave. Do you know anything from it? I didn’t found anything on YouTube about it so I’ve just ordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s my first Brut product. I really enjoy your videos! Here’s the link to the cologne spray school scent and is a classic
I bought the Glass Bottle Aftershave. I been so despertate to sniff it again. I wanted to be transported back to the 80s. I LOVE the smell of it, but it only lasts about 30 mins on my skinand i have really good skin for most modern frags, as many last hours and hours and hours on me.
Not easy following this review.
Women love it and they dont know how cheap it is and it smell so sexy on me.I am a brutal man .;))))
I always called it Brut 33, is that the same stuff?
The Dor Man isn't even real 'brut green'
If it was good enough for Elvis Presley,its good enough for you !
So wich modern fragrance would smell like brut and last long? I recieved some aftershave and spray for xmas again and people love this stuff on me time and time again. I would love to have a strong similar fragrance.
How much?
মিষ্টি জর্দার মত গন্ধ ছেলেরা ব্যবহার করে, পারফিউমটা নাম বলবেন একটু, আমি কলকাতা ইন্ডিয়াতে থাকি পারফিউম টা অনেক দিন ধরে খুঁজছি গন্ধটা জানি কিন্তু নামটা ঠিক জানিনা,দয়া করে জানাবেন
dear bro I have a question I orderd brut perfume online . I get the same that u have showed as orignal brut perfume But i think its smell is not darke that I want so Can u tell me how i know expiry date of this perfume i found 6 numbers wriiten under black cover box of bottle ie 02022016. is that expiry date And finally i need a good dark long lasting men perfume Can u recommend me which perfume can I use thanks
i like brut instinct,the yellow one
A 1970 cologne Brut
Hey man I really dig your hair Do G's how about getting a haircut my Lord Lord have mercy you're a grown man punk rock days are over Jesus in the street I'll be scared to look at you just joking how you doing I would like to send that you're talking about I thought it was pretty neat I was just joking around don't worry no harm done but anyhow I need to know more about that cool cologne
Hi Joy Amin, thank you for the review. I remember Brut when I was a kid in the late 1970s and early 1980s. My older brothers would often get it as a present for Christmas and it was a common smell in the bathroom during the winter months. I would describe the fragrance as the smell of a soap where the smell has been intensified. It's the fragrance you might smell in the bath on a Sunday night before another week at school. It always reminds me of the days and weeks after Christmas. I've always had fond memories of the smell of Brut because it's a clean smell and always reminds me of being a kid during the winter in the 70s.
i have brut perfume
I was a boy and got a bottle for Christmas one year. I loved it because Joe Namath endorsed it.
who would take brute ?
Good review!
I have several brut bottles, North Americans and Europeans and love them always!
I'm an 80's kid too!
the original brut formula has gone! such a pity the new formula is weaker and less good!
Bro you chose right fragrance to review but I expected much details for edt version. this is not your original style of review. Plz review the edt again and also tell about different versions of edt available. What is special reserve and what is difference between edt that come in transparent glass bottle (like after shave lotion) and green bottle. I am Indian and here only the bottle available which is presented by you. I am your great fan and hope for your response.
Bro I had been waiting for long time to have review on BRUT from your side. Thanks a lot.
Loved it I wish I could add pics to my comment. I have a glass Brut bottle of aftershave splash on, pretty sure I've always had a bottle and also have Brut Endurance body wash It was a huge scent in Australia during the late 80's

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