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Brucelee Siganture Bag Gloves (Medium) Features

  • Synthetic leather glove for long lasting use and durability
  • Go three' technology uses high density multi-layered foam for the ultimate protection and support in every punch
  • Moisture absorbing materials maintain a dry and light glove throughout workouts
  • Moulded fist shape ensures the hand is contoured into a natural safe fist position
  • A wide adjustable velcro wrist wrap provides a certain amount of customisable fit ensuring the glove remains secure and tight
  • Gloves

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Brucelee Siganture Bag Gloves (Medium) Specifications

Full Fingered Yes
Left Hand Gloves Yes
Material Polyurethane
Right Hand Gloves Yes
Sport Type Boxing
Type Boxing Gloves
Glove Details
Closure Velcro Closure
Other Glove Details High Quality PU Glove

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Brucelee Siganture Bag Gloves (Medium) Reviews from YouTube

Shihan Sports BRUCE LEE Bong Sau/ Kenpo Gloves REVIEW- THE ORIGINAL MMA GLOVE!
HEAVY BAG TRAINING- BRUCE LEE’S Shihan Bong Sau/ Kenpo Gloves
Watch "Unboxing USI Bag, Everlast Gloves & Hand wraps. How to tie a Boxing Hand Wrap"
If Dan Inosanto was part of it, then the gloves are probably intended for mixed weapon fighting. Most techniques in FMA like eskrima or kali to disarm people is to attack the arms and wrist so they can’t grasp onto weapons.
Really interesting gloves to say the least
Glad to see this type of review. Would love to see some mma glove reviews too if you start doing them! Like I said when you were reviewing muay thai gloves, it is good to get the perspective from someone who boxes.
Hey quick question on boxing gloves. I want to buy 12 ounce gloves to hit the bag with. But I weigh 170 and my hand circumference is 8” which makes my hand size a large. But all the size charts and all the gloves I’m trying to buy say that they have 14oz gloves or higher for my hand size and weight.. So where/how can I buy gloves that are 12oz but still a size large for my hands?
I think its badly design but it has a lot of potential as a sport-karate/kickboxing/ muay thai. but a redesign is definetly due..
How do you deal with lace up glove that left too much space in the wrist cuff
i love the new intro!!
Absolutely creepy. They look like Luke Skywalker's robotic hand but nastily swollen at that. Very detailed and solid review, though - as always. Peace.
how many boxing matches have you been in
I saw on a Joe Rogan podcast with guest and owner of ONX MMA Trevor Wittman. He’s creating a glove similar to Bruce Lee’s style but for actual mma competition. Apparently it’s a project in the works.
Damn, I was close with that guess @ 12oz!!! Great review! I'm curious how they'd feel while wrappin' up a chokehold.. would like to try 'em, but dont think I'd buy 'em..
maybe review Rex boxing gloves ? those phantom model are cheap and look good
There is a brand that makes boxing, MMA, martial arts equipment etc called Isami that has made an MMA version of this glove
What up Carlo 🤟🏾
weirdest gloves i seen
Hey Carlo! ISAMI has an updated version of these gloves. They call them " Bruce Lee MMA GLOVES " I own them as well as the more traditional style Japanese MMA gloves that were used in the " SENGOKU " promotion. Both are really great quality but expensive, lol.
Look pretty damn goofy, but whatever works. P.S. the bots in your comment section are hilarious
Heard they were worn to protect hands when they practice with wooden swords.
the strangest thing I've seen ..
Would you categorize these gloves as “gimmicky?”
Good work brother keep it up!!
WTF?! KEMPO GLOVES!?! I'm guessing 12oz? Not your style sir, but I enjoy the mix-up. Excited to hear the review!!! My initial guess is - as a boxer - your power is going to destroy these quickly.
hi bro i would like to know what you think about punch trakers and maybe a review
Bro, when are you having a yard sale? There some stuff I wouldn’t mind taking off hands for you.
Thanks for keeping the Reflex Stick in the shot!
I am trying to get more into boxing I have the luxury of being able to hit the Aqua bag at my gym but want something for home as well but don’t have a garage & can’t hang anything anywhere in my house, so what is my best bet ? I know good cobra bags are expensive & cheap ones aren’t worth it so hopefully you can help me out thank you.
maybe review those decathlon gloves ? always wondered about them
What’s the padding like on these?
Is there any other heavy bags you recommend besides Nazo bags? I’m looking for one that won’t settle to the bottom but I can’t get a Nazo bag
good training
I bought a pair of Kempo gloves because they looked cool. Never tried working out with them.
Those things look crazy. Like hockey gloves. I can't wait for the review to get the story on these
First, what kind of gloves are those. Mma or boxing gloves. They look unique. Great video man. Look8ng sharp
3 words: speedbag, shadowboxing, jab
Use 10 pound yours ass will b fast hands , fuck those gloves only stupid ppl use them Because they can’t do the real work
Literally just shadow box ... you don’t need fancy stuff to box ...
Your too funny
For heavier weights it makes sense to get dunbells but if you want to shadow box for an hour every day consistently for a year with 1 lb in each hand... you're gonna fast become used to throwing full speed and power with 12 oz gloves that heavier weight categories use since 12 oz is 0.75 lbs... now imagine you train the same way but for the purpose of fighting with 8 oz gloves? This product is then an invaluable asset and arsenal for a boxer who is serious about the sport. Any heavier, judging by other gloves i've had at 2 lbs a hand, and they'd shake about too uncomfortably to throw your hands and full speed when shadow boxing without losing form. Just my two cents... i think the weight is perfect. I have them. They're amazing.
Don’t understand If I spare in 16oz (1lb) How can I benefit?
Bruce Fucking Lee?!?! PMSL. What's his record again?
Does this product really work?
Eubanks has had these from timeee
hand speed is due to muscles contraction stop in isometric and the amount of ATP-PC use to spands no to this stupid gloves
I'll be interested when they develop a heavier glove.... We already have 1lbs gloves, they're called 16 ounce gloves...
For 79.99, I'll just get the weighted gloves from title. It's a lot cheaper.
unbox the b.o.b. ball by coach stokes boxing
im not buying them as long as they got that gold shiny shit on it
Whoever supports Andre "Piece of Shit" Ward needs to shoot himself in the foot. Diva bitch already got a couple belts gifted and should be retired by now.
Illuminati Marcos Villegas, i will dislike now
powerhandz work great! S/O coach Eric Bradley
cool video!
can you show a Reyes glove ???
sounds interesting it looks cool. pero ill stay with the old fashion way. weighs...

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