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Brut After Shave Features

Gives a refreshing fragrance and instant effect. Soothes the shaved skin. Helps to maintain the pH level of the skin. Suitable for almost all skin types. Reduces razor burns

  • Quantity: 100 ml
  • For Men
  • Skin Type: All Skin Type
  • Container: Bottle
  • Key specs are not available.

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Brut After Shave Specifications

Aftershave Lotion Traits
Container Type Bottle
Fragrance Aqua
Ideal Skin Type All Skin Type
Quantity 100 ml
In the Box
1 Aftershave Lotion

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Brut After Shave Reviews from YouTube

How To Smell Great For LESS | Best CHEAP Fragrances for Men
Original BRUT Aftershave by Faberge
I’ve never smelled Brut before
Brut and Old Spice. A comparison between vintage and modern versions of both.
This is the best classic drugstore fragrances review, and I loved how you categorized every aspect of it.
Old spice better than proraso? I don't think so
my experience has been that women LOVE the scent that their father used to wear. they may recognize that or it may be unconscious on their parts but it. is. fact.
For proraso- I personally prefer proraso red- it's a sandalwood manly scent and I really like it.
Denim the king of 80s super masculine
$346.00 For Mark Jocobs
It is so nice to see a fragrance video that has the classics we all smelled growing up. If I may suggest a second video with some of the scents this video didn't have but are in the same wheelhouse. I would suggest: Coty Musk Jovan Musk Chaps English Leather Musk ( one of my favorites back in the day) Hai karate Blue Stratos (another one I really liked in high school) Does anybody remember or have an opinion on any of these? I would love to hear it.
Great review
I love my Brut and good.
English leather is the worst in my opinion the smell is so noziating. Proraso is the best not only it smells great but it helps your skin after shaving
You left out another oldie but goodie. BRITISH STERLING.
Best cheap edt from my experience are: Bijan men, Daniel Hechter Charactere and Capucci pour homme. Try them you won't be dissapionted.
Hey, what about high karate cologne! lol I know it hasn't been since the 80s :P
I started wearing Stetson in 1990, got it from a DJ at a C&W dance club on my 18th birthday, My brother set up a huge Birthday party that night was great. I never wore aftershave or cologne before that. I've tried so many types of Aftershaves and colognes but I've always gone back to Stetson, I always get comments on how good I smell wearing it. FYI- Christmas is always a great time to buy a bottle or two. They always have a box set very cheap. I got one this past Xmas for 9.99 came with two bottles
STETSON aftershave costs 550 pennies at walmart. Its good aftershave. I Stay away from the cologne it's overpowering. But ok if your careful. the brut classic splash on is really good. Pinaud as well (pinaud doesn't last tho. But a great wake up morning scent)
Ditto on Brut. Gillette Cool Wave is great too.
I think you got most, but I’d swap out the Prorosa green for the red which has a nice sandalwood scent. You also need a Bay Rum, Gabels is good for the price or Clubmans Virgin Island Bay Rum. Also need a Lime, Royall Lime is nice and a Musk Jovan is fine for the price.
Currently using classic Old Spice cologne. What do you guys think about it? I like it
I give up on who owns brut nowadays. But if they would make a fortune bringing back the original formula. I don't know if that's possible because of laws etc. But I know the original formula is in high demand The brut company will make a fortune bringing it back. Charge a premium price and you'll see that we will buy it. Out of all the colognes over the last 50 years nothing smells better than Brut. End of story. I'm in marketing get a hold of me if you need any suggestions I will make your company rich again
There is the one with the silver medal to buy again too and smells the same but stronger and lomg lasting as the Aftershave
This video is scary somehow
What about the original after shave in the glass bottle? Is it any good? I'm want to buy some aftershave closest to the original All I can get in the States is the Classic aftershave.
After much research the rights to the brand Brut were purchased for some regions by Idelle Laboratories, a division of Helen of Troy Limited. There is a bottle made in Mexico I think which is 757ml (huge bottle!) and will probably last several lifetimes. I got a bottle online for £30 or so and it is exactly like the original in every way and lasts all day. Worth a look for those interested.
Interesting. I love Brute (as a casual wear). I just picked up a full (good) bottle of Brute 150 ml "Lotion" from a local thrift store. It has no neck, just a green plastic cap, no medallion. It's printed "Brute Lotion". Squarish bottle. Yellow juice. Never seen one before. Definitely Brute. Smells great! Looks to be an older version. Also picked up a full 200ml brown paper bottle of "Burley Talc for Men". Love the old masculine classic men's fragrances!
المكان فين للشراء
أين مكان البيع فى مصر والسعر كام وشكرا
Met my husband in 1972 ,using Brut. 2020,married for 45 yrs,still uses Brut!
I love Brut smells very nice
My very favorite scent. I wish the unilever one in the square glass had more staying power.
My dad loves brut XD
Thanks for explaining everything about Brut
Wish I knew where in Paris of in the UK i can get Brut , Unilever in USA is not so good, I brought a lot online, I'll spend a small fortune to get the real deal, the favourite of two greats, Mohammed Ali and Elvis
Just to let you know there is a Brut Cologne by Faberge, 750 ml from Amazon
It’s weird but there actually seems to be a second modern cologne spray of Brut in the same Glas bottle as the modern after shave. Do you know anything from it? I didn’t found anything on YouTube about it so I’ve just ordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s my first Brut product. I really enjoy your videos! Here’s the link to the cologne spray school scent and is a classic
I bought the Glass Bottle Aftershave. I been so despertate to sniff it again. I wanted to be transported back to the 80s. I LOVE the smell of it, but it only lasts about 30 mins on my skinand i have really good skin for most modern frags, as many last hours and hours and hours on me.
Not easy following this review.
Women love it and they dont know how cheap it is and it smell so sexy on me.I am a brutal man .;))))
hate to be 'that guy' being a critic here on your review, but just a man to man heads up to please use caution when inhaling all those concentrated alcohol denat fumes which are loaded with highly flammable ethyl acetate which over prolonged use is evidently quite toxic causing probable liver and heart lining damage and even potential hemorrhaging. And besides the drying effect of the skin sucking the natural oils out, the denat alcohol based ingredients when absorbed and inhaled over time can further disrupt the endocrine system which in turn can not only cause added negative depressed moodiness, but yes, also mess with hormonal functioning directly related to Metabolism! doh! I hope you like lettuce : D I know I know, I'll stop now. Keep healthy and thanks for your service.
That’s a classic. I have a pet peeve with having full sets, that’s why I don’t use Brut even though it’s a great after shave
I always wondered what brut smelled like. thanks for the video
Brut smells like one of those bushes in my condo community during the Spring when it has some kind of 'sap' that I can smell on my walks when the wind blows over the pine trees and those bushes and it's a kind of tart green scent. That's what Brut smells like to me, only Brut is a tad more 'sweet' in the base, but it's got that kind of vibe. It's great stuff. If you want a nice Fougere that is similar but a bit better you can buy either Houbigant - Fougere Royale or you can buy Rogue Perfumery - Bon Monsieur. Those are both very, very nice fougeres.
I try it long time brut is good stuff. Hawaii big Dude.
My cousin was on an extended leave from Army one time and he had to report to Fort Riley in Kansas for some reason, where he would be taking his PT test. He drove from Alabama to Kansas in summer with heat on high to try and sweat off enough weight to come in under the goal.
WK's La Fougere Parfaite (not Bouquet) smells like Brut on steroids. I only have the splash, so not sure about the soap.
I’m all levels of irate that I didn’t pick up Et’tu Still looking by the you see my Blue Samhain in this video
I can't believe you waited so long to try this one either. This one is one of the nicest classic scents IMO.
0-69! Lessons learned
I have a bottle of Brut and I like to wear it at night, after a shower
Damn, I wish Et Tu wasn’t discontinued! Brut is crazy nostalgic for me! My Papa who passed six years ago always had Brut on deck. I would love a good quality soap splash with the scent. I miss him like friggin crazy and it’d be cool to get shaves in that bring back back memories of him. I really hope they bring it back at some point!
DMV trip sounds brutal. Covid sucks!
I’d like to get that Et Tu. Too bad Doug DC’ed it. I like brut!
The only scent my wife likes that I use
Nice video Ken
Great shave Ken! That's a very sweet looking blade,love the contrast between the liners and the scales. I haven't used Brut in years. Looks like of I want it in a soap it'll have to be K Shave Worx now
Have you looked into keto or intermittent fasting ? May help your weight
Brut was my dad's go to in the 80s. Good stuff.
Great shave bro have a great day and enjoy your shaves
Discovered Old Spice made in India is the exact formula used back in the day. Old Spice Lime is still available. Using a syringe, I refill my original glass bottles.
im just starting to collect some old spice products its a little difficult to find because i live in europe especially the older products but that makes the hunt more fun :)
I'm new to this what do I get brut splash on or brut aftershave I need a after shave and I don't know the difference
I've been using the old spice one for like 3 years. I found it in the basement while cleaning out my dad's things and had no idea it was vintage! Makes me kinda scared to smell the weak modern version lol EDIT: with the collectibles link I was able to determine it's from the 80s. Thanks for the video!
Oh - what a SUPER guy you are! LOVED your interesting Video of comparisons! I came here to see if the ‘Old Spice’ that’s currently on the Market was as good as the original; my old Dad used to use it, (lost him years ago) and it always reminds me of him. :-) I hate it when they change the bottle and say ‘original’; if they keep the fragrance, then they really should release the original packaging too to go with it in my opinion. I’d love to know if like the BRUT you mentioned after using both the new and the old ‘Old Spice’ ended up with the same strength? Thanks also for telling us about the Link to the ‘Old Spice’ Site – didn’t know about that – very useful! Thanks ever so much again – really appreciated the comprehensive info. and Reviews you gave on the Products. Please stay safe and healthy.
I'm trying to find a legit site to order the full range of brut from. 1 site I found shows a big range but no way to purchase. Where are you ordering your stuff old spice. Official site don't have the aftershave
It's frenchdrops bottle☺️
Great Video, Classic Winners!
Brut- film Home Alone 1
great that you are able to compare scents, thanks to yr collection with very old and new bottles
ken, why does the spice shaving soap not exist anymore, are there on the market not soaps with the same scent , greetings from Mexico robert
I'm a big fan of the original old spice aftershave, and use it all the time. I recently came across the Whitewater version and it's just as good I think. Have you tried it?
Huge fan of the videos. We still get the brut in the medallion bottle new here in South Africa, (brut by Fabergé). Its actually the cheapest aftershave available here, fantastic stuff.
Hello, Sir! Could you please help me - I ve got an empty bottle of my dad’s aftershave CITY MEN - MUSK (German brand) (currently out of production, my bottle’s estimated production date - late 80s- early 90s, my dad received it as a gift in early to mid 90s but not later). Because that bottle is old I could presume that top notes are gonethis is ultra rare item now and there is very little chance to purchase it in used condition(( Situated in London, I ve visited: Harrods, Selfridges, Les Senteurs, Jovoy, Bloom not to mention John Lewis and other shops. Most of them told me that my empty bottle is a fougere and notes are oakmoss, lavander, musk, bergamot, ?tonka beens, ?sandalwood, ?clary sage. In my opinion the closest ones from existed frags are: top notes of Creed Green Irish Tweed and/or body wash Lynx (Axe) Africa - heavy on tonka beans, geranium, mandarin I want to find a used bottle somewhere or to find a similar scent from modern perfume selection. Please help me. Thanks. Alex
Can i use old spice original aftershave as a cologne ?
Was that James Gardner on the old spice commerical? Was his voice for sure
A bottle of milk.
Does the age affect the strength of the fragrance?
3 cheap after shaves I reviewed here 8 years ago you please send me the link of the brut by Faberge Cologne please

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