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Buy BRUT Aftershave, Original Boxed, 100ml Online at Low Prices ...

Brut original after shave 100ml. A scented aftershave lotion for men. Instantly relieves and soothes just-shaved skin.


Buy Brut After Shave Original 5 oz. Online at Low Prices in India ...

This item: Brut After Shave Original 5 oz. ₹2,747.00 (₹2.13/count).


Brut After Shave Lotion Original : Beauty

This Will Soothe Your Skin After The Shave, Leaving Your Skin Relaxed So Regeneration Is Accelerated · Gives You The Right Dash Of Verve To Begin Your Day ...


Buy BRUT Original Aftershave - 100 ml Online In India |

Bottled in a simple, geometric flacon which conveniently dispenses the aftershave, it not only soothes the skin but also eliminates razor burn. Enter the realm ...


Brut After Shave Features

Gives a refreshing fragrance and instant effect. Soothes the shaved skin. Helps to maintain the pH level of the skin. Suitable for almost all skin types. Reduces razor burns

  • Quantity: 100 ml
  • For Men
  • Skin Type: All Skin Type
  • Container: Bottle
  • Key specs are not available.

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Brut After Shave Specifications

Additional Traits
Masculine Scent, Suitable for All Occasions
Aftershave Lotion Traits
Container Type Bottle
Fragrance Musk
Ideal For Men
Ideal Skin Type All Skin Type
Quantity 100
Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Aftershave
Fragrance Segment Mass Premium
Ideal For Men
Quantity 100 ml
In the Box
1 Aftershave Lotion

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Where is Denim?
Ahh memories Brut is probably my favorite (my first aftershave) I remember my barber slapping some clubman on me after each haircut. Gonna have to pick up some old spice to relive some of my grandad and dad's glory as I recall both of them keeping a bottle.
I am fan of menthol
I can't stand the fact that lovely old classic colognes like Brut are now in plastic - it deserves to be in a glass bottle - decant it into a glass bottle and the difference after a month in glass is quite spectacular, and the same goes for Penaud Clubman.
Glad to see such a good total score for the Brut as a Brut man
Old Spice is great, I might get it again this year.
As a blue collar guy, that uses all those after shaves all the time, it looks like the top shelf of my medicine cabinet believe it or not, my favorite is aqua velva. I like panaud clubman, but theres not one woman I know that likes the scent. Its chick repellent. My least favorite is stetson It smells great in the bottle and when you put it on, but after the drydown it smells very floral. You would think stetson would smell more manly, with the cowboy on the box, you wanna smell like John Wayne, and you kinda end up smelling like broke back mountain.
What a great video! Its high quality and has all the classic scents and they are well reviewed! I really enjoyed watching it!
I'm sorry but every single FRAGRANCE here very outdated and I do not like these smells at all
Brut original scent 10/10, WTF? I would have liked to see Tabac and Imperial Leather on the list
not sure about the others, but I tried the Brut until I deduced it was something in the ingredients accelerating my heart rate and burning my nose. The alcohol denat main ingredient is apparently loaded with ethyl acetate giving the sweet smell. Out of curiosity I tested the fumes with an air quality reader and whoa, the VOC alarm went off the scale within seconds! sorry to have to vote down.
I wear chanel allure edt as an all rounder. Brut as a casual scent. and when i go out I'm into penhaligons sartorial which has elements of brut as well as some deeper notes that make it very elegant an interesting
Wow amazing video
I am 54 yrs old and since I was about 8 years old I'd been into fragrances for dad was a big guy an imposing dude about 6ft 275 but a Brick and when hed be in the bathroom in therry morning I used to watch him shave sometimes with the old straight edge razors and after hed splash on aqua velva or some skin Braser and he always smelled good before he left for work and hed call me over and before I left to go to school hed spray or put on the aftershave on his hands and rub it on my neck or the top of my headlived colone ever since the 70s so now I own probably a 300+ of most of the best bangers on the market and still getting more
You can use aftershave as cologne?
Thank you soo much. You cleared up s lot of confusion for me.
These are all great gateways to fragrance. I remember receiving most of these as gifts as a teenager. The strength in all of these is nostalgia.
Stetson is long lasting in both cologne spray and the aftershave.
Great video! Brut is daily wear, English Leather great for cold, damp days. Enjoy all of these aftershaves.
I give up on who owns brut nowadays. But if they would make a fortune bringing back the original formula. I don't know if that's possible because of laws etc. But I know the original formula is in high demand The brut company will make a fortune bringing it back. Charge a premium price and you'll see that we will buy it. Out of all the colognes over the last 50 years nothing smells better than Brut. End of story. I'm in marketing get a hold of me if you need any suggestions I will make your company rich again
There is the one with the silver medal to buy again too and smells the same but stronger and lomg lasting as the Aftershave
This video is scary somehow
What about the original after shave in the glass bottle? Is it any good? I'm want to buy some aftershave closest to the original All I can get in the States is the Classic aftershave.
After much research the rights to the brand Brut were purchased for some regions by Idelle Laboratories, a division of Helen of Troy Limited. There is a bottle made in Mexico I think which is 757ml (huge bottle!) and will probably last several lifetimes. I got a bottle online for £30 or so and it is exactly like the original in every way and lasts all day. Worth a look for those interested.
Interesting. I love Brute (as a casual wear). I just picked up a full (good) bottle of Brute 150 ml "Lotion" from a local thrift store. It has no neck, just a green plastic cap, no medallion. It's printed "Brute Lotion". Squarish bottle. Yellow juice. Never seen one before. Definitely Brute. Smells great! Looks to be an older version. Also picked up a full 200ml brown paper bottle of "Burley Talc for Men". Love the old masculine classic men's fragrances!
المكان فين للشراء
أين مكان البيع فى مصر والسعر كام وشكرا
Met my husband in 1972 ,using Brut. 2020,married for 45 yrs,still uses Brut!
I love Brut smells very nice
My very favorite scent. I wish the unilever one in the square glass had more staying power.
My dad loves brut XD
Thanks for explaining everything about Brut
Wish I knew where in Paris of in the UK i can get Brut , Unilever in USA is not so good, I brought a lot online, I'll spend a small fortune to get the real deal, the favourite of two greats, Mohammed Ali and Elvis
Just to let you know there is a Brut Cologne by Faberge, 750 ml from Amazon
It’s weird but there actually seems to be a second modern cologne spray of Brut in the same Glas bottle as the modern after shave. Do you know anything from it? I didn’t found anything on YouTube about it so I’ve just ordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s my first Brut product. I really enjoy your videos! Here’s the link to the cologne spray school scent and is a classic
I bought the Glass Bottle Aftershave. I been so despertate to sniff it again. I wanted to be transported back to the 80s. I LOVE the smell of it, but it only lasts about 30 mins on my skinand i have really good skin for most modern frags, as many last hours and hours and hours on me.
Not easy following this review.
Women love it and they dont know how cheap it is and it smell so sexy on me.I am a brutal man .;))))
I think it smells really nice, I used to wear it in the early 90's. I have a selection of some really small bottles of different aftershaves which I've had since around 2001, they still smell perfectly fine.
Ιωακειμ καλησπερα και καλη χρονια. Μια ερωτηση για την Brut αν ξερεις να μου απαντησεις. Εχω ακριβως το ιδιο μπουκαλι brut σε after shave lotion οπως αυτο που εδειξες σε αυτο εδω το βιντεο σου. Στο δικο μου μπουκαλι ομως δεν γραφει την λεξη Original. Στο δικο σου το γραφει. Ειναι διαφορετικα προιοντα ή τα ιδια; Και που βρισκω αυτο το original;
Έλα bro κάπου κάπου έρχονται τα βιντεάκια σου στο δικό μου το list
Romantic. Man. ! Maybe. It. Is. Just. The. Accent. But. He. Sounds. Romantic. !
Iωακείμ ,,,επί της ευκαιρίας αγαπητέ θα μου επιτρέψεις εφόσον έθεσες το θέμα των ερεθισμών να παραθέσω,,σεβόμενος το κανάλι σου,,την γνώμη μου. Generaly speaking. Έχω την εντύπωση ότι αποκλειστικά υπεύθυνο για τον όποιο ερεθισμό με την προυπόθεση ότι κρατάς την σωστή γωνία προσβολής και ασκείς την πίεση που πρέπει,είναι το κόντρα ξύρισμα ,το οποίο λίγες επιδερμίδες ειδικά στον λαιμό μπορούν να συγχωρήσουν χωρίς προσωρινά ή μόνιμα προβλήματα. Με όλη μου την καλή διάθεση για αυτούς που εισέρχονται στην ενασχόληση με το παραδοσιακό ξύρισμα,,,κύριοι μην ξυρίζεστε στον λαιμό ποτέ κόντρα. Ξύρισμα κάνουμε,,όχι ραφινάρισμα,,και δύο περάσματα με την φορά της τρίχας είναι αρκετά,ίσως και λίγο σταυρωτά αλλά εκεί που το δέρμα είναι παχύ(ποτέ στον λαιμό). Το καλό ξύρισμα είναι σε άμμεση συνάρτηση με την υγεία του δέρματος μας. Τι να το κάνω το ΒΒS αν γίνει ο λαιμός μου χιροσίμα! Ας μείνει και μια σκιά ,δεν πειράζει,δεν γίνεται να θέλουμε και την αρρενωπότητα και νά ΄μαστε ταυτόχρονα και baby face! Το κόντρα ξύρισμα είναι άμμεσα υπεύθυνο για τα όποια εγκαύματα ξυραφιού,όπως και για σπυράκια που στην ουσία είναι κομμένα χείλη θυλάκων των τριχών καθώς και για πολλές γυρισμένες τρίχες. Μην Αμερικανίζετε,κάντε το ωφελιμότερο για την αισθητική και την υγεία σας,,και αφήστε τους ξερόλες να επιδιώκουν το BBS και να πασαλείβονται το βράδυ την κορτιζόνη με τις χούφτες,,,,
εχθές βρήκα το μπλε,,brut oceans,,Ιωακειμ πολύ καλύτερο από το πράσινο,,,
Κανε βιντεο στα Ελληνικα!Μπραβο σου! Brut μεγαλη αδυναμια
Are u talking about in-grown hairs?
Did you have any problems with customs while ordering your Gillette Adjustable? Also did you get it from e-bay?
Nice start out. I like the slim adjustable razoer too.
Ωραιος ρρ φιλς επιτελους Έλληνας και να κανει shaving reviews.
I’ve actually been looking at the proraso range of products a lot in the last weeks since I’ve got their white line for sensitive skin, really love the products, and just two days ago I’ve suddenly seen a lot of new stuff and i thought they were just new to me, funny and informative that you mention it in the video. Have a nice week!

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