Brut Musk Combo (Set of 4)

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Brut Musk Combo (Set of 4)

Brut Musk Combo (Set of 4) Specifications

Set Details
Combo Set Content 4 Musk
Gift Set Content NA
Ideal For Men & Women
Number of Contents in Set 4

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If it was good enough for Elvis Presley,..its good enough for you !
So wich modern fragrance would smell like brut and last long? I recieved some aftershave and spray for xmas again and people love this stuff on me time and time again. I would love to have a strong similar fragrance.
How much?
Brut today I just find soooo weak
That's not a body spray bro it's a deodorant
মিষ্টি জর্দার মত গন্ধ ছেলেরা ব্যবহার করে, পারফিউমটা নাম বলবেন একটু, আমি কলকাতা ইন্ডিয়াতে থাকি পারফিউম টা অনেক দিন ধরে খুঁজছি গন্ধটা জানি কিন্তু নামটা ঠিক জানিনা,দয়া করে জানাবেন
dear bro .. I have a question.. I orderd brut perfume online . I get the same that u have showed as orignal brut perfume .. But i think its smell is not darke that I want so.. Can u tell me how i know expiry date of this perfume ?? i found 6 numbers wriiten under black cover box of bottle ie 02022016. is that expiry date?? And finally i need a good dark long lasting men perfume .. Can u recommend me which perfume can I use?? thanks
i like brut instinct,the yellow one
A 1970 cologne Brut
Hey man I really dig your hair Do G's how about getting a haircut my Lord Lord have mercy you're a grown man punk rock days are over Jesus in the street I'll be scared to look at you just joking how you doing I would like to send that you're talking about I thought it was pretty neat I was just joking around don't worry no harm done but anyhow I need to know more about that cool cologne
Hi Joy Amin, thank you for the review. I remember Brut when I was a kid in the late 1970s and early 1980s. My older brothers would often get it as a present for Christmas and it was a common smell in the bathroom during the winter months. I would describe the fragrance as the smell of a soap where the smell has been intensified. It's the fragrance you might smell in the bath on a Sunday night before another week at school. It always reminds me of the days and weeks after Christmas. I've always had fond memories of the smell of Brut because it's a clean smell and always reminds me of being a kid during the winter in the 70s.
i have brut perfume
I was a boy and got a bottle for Christmas one year. I loved it because Joe Namath endorsed it.
who would take brute ?
Good review!
I have several brut bottles, North Americans and Europeans and love them always!
I'm an 80's kid too!
the original brut formula has gone! such a pity the new formula is weaker and less good!
Bro you chose right fragrance to review but I expected much details for edt version. this is not your original style of review. Plz review the edt again and also tell about different versions of edt available. What is special reserve and what is difference between edt that come in transparent glass bottle (like after shave lotion) and green bottle. I am Indian and here only the bottle available which is presented by you. I am your great fan and hope for your response.
Bro I had been waiting for long time to have review on BRUT from your side. Thanks a lot.
Do you have link about razor?
Great video! I love Original brut and totale Attraction, I need to try the musk! Have a great week.😄
Good to see you again. The brut is good stuff👍👍😉
Nice shaving, good Sunday
Hello Ioakim- Great shave today; thank you! Good to see you. I hope you are doing well and best regards, as always!
Brut is love
Nice looking razor.
I watched the first pass of your original video, then refreshed and it was gone.
Where can I get the ORIGINAL , !!! I'll pay big bucks, fed up of the Knock- offs , unilivier , wallmart, etc..
where do we find expiry date on this product written
It good smell and long lif
Worst deodorant in world or i think Indians got fake brut supply . The fragrance don't even last for 10 mints . He or rexona lasts for more than one day even with intense sweating
Good fragrance I want this kahan kharidein
The best 🔥👍♥️
I love brut ! Use it daily only one I will use ! Spray underarm deodorant and brut splash on...nothing else like it amd smells like a man !
Best ever, using it daily.
How do you define this is genuine
O cheiro de Elvis, ele usava este produto.
I am 38 and i used to it.
Oh yeahhh, I get so much pussy wearing this shit with my hasselhof chest hair
Wanna be friends
Isse accha sprey mere hesaab se nai hai abhi tak maine bahot sare try kia dubai me but brut is number one😍😍😍😍😎
bahut acche bro, aise hi creative cheeze krte raho, khoob aage jaoge, good luck. Aur calculations copy k peeche kia karo, haath pe nahi haha.