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British Warships and Auxiliaries 1993-94 Book Reviews from YouTube

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British Battleships of World War One (PDF) Free Download
World's Worst Warships - Book Review with Drach (Part 1 of 2)
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What a macho man voice!! Women will fall for him hard
A naval military strategist for Washington, talking about attacks from King Kong and Godzilla. More please….
Why didn't he comment on Midway movie?
Bring this guy back for another video!
I just want to thank the american navy for keepin an eye on the bad bad world
I came here to find new naval movies ;-; apparently I watched all on the list
Thr only disappointment here is that he didn't get to review what is "in my opinion" the best navy movie ever! I speak ofcourse of U571, if ya havnt seen it, it's amazing, fairly accurate historicly and litterally. Worth watching, and would love to see somebody who knows review it
watching these grown childish adults in the comments over what an admiral of 40 yrs says is amazing agree to disagree and shut uip
Dunkirk.. the freezing waters NOT the Atlantic but rather the English Channel...
Kinda looks like Jonathan Irons from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 😭
As an interesting note, the anchor trick was something occasionally used in the age of sail for rapid course changes like that. But the water does have to be shallow enough, and there's a big difference between a 1500 ton sailing vessel and a battleship. Even if it did turn the boat, the timing was just impossibly close. No. Wouldn't work. A lot of the wake from WWII torpedoes was actually fuel exhaust. Many early models ran on alcohol and compressed air. The electric ones came along later specifically to try to reduce the visibility of the wake. Interesting that they now run on fuel again, but that's really the only way to get super long range since practically any fuel has 50x the energy density of the best batteries.
I just like how everything done in the navy today is so much more sophisticated technology. lol
This guy is one of the more knowledgeable experts on his subject, but has no clue how 1-10 rating systems work.
Since after watching this video I finally understood what the whistle in the original star trek series was about!! :D the more you know!
10:53 those werent 50 caliber machine guns, those are twin 40mm bofors
It's been tested in most rounds like 99% of them that don't Ricochet end up splintering into the water shattering in the pieces.
I wonder how many unknown heroes out there gave there lives in a compartment filling up with water making a decision not to open the hatch in order to save the ship. The Dunkirk scene got me thinking of that.
You can really tell Adm. Foggo had a good time with this!
You cannot swim or float with shoes.. boots.. If you don't have a life belt and you want to live, remove your clothes
I thought torpedo trails were caused by the fuel and air burned to propel it. The Introduction of the electric torpedo dampened the visibility of those trails.
Download Link :
Pinned post for Q&A :)
Ang Galing neto
The K class falls foul of being designed before nuclear propulsion,after all steam power is used nowadays on a great many submarines.
I was not reaching for my rifle when I heard the monitor I was loading a Dahlgren
Torpedo Boat U.S.S. "Alarm", 1874 constructed entirely of iron, the first American ship with a complete double hull built on the transverse bracket system. Electricity was used throughout the ship for lighting and communications, another first. To provide superior speed and maneuverability she had received a “Fowler Wheel”, an early cycloidal propulsion system, shaped like a four-bladed, horizontal paddle wheel.
Tbh, regarding the Borodino, they didn't really tumble did they? They took a lot of punishment, their armoured sections were nigh impregnable and they had very modern machinery.
Can we get links to the videos you mentioned in the video. If I get all times for you would you add the links?
You can't really compare the monitor to ships like the warrior the warrior still had sales for God's sake and rigging and stuff and use broadsides the monitor with its turret was a glimpse of the future it was the future could have been better yeah the first original monitor was made for one thing to take on the Confederate ironclad which itself was not as advanced as the monitor but was more advanced than say a warrior type s***
Ships like the warrior were basically age of sail ships on steroids the monitor was a glimpse at the future with its turret I wouldn't even try to take that ship in the open ocean it's crazy if United States want to do that they should have built ships more like the warrior or you know with a traditional Hall with maybe a slap a couple turrets on there
You were very kind to some of these ships.
Awesome, gotta read Preston's books ,agree with drach about monitors.
Glad to see informative video, Good work bros!!!
got the monitors right
Doesn't not being able to forecast or understand the upcoming trends and developments in war ship design make the polyphemus a bad experiment?
It seems that you are agreeing that the polyphemus was not a good ship at all and that by the time it was finished it's ramming capability was completely unnecessary and archaic. The only difference you have from the authors that you want to give this a pass because it was an experiment. I don't remember the title of his book being Worlds worst warships, excluding experiments'. you're being nitpicky here.
I am only halfway through this . But, if he doesn't include the Clemson class destroyer, I will be disappointed ☹️
I like Drach!
This book had better feature the SS Kamchatka. ; )
Just about all of the French ironclads would have been better choices for the book...
I just clicked on this video to see if the USS William D. Porter would be mentioned. not for its design or construction, but for the complete tomfoolery that it saw
Hi Ma'am. Very helpful content. Can you please make a video on how to write answers to get good marks in IGNOU with some examples???😊
This is the link in appstore for the audiobook app -
Thank you mam, Please specify the audio book aap, I am unable to find on play store .
Very good mam very helpful us

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