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British Warships and Auxiliaries 1991-92 Book Reviews from YouTube

Cold War Fleet Ships of The Royal Navy 1966 1991
Book Review | India vs UK - The story of an unprecedented diplomatic win by Syed Akbaruddin
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Which novels to choose for IGNOU MEG-3 British Novels? Clear your doubts and decide for your best.
Thanks for the review the days when we still had a navy !
Thank you for the review. Went ahead and ordered one.
This is a great book! My pleasure
Thanks Geoff
Comment below with your Favourite character from history! And How was the video?
I want to read a deep indian history so,please recommend me any books .
Mam,do you know the story of Kirandevi vs Akbar. is there any history book which mention this story.
Can u suggest any controversy history book please.
Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? Thou art more lovely and temperate Rough winds do shake the darling buds of may By chance or nature's changing course untrimmed But thy eternal summer shall not fade When in eternal lines to time thou grow So long as men can breathe or eyes can see So long lives this and this gives life to thee. Thou shall live in my verse.
Not a single good book recommended except Mein Kempf
City of djinns
Suggest me any book related to mauryan dynasty , chndragupta , Ashoka , chnakya . Plzz
Ap bhut jyada khubsoort hu
You are beautiful.
It's too shame to see that even you're an indian and not interested to read our indian history like chattarpati shivaji maharaj,mahrana sanga and more and you said you not going to like the book of maharana pratap that's to shame your whole video were talking about only shit foreigners and mugals even you do not know about the hole truth about mugals what they did in our bharat maybe is it look cool for you to read others foreigner books i hope you got my point
@Helly What are goods books of indian ancient and medieval period based on archeology findings without Aryan Invasion theory propaganda.
I only clicked on the video cause she's pretty. There I said it
A series of books which is based on totally accurate history of the world is by Gorge R R Martin “A song of Ice and fire” must read
Hindi bolne me taklif hota hai.
If a person leaves work unfinished, there is a remedy in bach flower therapy named ELM. Try it. You will finish books with other works.
Awesome presentation
I love history so much !
I am too obsessed with the history of Maharana Pratap. Can you plzzzzzzzz tell some books which tells about original history of India Plzzzzzz
do you have the book "THE STORY OF THE JODHPUR LANCERS " by mahendra singh jodha ?
Hi Ma'am. Very helpful content. Can you please make a video on how to write answers to get good marks in IGNOU with some examples?
This is the link in appstore for the audiobook app - you mam, Please specify the audio book aap, I am unable to find on play store .
Very good mam very helpful us

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