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Brown Solid Shorts Reviews from YouTube

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Omg.. beautiful skirts Di..I always love ur haul..nd have already bought few skirts from ur previous haul too..m also a skirt lover...will definitely try ur videos...😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Is that blue pleated skirt has lining?? Is it transparent?
Aapne jo wear..Kiya he..uska link dedo..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.looking soo..preety♥️♥️💞💞😍😘😘✔✔💃💃♥️💞🧚‍♀️😁😁
How tall are you.....I really want to buy that green skirt but I am 5'7 so I'm wondering if it will fit me or not?
From where this top is taken??..I have a black skirt not sure which top to club with😭
Apne ye video mai jo black top pehena hai wo kaha se liye h plzz reply plzz.
Mam need the link of the top your weaning in this video the black top please mam
Apne jo blck top pehna hai uska link dijye
Mam frst skirt in website it is 566 then how
The haul starts at 1:53
Mam apna Jo top wear karke rakhi Hain. Wo Kya Flipkart ka ha
Please do ajio skirts haul
Di plz tell the sassafras floral orange colour or pink colour..which u r wearing in the video.. Coz its luking pink colour.plz rply di
Aapka top achcha hai.... Aapne Kahan Se liya
Where did you get that top from....plz do send the link of that top❤️
From which web site you have bought your top? Please tell di .....It's to pretty
Hey can u tell me fm wear did u buy the black off shoulder top in the video..? Its too good i want to buy😅
Plz even give ideas for birthday dress
I like top which you wear in this video please share the link where you bought this top
Shorts should never be rolled up like a female short ever
Why would you wear short shorts that I should never wear short shores they ensured his longer than shorts and the funny to me sorry guys should never show off that much leg you're not wearing booty shorts in not a female and shorts should always be close to the knee or just a little bit past in the knee
My two cents... I think there is something important missing here. Besides length, leg width and patterns... u just don’t wear 🩳 shorts... I mean, u either wear a relaxed shirt, a T or a polo shirt as a top and another important thing... the shoes!!! From flip flops, sandals, to penny loafers, to sneakers or lifestyle urban shoes... and another important statement: socks!!! Long, short, dark or white, ankle or liners... My very point is that there is also a context for shorts and that context is as important as the shorts themselves. I am 46 with a very imperfect body shape and sometimes I have felt some shorts were too short... but the situation is also crucial... very short shorts in the pool or at a BBQ... why not?
Its cost $15 to get the shorts hemmed? In India you get a quality shorts for less than $15
This was helpful!
Great tips!!!
I like short shorts. Like what was commonplace in the 70s and early 80s.
Im 5 foot 7 inches tall. I think my sweet spot is a 7 inch inseam and land 4 inch above my knees but i prefer a 5 inch inseam the best which hit me 6 inches above my knees. Is that considered to short for a guy? With the shorts that length i wear XL T shirts and some of these shirts are long enough they almost come over my shorts, is that going to look weird in public? i dont care to tuck in my shirts. Just curious. Ive been comfortable wearing a 5 inch inseam in public.
I love above-knee shorts. It feels more comfortable and they make my legs look longer. Don't see why this style of fashion can't come back, after all it's how guys dressed until the late 90s. Can't stand long and baggy clothes.
What's the best way to cuff shorts? When I do it it looks all retarded and open as well as having a bunch of openings.
when you are 6'4'' and you wear shorts above the knee, then you sit down and they ride up and turn into daisy dukes you will have a bad time. Tall folks need to wear at or below the knee unless they are particularly thicc. Otherwise it needlessly lengthens the look of your already freakishly long legs. I usually try to have fits that make my limbs look a little bit shorter or my figure a little wider -- so the opposite of what shorter folks aim for. Slim good short bad.
I have big thighs, i thought about wearing 5.5 in inseams but I feel like by thighs would make the shorts look weird
Hi! I enjoyed your tips, and they're mostly what I've heard over recent years. I must admit to liking cargo shorts as well. I never use the pockets (I always have a bag with all of my necessary take-alongs), but I find good fitting cargos very sexy. And shorter shorts tend to make a guy look a little more juvenile, in my opinion - but I wouldn't wear shots below the knee!
Thank u Sir for your advice
i agree i have grey blue and tan can i wear polo shirt
Cargo pockets help with my everyday carry: wallet, keys, cell phone, leatherman, Glock 19, 2 spare magazines, tactical flashlight, Glock 42 (spare no extra magazines), lighter, tactical pen, small notepad, button compass, band-aids/first aid kit, chap stick, handkerchief, fire-starter, bottle opener, mil-spec para-cord, external battery charging pack, at least $20,000 cash, change purse, 10 ounces of gold and silver bullion, water purification tablets, pepper spray, superglue, whistle, small solar charger, toilet paper/wet-wipes, 1 gallon of water, MRE, bullet proof vest, 5 hour energy/electrolytes, book, mini-deodorant, flare, personal parachute, 2 grenades, grappling hook, 100' of rope, bazooka, and my pet cat. What would be the best shorts for me?
Hi Brock, is it okay to wear shorts for hairy legs?
Good objective presentation, thanks.
"I'd stay away from anything longer than 9"".
Plaid is fine but you must wear a solid shirt color with it.

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