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Amazon Offers ₹249
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Boy's Shorts - Navy White - XX-Large
The lowest Boy's Shorts - Navy White Price in India is ₹249 at Amazon.
Buy Boy's Shorts - Navy White online at Amazon.
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 patigonia shorts

Boy's Shorts - Navy White Reviews from YouTube

Best Shorts For Men | A Man's Guide To Shorts | How To Wear Shorts | Mens Fashion in Hindi
5 Short Wearing Rules ALL Men Should Follow!
How to Wear Shorts | How Men's Shorts Should Fit
Nhi he glt he healthy bande shorts pehn skte he
Hazrat Hazrat 😂
My ht is 6.३ how to choose correct shorts for me
Cheap youtuber
Tumne bakchodi bahut ki
Bhai mere per ke bagal bade hai me kya karu
You are looking even worse
Mote log pehen sakte ha kya
Aapka bolne ka tarika bahut accha hai...
50 rupe kaat overacting ka
Nice video
Hindi bola kar nhi to arbi hi bol lo pura itta urdu na pela kro
Hindi bola kar nhi to arbi hi bol lo pura itta urdu na pela kro
Bahi thoda body bana le
Lower pe video banao please
Yo yo yo qazzi bahi
Chutiya info thi teri...sala fit log toh short me acche lagte hai aur agar tune ye kaha ki maine toh mote logo ke liye kaha mote log aur fit logo me difference hota hai...
Tu hindi bol ya to urdu bol.. confuse mat kar
Ang laki Kay Murag adik🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ang mga bisaya ra nakasabot
kon he pagal
i wear shorts the wrong way all the time but i dont care i love it
Ya no
This dude is insecure as fuck. Holy shit.
I didn't know you're 5'6 you look tall
How am I suppose to wear shorts that must be above the knee if my knees are dark? I'm so concsious with my dark knees, how to get rid of it guys?
Why does this guy remind me of Casey niestat
Stop being a salesman
No guys should wear shorts once they become a teenager unless you are at the beach, pool or doing a physical activity. The reason for this is no one wants to see a guys knees or thighs.
And there are men with one leg.
real men don't care what you think
I wear running shorts and kids at my high school say that they’re gay😂🤦‍♂️... like wtf
When did all these really short shorts become popular on men? Way too short.
Wear watever i want to wear lol
thx bruh 🤜
Sad. Your gay because you shave your legs, really, you moron. You more then insecure then you calves.
Why am I watching this? I'm a 13 year old girl 😂 😂
Great show... but shy away from people that needs to yell instead of talk . Talking down to people like they are not able to hear or just not interested unless they are yelled at is condescending. Sound like you grew up on a show lot ... barking for a sideshow.
Men shaving leg's its a gay
If you guys want to see how i style shorts with sneakers you can check this lookbook I made -
Did nobody see his left knee
How much
Those Russell Kith shorts are dumb fire
Can swim trunks be worn casual
my typa drip
A great video of the stylish summer shorts. These shorts can be wore anywhere you feel like. Click here for more-
Whats your size on pants and your Eric Emanuel shorts ? Pls
What size did you get in the Nike dna floral shorts? Thanks
I like your intro by Sanchez
Super helpful
too bad ur summer is canceled for this year 😌
Where i can buy the yellow one? I cant find them
Salut ! Merci pour cette vidéo !!! Le plus beau modèle de short au meilleur prix! Pour ceux qui le recherchent, vous pouvez trouver sur ce lien: @t de très beaux modèles. !!! Bonne chance !!!
I wish i could wear a sweatshirt during summer but texas just makes that impossible
man get some patigonia baggies
What is that white t shirt you wear with the shorts
What size Emanuel shorts were you wearing?
Love your hairstyle bruv
Shorts should never be rolled up like a female short ever
Why would you wear short shorts that I should never wear short shores they ensured his longer than shorts and the funny to me sorry guys should never show off that much leg you're not wearing booty shorts in not a female and shorts should always be close to the knee or just a little bit past in the knee
My two cents... I think there is something important missing here. Besides length, leg width and patterns... u just don’t wear 🩳 shorts... I mean, u either wear a relaxed shirt, a T or a polo shirt as a top and another important thing... the shoes!!! From flip flops, sandals, to penny loafers, to sneakers or lifestyle urban shoes... and another important statement: socks!!! Long, short, dark or white, ankle or liners... My very point is that there is also a context for shorts and that context is as important as the shorts themselves. I am 46 with a very imperfect body shape and sometimes I have felt some shorts were too short... but the situation is also crucial... very short shorts in the pool or at a BBQ... why not?
Its cost $15 to get the shorts hemmed? In India you get a quality shorts for less than $15
This was helpful!
Great tips!!!
I like short shorts. Like what was commonplace in the 70s and early 80s.
Im 5 foot 7 inches tall. I think my sweet spot is a 7 inch inseam and land 4 inch above my knees but i prefer a 5 inch inseam the best which hit me 6 inches above my knees. Is that considered to short for a guy? With the shorts that length i wear XL T shirts and some of these shirts are long enough they almost come over my shorts, is that going to look weird in public? i dont care to tuck in my shirts. Just curious. Ive been comfortable wearing a 5 inch inseam in public.
I love above-knee shorts. It feels more comfortable and they make my legs look longer. Don't see why this style of fashion can't come back, after all it's how guys dressed until the late 90s. Can't stand long and baggy clothes.
What's the best way to cuff shorts? When I do it it looks all retarded and open as well as having a bunch of openings.
when you are 6'4'' and you wear shorts above the knee, then you sit down and they ride up and turn into daisy dukes you will have a bad time. Tall folks need to wear at or below the knee unless they are particularly thicc. Otherwise it needlessly lengthens the look of your already freakishly long legs. I usually try to have fits that make my limbs look a little bit shorter or my figure a little wider -- so the opposite of what shorter folks aim for. Slim good short bad.
I have big thighs, i thought about wearing 5.5 in inseams but I feel like by thighs would make the shorts look weird
Hi! I enjoyed your tips, and they're mostly what I've heard over recent years. I must admit to liking cargo shorts as well. I never use the pockets (I always have a bag with all of my necessary take-alongs), but I find good fitting cargos very sexy. And shorter shorts tend to make a guy look a little more juvenile, in my opinion - but I wouldn't wear shots below the knee!
Thank u Sir for your advice
i agree i have grey blue and tan can i wear polo shirt
Cargo pockets help with my everyday carry: wallet, keys, cell phone, leatherman, Glock 19, 2 spare magazines, tactical flashlight, Glock 42 (spare no extra magazines), lighter, tactical pen, small notepad, button compass, band-aids/first aid kit, chap stick, handkerchief, fire-starter, bottle opener, mil-spec para-cord, external battery charging pack, at least $20,000 cash, change purse, 10 ounces of gold and silver bullion, water purification tablets, pepper spray, superglue, whistle, small solar charger, toilet paper/wet-wipes, 1 gallon of water, MRE, bullet proof vest, 5 hour energy/electrolytes, book, mini-deodorant, flare, personal parachute, 2 grenades, grappling hook, 100' of rope, bazooka, and my pet cat. What would be the best shorts for me?
Hi Brock, is it okay to wear shorts for hairy legs?
Good objective presentation, thanks.
"I'd stay away from anything longer than 9"".

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