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Braun SE-851 Epilator: Unveiling Precision and Radiance

Welcome to, your go-to destination for all things related to the Braun SE-851 Epilator. In this article, we dive deep into the features, specifications, and user experiences surrounding this revolutionary facial epilator and cleansing brush. Join us as we explore the world of flawless skin and unmatched grooming. Let's get started!

The Braun SE-851: A Marvel of Facial Epilation

At the heart of Braun's innovation lies the SE-851, the world's first facial epilator and cleansing brush combined into a sleek and compact design. With 10 micro-openings that capture even the finest hairs at 0.02mm, this epilator sets new standards in precision grooming. Jessica Alba herself attests to the confidence and freedom it provides, emphasizing the importance of beautifully cleansed skin as the foundation for a radiant look.

Two-in-One Brilliance: Epilation and Deep Cleansing

The Braun Face Epilator goes beyond conventional facial treatments by offering both precise epilation and gentle deep pore cleansing. The facial cleansing brush utilizes micro-oscillations to cleanse skin pore-deep, a method tested and approved by dermatologists for daily use on sensitive skin. It proves to be six times more effective than manual cleansing, ensuring a thorough and refreshing experience.

Comprehensive Skin Care with Multiple Brushes

This versatile device includes four different brushes to cover all your skincare needs. From a normal brush for everyday use to an extra-sensitive brush for delicate skin, an exfoliation brush, and a beauty sponge, the Braun SE-851 provides a complete skincare regimen. It's a holistic approach to maintaining radiant and healthy skin.

Cordless Convenience for On-the-Go Epilation

Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. The Braun SE-851 operates cordlessly, offering the freedom to groom anytime, anywhere. The slim epilator head ensures ultimate precision, making it the perfect companion for your beauty routine.

Colors That Complement: Pure White Elegance

The Braun SE-851 Epilator is available in a stunning white color, adding a touch of elegance to your grooming accessories. Its aesthetic appeal aligns with its functional brilliance, making it a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

Specifications at a Glance

Technical Details

  • Brand: Braun
  • Color: White
  • Features: Slim epilator head, Sonic facial brush, Refines and exfoliates with micro oscillations, Wet and dry make pore deep cleansing part of your shower routine, Replaceable battery
  • Manufacturer: Braun
  • Model: 81581331
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty provided from the date of purchase


Experience grooming like never before with the Braun SE-851 Epilator. Its precision, versatility, and cordless convenience redefine facial care, giving you the confidence to showcase your flawless glow. Elevate your skincare routine with the world's first facial epilator and cleansing brush, available in pure white elegance. Choose Braun, choose radiance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can the Braun SE-851 be used on sensitive skin?

A: Absolutely! The facial cleansing brush has been tested with dermatologists for daily use on sensitive skin, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience.

Q2: How often should I replace the battery?

A: The Braun SE-851 operates on a replaceable battery. The frequency of replacement depends on usage, but the device is designed for long-lasting performance.

Q3: Is the epilator suitable for wet and dry use?

A: Yes, the Braun SE-851 is designed for both wet and dry use, making it a versatile and convenient choice for your grooming routine.

Q4: Can I purchase additional brushes for the Braun SE-851?

A: Currently, the device comes with a set of four different brushes, covering various skincare needs. Additional brushes may be available for purchase separately.

Q5: How does the Braun SE-851 compare to other facial epilators on the market?

A: The Braun SE-851 stands out with its dual functionality of facial epilation and deep pore cleansing. Its precision, multiple brushes, and cordless convenience make it a top choice in the realm of facial care.

Introducing the world’s 1st facial epilator and cleansing brush.Reveal your flawless glow.Braun Face combines two facial treatments in one device:precise epilation of the finest hairs & gentle deep pore cleansing with the brush.“Braun Face gives women confidence and allows them the freedom to choose whether or not to wear make up. We need to be able to count on beautifully cleansed skin as our foundation.”Jessica Alba

  • For Face
  • Used For: Dry and Wet
  • Rotating Disc Blade
  • Battery Operated
  • Speed Setting Available
  • Facial epilator: sleek and compact design for precise epilation. 10 micro-openings catch even the finest hair 0.02mm
  • Facial cleansing brush: gently cleanses skin pore-deep with micro-oscillations. Tested with dermatologists for daily use on sensitive skin. Cleanses 6x more effectively than manual cleansing
  • Includes 4 different brushes to cover all of your skin care needs and provide a complete skin care regimen: normal brush, extra sensitive brush, exfoliation brush and beauty sponge
  • Care and cleaning: clean with included brush, spot clean only
  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Cordless Epilator
Braun SE-851 Epilator Colours:
  • White

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Braun SE-851 Epilator Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Braun
Color White
feature Slim epilator head for ultimate precisionSonic facial brushRefines and exfoliates with hundreds of micro oscillationsWet and dry make pore deep cleansing part of your shower routineReplaceable battery
Manufacturer Braun
Model 81581331
Warranty 2 year warranty provided from date of purchase

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I got this “device” (haha!) together with my silk epil 9 but havent given it a try - does the hair grow back thick? I am scared it will grow thicker and end up regretting doing so!
كفووو شنب ✨✨
Very well done
Do you need to clean it after each use?
Hi dear thanks for the reviewjust little worried if it would work on my thick facial hair.
Hello, Épilateur est efficace pour le visage? Enlève bien les poils? La repousse est comment après ? Thanks you
Hello, i just came across this video and thank you so much for your honest review! I just wanted to ask a few queries, please do help me out. I have really thick and dark facial hair on my upperlips, chin, neck and sides (even on the jawline). Initially i used to use depilating creams, but switched to threading soon after. But its really coarse and i have to go to the parlour every 3 days. It feels uncomfortable to have prickly growth on my face, because im just 20 and sometimes people also comment that "hey is that a beard/mustache?". So i wouldn't really want to wait till the hair grows much, to get it replucked again. Please do suggest what should i opt for.
How can I buy this face epilator?
Is it pluck the hair from roots?
Can 16 year old girl use it?
Hi! Thanks for this video. Does this also take care of the peach fuzz?
I have this and its saved me money and time and always leaves my face smooth just need to get used to the pain x
What's the price of it
For better results, you go against the grain or with the grain?
Hey. How are you ? Will this epilator remove tiny hair on nose ?
You dont have anything to remove Try it on someone with hairs
I use the Epilady Esthetic, which is a battery powered mini coil, so easy to carry in my handbag. I've had one for about 5 years now and love it, although if I leave my facial hair to grow too much it is a bit painful at first, but it work's great and a couple of AA batteries last about 5 or 6 full facials, I use rechargable batteries so I never have to run out for batteries in a hurry. I think they're still available on Ebay, I paid £7 for mine.
I bought this and I was so excited because it left a clean look on my face. However I always break out heavily after using this. What am I doing wrong? I have super sensitive skin. Any advice?
Hey How long does hair come back after epilapting? Is the hair hard or soft?
Hi sister, i have undergone 6 sessions of laser treatment it didn't work for me .due to shaving , my hair is thick around chin and thin around upper lip now i am planning to buy an epillator , i never used it before .can i buy normal epillator and use it as facial epillator So that i can use it for my legs also please reply asap thank you in advance and sorry for the long post from india
I'm loving it
Can we apply aloe vera gel after using this epilator?
thanks i wanted to see it used on eyebrows
omg, but isn't it dangerous to use on eye area? im so scared of accidentaly hurting my eyelashes >.< (ps: i watched the video muted)
Which toner u use.?
model no
Does it remove thicker hair? Please reply
Phle s epilate face ko kya epilate krke dikha rhi ap
Hey. Do you wash epilator part with water after using? Does that damage any tweezers in it?
Loved how you showed the demo and explained everything, will check it
It has such amazing features, the brush look so soft
Wow this epilators looks so cool and very useful
I have body epilator of Philips. I used on my legs and got do much of inside growth. Since then i have avoided using these. Does this happen with facial hair too ? I am literally looking forward to buy this and give it a trt
I haven't used face epilator ever. But you make it look so easy. Hair wont get thicker. Thats great.
Braun is very good company. This is 4 years using review so definitely trusting you on this
Wow it removed whole makeup and clean bhe easily hogya and toner use karna and then moisturizer
It removes extra hair and yes cream ya toner lagana is compulsory after removing hair and wow hair growth will diminish after sometime
4 years se use kare ho great and 1 battery works for 1 month great and facial brush wowww I like it
ThAnkYou for sharing this product dear
I need to try this this is so good and loved the use of it ☺️ yes we should massage
It's been more than 5 years since I made this video but I believe the Braun Face is still one of the best face epilators around. If you'd like to know of other devices that can help you remove facial hair easily at home, I just reviewed a new trimmer (+ compared it to epilating). It's totally painfree compared to this, & works great for sensitive skin: r so sweet! Ur new viewer
U look better without makeup
The product gives me acne whenever I use it and leaves marks on my face .
0:50 years ago, I mean '94-95 I bought my mum a facial epilator very similar to this. It looked almost identical but the body was more thin. It had a spinning head with 4-5 tweezers type plates. It was a really good hair remover, I went from 20 minutes removing hair by hand to just 4-5 minutes. When I removed the guard I was always surprised by how much hair, thick and thin, it had removed. The head was very short (1.5-2 cm) and designed for use around the mouth area.
Hi the review was great thank you Where can I buy this product?
I think u will look better without lipstick. U r already beautiful. Thank for this video Braun is my favourite brand
Thank you, this was useful
Your review is really good, and very helpful.
Is this trimmer or proper epiliator which removes hair by plucking?
Greatly thanks for this Indian Miss,hats off.
Only brush they are giving . eppilator is not available
will this work in thick hair of chin?
Thanks a lot for detailed making great videos!
I purchased this but my tweezers are moving really very slow and battery life is toooo short. Is it like that with everyone? Or do I need to send mine for service?
Fab video! Thanks. Quick question, which direction to choose for upper lips? L or R?
Kya price ka h ye m
I open the battery part with back of the cleaning brush .i don’t know if we have the same version of the device .but thank you so much for this great review of the product
Takeaway for you : You're prettier without makeover. Thanks for the review
I get the facial hair removal head. with 9-558 epilator I want to know how can I get the cleansing brush head with refills. I don't have this head attachment even Cleansing brush head with refills available in market ? If yes. from where can I get it please share links ?

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