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CRISPR: A Machine-Generated Literature Overview Book Reviews from YouTube

CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing Technology
Crispr Cas9 Genome Editing System
What is CRISPR?
Are you really going forward and backward if you count your fingers from thumb to little finger with your palm down and then from your thumb to little finger with palm turned up? Your palindrome repeat is not forward and then backward. It is flipped 180 . Then your read it with the same order of letters. Not backwards and not a palindrome repeat.....
I cringe whenever I watch this explanation of short palindrome repeats. The two sequences are not the same when read to the right and when read to the left. They are reversed. Only when the two strands are put end to end is there a palindrome. A long one.5'.....3'3'.....5'There are two possible.3'.....5'5'.....3' is the other.
I wish I had watched this video before writing my high school bio paper
Question is when is it available for human.
I see a CRILPR not a CRISPR. It is along palindrome repeat. There is no palindrome on either of the two strands. You have to place the two sequences end to end in a mirror view. That is a long palindrome read same forward and backwards. Do it and see!.
THank you so much . Please Explain prime editing mechanism over CHRISPR :)
Sorry, what is the exact purpose of the tracrRNA?
Very good explanation. Much better as the courses that I followed in my masters degree where I needed to read tons of articles to get to this point. Thank you very much, please continue biotechs videos.
This is quality content thanks to your expertise in subjects like these. Thanks, it really helped!
I learned of this several years ago, and am familiar with the work of Jennifer Goudna. I have a degree in Microbiology. Prof Dave has done very well covering this, and I now am learning much more.
When they develop a CRISPR pill to make your dick 10 long, or your boobs big, full, and firm, people will pay attention. Until thenmeh.
Thank you professor
This emoji was me throughout this whole video Very fitting! And very well explained!Thanks ever so much, Professor Love from Portugal! (which isn't that far from Italy )
It is a truly fantastic video. Greetings from Greece!
Thank you for making this amazing video.
I absolutely need CRISPR on my bad genes. I am a complete healthy 34 year old fit male with Dercums, which is an obese woman disorder. While Im out here with all my good luck, I wish for gene editing.
Hello!cripr frajil x valid
GREAT vid, but so much missing; 1.) how and by what is new foreign dna recognized in first place? if there is a mechanism, that is able to catch upon unfamiliarity of new dna withou some foreign DNA reservoir, then why there is other immunity system with such a reservoir needed?2.) how can we get particular segment of crRNA to synthetise sgRNA; this deed itself implies our ability to precisely cut out such a segment without Cas9...?
This video was very well done, thank you.
Superb explanation thanks for sharing
You make biology so interesting lol.My teachers have always made it such a boring memorization based thing, but you show a deep level of understanding and break it down so well
Great video. Current cost of gene therapy is completely out of reach of common man or middle class or even rich class in India and world. Hope in few years things change Other wise this remins as white elephant with MIT or University of California Berkeley...
For example when we have cut the targeted DNA through case 9 endunucleases which forms double strand Breaks DSBs in target DNa.then when we have to introduce a new gene or sequence from where does it come or how does it take place.Kindly clear this concept/confusionthanksI didn't get idea from your this video
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Mr. Shomu, your explanation always help me to understand this complex things
Thank you so much!!! Your explanation is just d topic, I mean CRISP and clear too.
God.I can't explain how your videos actually helped me during my MSc. Now I'm back watching your videos for my PhD.I would like to meet you one day
This discussion by you was amazing, specially your way of delivering information. Thank you so much!
It's still seems unbelievable, I am now totally free from herpes through the help of Dr Itepu on YouTube channel, thank you so much sir, for helping me I will forever be grateful to you Sir.
My question is: snakes use poison to kill their enemies. A simple question is: can a human incorporate inside his body a snake's poison to fight his viruses and bacteria? The answer is: EVIDENTLY NOT. Streptococcus pyogenes uses its own poison (so-called CAS9) to cut viruses in pieces and "kill" them. So, another simple question is: can a human incorporate inside his body a CAS9 protein in order to satisfy Jennifer Doudna and to successfully fight his viruses? The answer is: EVIDENTLY NOT. CAS9 is simply a very dangerous TOXIN, specific for Streptococcus pyogenes. And calling the very pathogenic bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes with a fancy word 'CAS9' does not change the matter at hand. CAS9 used the way Jennifer Doudna offered is a biological weapon for silencing genes, and also with a high percentage of missing the mark. The third simple question is: does bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes itself use its toxin CAS9 to self-engineer itself genetically? The answer is also: NO. Bacterial-viral mosaicism (verbosely called by Jennifer Doudna as "Clustered regularly-interspaced short polindromic repeats" evidently to obscure the matter) does not change functionality of Streptococcus pyogenes' genome, and Streptococcus pyogenes does NOT produce a virus which it killed with its CAS9 toxin. ERGO: Streptococcus pyogenes is homogenous with CAS9, since CAS9 is its own component. But humans are evidently not the Streptococcus pyogenes, and CAS9 is NOT a human inherent component. The idea to apply the highly pathogenic Streptococcus pyogenes to "genetically enhance humans" could have come only to a sociopath... or to a criminal. It is the same as to say: "OK, pals, we are going to use the bacteria of Tuberculosis to "genetically enhance humans", since the toxins of this bacterium will surely damage the human DNA!" Criminal negligence demonstrated by Jennifer Doudna reminds me of George Church with his "xenotransplantation" of pig's organs into humans. I only wish Jennifer Doudna eats only GMO, and all her own treatments are CRISPR/Cas9, while George Church will sooner or later receive pig's heart! They deserve this, for sure!
watching this the midnight just before my biochem test. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
really helpful
Thank You Sir!!
Biology is not my thing. But you just helped me to sail through it.
I'm confused how DNA can be inserted using CRISPR-Cas9... The system only cuts DNA. I see that the target we want to insert is before the RNA scaffold in the plasmid drawing, though I have trouble visualizing how it works.
But cas9 is used to cut the dna...then how come u can insert or make a desired DNA ?...if I m wrong then plz correct me
If you're seeing this/reading this after news of decision going with Broad (against CVC) on February 28th, 2022 - I will be making a video soon discussing/updating this. If you're interested in seeing that video definitely hit the thumbs up right above and subscribe to the channel! I will link the video below once posted - but if you're subscribed you will, of course, get the notification.
Awesome thanks.... curious if all of this is going to stand up against Defense of Tort for the eugenics program the world is participating in?... Free DeJure...and.. Declaration of Independence.....OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT Be in the Incorporated Business under umbrella contracts creating a monopoly or monarchy.... it's time for change..and FREE ENTERPRISE.
PATENT..outstanding job. I really think these companies are the future. I have the CRISPR ETF.. plus a few individual shares of CRISPR, Editas and NTLA..Also bought a few for grandkids..they will really see this come into mainstream
Patent x 2
Patent !
Edit seems to have won the IP
Wow! That was an incredible overview of the patent situation for these companies. Thanks for taking the time to put that together!
So what is bottom line?
Excellent content, perfectly imformarive for us investors, keep up the good work
WOW, I wonder who in the patent office has the expertise to sort through all of these applications and make judgements. I know I don't. It's hard for me to grasp the nuances and the big picture of this space, and try to predict the winners. So I'm using the "shotgun" method of investing here and spreading my bets among most of the field. There should be enough prizes to have many winners in this area. One could probably buy ARKG and call it a day. Thanks for all of your work and effort in researching and producing these videos, you have the best product I have found in this space !
Ty alot for the video, I love the gene editing tech.
WRONG please correct and give the correct discovery acknowledgement
crRna is like a sea otter chipping its prey in two with a stone it holds in its tiny hands whilst floating on its back in the sea
Verry helpful and a welcome addition to the shows seen on PBS.
this was the most amazing explanation. I completely understand now
The reason why antipsychotics shouldnt exist DUH do you want your hot babe to get pregnant, do you want to sleep; be crispR not antipsychotics. Seriously if you look at the science you know antipsychotics have no purpose
Awesome job! I'm taking genetics right now and this really helped my understanding the material
It is a great video and understandable. I considered this topic complex until I saw this video. Thank you for sharing
Nice! Thank you!
Thats why they are testingMade the virus release in the world :( Dan made vaccine and turned whole world in lab rats with this vaccines :(Is the only way to test this technology for free :(
Can't wait to create x men
literally the best and most clear video of this topic
Hi sir, please make a video on PAM
I wonder if celebs and the ultra wealthy are already using this technology to create designer babies
I've seen the real thing done in a lab. Anyone with 5 minutes of training can do it. It's in silica. So if you like to spin cells add a caustic element run a PCR amplification and then in silica show the procedure done go for it. But it amounts to nothing. It's literally imaginary. Go ahead and be amazed by explanations and animations but watch it done in the lab. And tell me you believe it after that. It's nothing.
Dude. You look tired. Id be too if I was teaching the whole freaking world.

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