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Biochar and its Application in Bioremediation Book Reviews from YouTube

|| BIOCHAR || ENVIRONMENT SERIES in 5 mins for UPSC 2020 || L-1
Biochar: An ICRLP Explainer Video
Biochar Basics Overview
Bioremediation || Environment & Ecology Crash Course || Science and Technology
Thanks to bring this kind pf series.hoping for the next video will come soon as only 37days left for prelims.
asked in pre
A question related to Biochar has been asked in Today's UPSC ias exam
I am confused about my presentation for bio char don't know how to make plants table slides
Didn't get much knowledge of the subject
Great discussion and helpful information.How can I access the papers ?
I think I understand the "big picture" benefits of biochar, especially in barren soils. However, I fail to see actual or signifcantly, measurable benefits to home vegetable gardeners with normal, healthy soil. Perhaps I'm wrong and while I read a lot of anecdotal claims, I have yet to find a peer-reviewed field trial that shows improved results.
Make the biochar from the charcoal produced in a gasifier and you'll have an excellent soil additive and create combustible gases from the gasifier to use in power generators. A perfect closed loop renewable energy solution!!! :-)
I'm 100% in favour of biochar. 100%!!!!Why in the name of little green apples would you want to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Is it a poison? Don't we exhale it?What is the concentration of CO2 that we breathe when wearing a mask?Why do the most productive greenhouses have VERY high concentrations of CO2 in their "atmosphere"?Come on guys. Spend just a watt or two thinking about this.
My favorite technique to is simply dig a \_/ shaped channel about 6 long, build up the material about 2/3rd of the way up and keep adding more material once it really gets going. From what I understand the coals can reach 600 degrees C pretty easy this way
Is this PBS?
Are there sources of waste heat that would be sufficient to drive the pyrolysis needed to create biochar?
Can biochar and compost be used to rebuild the desert? or does it take more.
I make biochar in a wood stove in my basement. May not be the best quality, however it heats my house and I get to add biochar to my worm compost. I then share the end product with others. Not a large scale but if more people did this it would capture a lot of carbon.
Whats the best biochar size for sandy soil
Thank you for the great update!From my perspective, very timely, as a co-manager of a small-scale community sawmill with three Kon Tikis being fabricated, and with the intent of charring some of our~500 tonnes/yr potential feedstock of western red cedar & Douglas fir bark-on slab waste.We will start by giving some to our neighbors. B., who has 550 chickens that stink, and D. with his acre or two of blueberries. Some of the crew at the mill have animals and gardens too, and we also get excited what it could do for the enhancement of local food production, butour biggest neighbor is a huge commercial grower of forest tree seedlings, with natural gas-heated greenhouses, and is also the user of truckloads of peat that could be partially replaced with biochar.So, I am very interested in how to get the heat in the greenhouse, because thats a game changer. !Kathleen, can you describe this method?It would be hard for us to not go ahead with experimenting with all of this potential, but I would rather look to people that are specialists in this multidisciplinary field.My big questions are:Suitability of the char.Inoculation strategy (Ill probably try hot quench with chicken manure tea for my garden, but is that scalable or effective?)How to design trials that include several steps from characterization of char, through to tree survival in the forest.What role could carbon markets playMoreover I am also looking to establish contacts for technical people that could guide trials and provide names for me to fill in on the funding
Thanks for the presentation.Here is a white paper on a riverine nutrient capture and utilization tech package which uses biochar and what is called Ultra Sand, a carbon coated sand.
Thanks for nice seminar....I am from Pakistan....I am interested to join your work were related to the biocarbons
I keep getting my Craigslist post flagged for a BIOCHAR workshop. Probably fat rich ranchers that are scared I am stupid as they are.
burning creates CO2 but letting woods decompose does not have any side effect. One urine 10 water for soft vegetables less water for stronger plants. Urine should not be wasted. I use my 20 buckets and put kitchen waste from bones to vegies and let it contained for 2 months then pour it on dirt.
Riveting...thank you for your seriously focused, science based presentation. I'm making a portable steal cone kiln.. you inspired me!
Watched for 36 minutes hoping to learn the best ways to make my own, with details, but was disappointed that it came off as a sales pitch for no certain retailer, but to buy it.Sad.Bye-bye.
Does it make any difference in the type of wood used in making biochar?
These women are all diversity hires. They should get some competent white male farmers.
Many saying a cone shaped pit is a great system.QUESTION; I need the angle degrees of the cone pit ?
Is ther a way to document the degradation of average feedstock to biochar over a 10 year period?
Biochar is the equivalent of a savings account at the bank, it only stores what you have saved. When correctly inoculated it can save nutrients for plants to withdraw as needed... I'm extremely intrigued by this
Amazing, thanks so much for sharing!!!
In California, communities are trying different ways to reduce waste streams into landfills. Would general community compost materials collected from curbside be available for conversion to biochar? Composting efforts often introduce challenges as material contaminated with pesticides get rolled into the finished compost.
I don't doubt the positive effects of biochar, especially in barren soils. But I haven't seen any peer-reviewed or scientifically-based field trials showing any significantly beneficial effects for home gardeners with generally healthy soil. I've read or heard many anecdotal reports from home gardeners that it "works" for them, but nothing remotely objective.
I don't agree that biochar is for sandier soils it's for more compacted clay soils that have no aeration. Sand can be amended with a microscopic amount of clay diluted into water.
Outstanding presentation.we have converted our soil to a sponge for petrochemicals in this countrywe need to get back to basics.well done!
soil in our farm (Philippines) is low pH, low organic matter, and then high CEC (no area is less than 25 CEC. what to do. we will try biochar this coming rainy season. mygreathanks and blessings
Namashkar Doston ! Hope you liked this video, So share the story of your place how Solid waste management is done there ?
Tq sir..
Thank you sir
Make more videos on science and technology and make playlist...Great explanation
Thanks sir
Thank you sir explain to easy way
Thank you Sir.Valuable lecture.
Tq sr
Sir I am from Ujjain
Sir biorimediation ka project likhana hai to Kesha likhu samj mai nahi aata kuch batado na
Watching at 1.5x speed... I am going crazy finishing all revisions.
Very beautifully explained..
Great explain sir
Hello sir, I am from Bangladesh..This video was very much helpful !! Now I understood the basics of bioremediation clearly as it is tough to understand from slides sometimes.Thank you so much sir.
Thanku so much sir.......plz cover climate change and biodiversity also

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