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Boogie Board Original 10.5 Inch LCD eWriter Colours:
  • Black

Boogie Board Original 10.5 Inch LCD eWriter Specifications

Size (in inches) 10.50 Inches
General Features
Brand Boogie Board
OS Android

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Grumpy cat drawing Boogie Board 10.5 review with Maggatizer
Grumpy cat drawing Boogie Board 10.5 review with Maggatizer
3:33 that is actually a snake not a dinosaur XD
Can I rely on this tablet for making youtube educational videos? Please let me know people thank you
it is like an upgraded slate
It not works like a piece of paper. You can erase ALL the drawing only, not just a part of it. And that's a NOPE.
You compare the thickness with an iPhone brick ? Hahaha!
its not LCD. is Electronic paper technology.
This thing doesn't deserve to have 7 min long video. 30 sec is enough. draw it, erase it. very simple. Waste of time talking nonsense.
there is an app!
I have this boogie board but it color is Pink not black
Mine is different but it is a boogie board
the newest version is SO SKINNY, and I think this is perfect for car rides (Just bought one today at Costco)and it comes with a case! ($20) (I got black but there was also blue and I think pink)

You know, if you are going to review a piece of technology, don't you think you should try to think of the most obvious questions that people would have? Eg: So you say it's like a chalkboard? Isn't one of the most basic things with a chalkboard the ability to erase something you have written?  ... I doubt chalkboards would have ever wound up in the millions of classrooms they are in, if the only way to erase them was to wipe the whole thing clean everytime. You'd think these guys would design in some minimal functionality that would... say... let you draw a circle around something and erase the circle and everything in it... Sigh ... no that's asking too much of the geniuses who just need to get these out there and make their quick millions, right? .....
Anyone else would like to have "previous" and "next" page buttons ? And be able to see the pages as jpg or bmp files using an usb cable ?
I have one too.: )
3:13 Dat Drawing Thou.....
this is hardly a replacement for an a4 pad
So this is basically a whiteboard that costs 60 dollars
I don't know where do it works...
This is nonsense, why would I want a $30 chalk board? If it's pressure sensitive, can i even put it in a satchel etc without getting it all smudged over? USELESS
LCD Writing Tablet 8.5Inch Digital Drawing Pad Message Board To order check in this linked: It can be used in the office/at home/in the school even in the car. Suitable for children, teacher, student, designer, business man, etc.
This product saved me a whole lot of paper, writing material, and weight; but my only complaint is how annoyingly reflective the surface is for ceiling classroom lights as I am taking pictures of my notes with my phone, which sometimes washes over the information. Overall, I loved the product, has served me well for a year in college, and I would hunger for further evolution of the tech.
Is there a lcd blackboard with save function with 10-11 inch screen?
Does it work in the dark?
"Unfortunately this does not save the image?'" This is an analog instrument, not a digital. Another Youtube reviewer stated that the "pixels" pick up the pressure from the pen. But there ARE no pixels. There is no reason it SHOULD save your drawing. This is an analog device. Less like a computer-generated image, and more like a cave-man scratching on a rock. And how did the cave-man ultimately save a copy of his cave-drawing. He took a photo of it, of corse.
This vidéo help me choose my christmas gift! Thanks a lot!
You look like a Yakuza.
Eh. Without some 'save to pdf' type feature it's just not that useful.
Can you stream to the computer?
I like it
Hi, i was looking for a board like this, but i wanted one that could save some pages, does anyone know something like that?
Is there a smaller one? I'm a server and i think this would be cool to take my orders on but i don't want this bulky one
Calibrate the erase mode as per directions. It works great for me
Which app you talked about in the video??? Can you share it please
can you kindly suggest which mic you used for this video?
Does is sync with computer screen to show the drawing live?
i wish d rear was A4 exactly
If you can’t save what you’ve written or drawn to your computer or phone, what good is it? I generally don’t scribble just to be scribbling
Calibrate your eraser button to 5 or 6 and it should not dim the writing when you hold the erase button and smudge is it as bad.
You have to calibrate the eraser
Hola soy DARKS
I got mine on Ebay for less than $7 w/ free they had about 5 colors to choose from......but looks like i got screwed
Price??, also can I for example put my grocery list on it and throw it in my purse or is it going to erase?
the jot 8.5 as of sept 2018, comes in three colours, pink, blue, and grey. Grey, is a neutral colour. however the picture on the box I found was different from what the device looked like. On the ones I saw here in Staples, Canada, at the edge of each of the four corners of the writing surface was a dot. So, the blue one, for example has four blue circle dots, but that is not seen on the picture on the back of the box containing the device. Feels like, looks like, fraud, or human error. Why the coloured dots? Why assault the eyes like that? They serve no functional purpose. Destroys the aesthetic appeal of the device. So, when buying this device in a retail store like Staples, look carefully at the device, to make sure it looks like the one depicted on the box.
can i do my anime drawings on there
When she says boogie board it sounds nasty
How do you replace the battery?
You really think no trees are destroyed in order to produce this device?
1. I bought another board just like it off amazon for 10 bucks. Works great so far
This product is nothing shy of disappointment. I bought 3 of them for Christmas gifts and none of them worked longer than a week. We have replaced the batteries but it never helped. The boogie board will not erase. Total waist of money!
is it possible to edit notes synced to phone ? is it possible to sync a previously saved note back to screen from phone ?
I got mine in saint john at justice
oh no i reallly hope my mom didnt get me this one for christmas... i wanted a drawing tablet that connects to a computer :((( im so scared now
can we connect it to laptop
It has a way to save to your phone with the jot app but apparently it involves taking a pic with the app and it turns it to black and white.
can i write by finger ?
can i write by finger ?
can we write by finger ?
They should make a new ver that had an internal memory to save notes to, and with a pen having an eraser to erase specific areas. Then this will be a good replacement for notebooks!
There is an app called Boogie Board Jot to save the notes on your phone