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The lowest Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy Book Price in India is ₹820 at Amazon.
Buy Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy Book online at Amazon.
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Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy Book Reviews from YouTube

Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy - John Perlin
The TRUTH About Solar! 4 Year Review
Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it?
Solar Panels on a Tesla
Cali in ur stats... why are they behind in everything? Lol
Nice. Now I need a house
You are so funny, these numbers you are throwing out there make no sense.
25 years and nothing goes out. lmao... oh and the roof with all the holes you put into it. no leaks...
What about maintenance costs? Cleaning, birds nests, your company going out of business now you have no warranty?
Don’t get the biggest. Add all watts in all home electronics that’s your max. After 5pm what appliances you use. Now go by that number. You can easily get a 6kw or 9kw plus a battery. If you have a pool and ev car 14kw. Anything over is overkill. Write down how will you use energy when you are not home. Impossible. Get a Tesla 6kw plus battery cheapest and pay off in 2 yrs not 10
Dispite calfornia wage class wars. Solar panels are not worth the investment
OMG californa is attacking the poor with high electric costs
Guys, I don't understand you with regards to installing as many PV as possible from the very beginning.... To me, it is much more important if I installed the most efficient PVs...and Not as many as I can Now!!!! Every year PVs become more and more efficient and the price per installed kwh is going down..... So if (let's say)5 years ago the most efficient PV was of 250w, today you might find PVs with a power of 650w.... So, my conclusion is: today, you can install 1 panel, with the power of 2 panels installed 5 years ago.... Doesn't make sense for you too???
The ROI time on solar is insane to me, and that's assuming everything goes perfectly. Not to mention the insane upfront investment. It also doesn't make any sense how it takes so much material to generate so little energy at this point in time, and that's with installations in the sunniest geographic locations. Solar has been around for decades. The technology and pricing has to change dramatically before I'd ever consider it for residential applications. Perhaps in 20 or 30 years it will finally get there? Won't matter to me by then though. Commercial and mobile solutions are a completely different story. However, starting a residential solar company sounds like a great way to capitalize on the trend and rip people off, which means it's already happening.
31cents! It is 8 cents in Oklahoma.
What is the average life of the panels and the power supplies, batteries, but also of the inverter of the system? All these in relation to maintenance costs and financial benefits.
First you need to be over paneled for that system
I have a better set cost nothing and is paid for whole system cost 6000$ my power is my own way cheaper
Why don’t you calculate the cost of the power wall into your analysis?
Wow this was really good... Thank you...
California also has the most rolling blackouts as solar can't compete with fossil fuels.
how do you factor in the cost of removing and reroofing every 10 years?
Works for you in California. In the north, it would pay off in 30 years. Totally not worth it. A small house also has an easier payoff. Add in the costs of repairing panels even worse we have storms that can definitely damage the panels. This "worth it" is very much based on your specific scenario and not the entire country. Misleading.
Are we factoring in the 26% tax credit for the system cost and ROI? Maybe they didn't have that 4yrs ago? Just did mine this year and looking forward to the credit on next year's taxes.
What would you like to see more of on this channel? Reply here or send me an email (on the 'about' section of my channel page).
What about animal agriculture as this is truly the primary problem and cause of climate change with 80%+ of all carbon emissions...
This was helpful but lacked real world examples and detail.
I would love to know why there are people who did not like this video and why. Amazing and very well explained video.
An excellent video with some surprising information. Who new the UK is solar panel friendly. You could have gone a little deeper though but it’s difficult because technology is out of date as soon as you buy it so costing something is only for that day or days. But good stuff.
I don't know, using calculations I'm getting ROI over 20y. I'm not entirely sure it is worth it. If you do DIY install - yes, but installation prices are rip off.
Great video. Lots of really good information. Thanks 😁😁
You are not safe from power cuts as stated towards the end of the video, everything else correct, definitely worth it, what other system is going to give you free power
Its not "climate change" it's Geoengineering!
I get 3p a unit for my export to the grid,
Have a guy coming out on Monday to tell what solar panels I need for my house.
Great video, thank you for making it! Would like to see a video on how to start your own solar panel farm here in uk….
A recent comprehensive study of all the U.K.'s generating data shows that the average for solar is about 10% of capacity. Individual situations will vary but that is an average. I didn't see any reference to replacement costs of components, e.g. the inverter or the battery? This could well severely affect the profit after the pay back period. The panels also degrade and give less output with age. The amount of CO2 saving is also rather dubious, the generating plants reduce output as solar contribution to the grid or lack of demand on the grid due to solar but they keep running, at a lower level which is less efficient and the solar output drop as the day passes to evening and needs a corresponding increase in generation which can be problamatic (California has the same problem but significantly worse). We see on most sunny days that pumped storage generation is needed as the evening demand starts to pick up. My point here is that the grid is far more complex than is realised and renewables are not a simple solution, if in fact they are any solution at all? Mr Musk is wearing rose tinted glasses and his estimate of output in cloud or rain is two or three times too high. In the U.K. solar output is very low for four months of the year. Comparing solar panels to plants is patently ridiculous, their mechanisms are quite different.
This video may bag me 25% of the marks on my Uni coursework, good work lad.
Please don't cover material with Jordan Peterson
Elon talk BS
Pays for itself in 10 years. There in lies the rub.
There's also replacement value, panels/batteries probably will not last 25 years (guarantees good for 10 years). Also ugliness on house, this could devalue a nice cottage. An alternative is invest money you'd pay and then buy green energy from the grid (extra cost of green energy comes out of investment). You are then being green without the hassle
Hey! It was a really beneficial video I must say. I knew about some data that i never imagined, you did a great job! I'd like to ask you to do an update of this video post Brexit and stuff so that a clearer vision is available for everyone . Thanks in advance! And keep up with this great work :)
This was very helpful. Thank you.
Elon Musk is only thinking of selling cars to rich people who can afford garages. I live in a townhouse without a garage and I need a solar-powered car because I have no place to plug in his electric car.
I would love solar on my car. even if it's miniscule amount of energy. I dont have to worry about running out of power. I can at least leave it couple days. to drive nearest station to charge it.
Reducing the battery weight would go a long way in making solar a viable option
Can we ever hope to combine the above technology with hydrogen fuel cell cars , unlimited range!
Where there's heat there's energy
Tbh I thought they where all ready made thinking back I made designs and everything just for fun I didn’t know that they were not made yet lol
Literally a sunroof
There's solar 3.0 coming out which makes this possible now
Glorified golf carts. The energy density of electric renders all of this a pipe dream.
I really hope this works. And it would also be really cool if they managed to also use the friction of the tire rotors to create energy, and if they added a second large battery somehow, while that one is charging, you could drive on the other one. Even if I don’t get a front trunk, it would be awesome to have a battery stored it there.
watching these kinds of videos surely boosts my happiness since it makes me feel like people are still working on a solution for our demise
No right now
Is some company using traditional magnifiers and solar panels, To amplify sun energy ? Thanks
@2:00 (Produced kilowatt)-(kilowatt power used)/range = new range +KW—KW/R= ?
I guess we need those because of overpriced gasoline
Best panels I’ve used where the ones NASA uses they are very small and produce lots of power. I could only buy them in small 1 1/2” *3” and build my own setup.
What about putting wind turbine in front of car? When car is driving fast there is a lot of wind hitting the car, we can capture the high pressure air and use it to generate electricity. Wind turbine can be placed inside the hood using vent for air to go inside.
its a quit lame, they should have 90% solar power panelts. then it would be solution 100 km load a day
Sono Motors expecting to deliver 14,000 solar cell powered EV cars to the european markets in 2023. Should be exciting!

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