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Buy Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter online at Amazon. Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Colours: Grey Pink
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Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Features

Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Colours:
  • Grey
  • Pink

The lowest Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Price in India is ₹4,402 at Amazon.
Buy Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter online at Amazon.
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Boogie Board Jot JF1020001 4.5 LCD eWriter Reviews from YouTube

Boogie Board Jot 4.5 Review
Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD e-writer Review
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Boogie Board Jot eWriter Review
Hola soy DARKS
I got mine on Ebay for less than $7 w/ free they had about 5 colors to choose from......but looks like i got screwed
Price, also can I for example put my grocery list on it and throw it in my purse or is it going to erase?
the jot 8.5 as of sept 2018, comes in three colours, pink, blue, and grey. Grey, is a neutral colour. however the picture on the box I found was different from what the device looked like. On the ones I saw here in Staples, Canada, at the edge of each of the fourcorners of the writing surface was a dot. So, the blue one, for example has four blue circle dots, but that is not seen on thepicture on the back of the box containing the device. Feels like, looks like, fraud, or human error. Why the coloured dots?Why assault the eyes like that? They serve no functional purpose. Destroys the aesthetic appeal of the device. So, whenbuying this device in a retail store like Staples, look carefully at the device, to make sure it looks like the one depicted on thebox.
can i do my anime drawings on there
When she says boogie board it sounds nasty
How do you replace the battery?
You really think no trees are destroyed in order to produce this device?
1. I bought another board just like it off amazon for 10 bucks. Works great so far
This product is nothing shy of disappointment. I bought 3 of them for Christmas gifts and none of them worked longer than a week. We have replaced the batteries but it never helped. The boogie board will not erase.Total waist of money!
is it possible to edit notes synced to phone ?is it possible to sync a previously saved note back to screen from phone ?
I got mine in saint john at justice
oh no i reallly hope my mom didnt get me this one for christmas... i wanted a drawing tablet that connects to a computer :((( im so scared now
can we connect it to laptop
It has a way to save to your phone with the jot app but apparently it involves taking a pic with the app and it turns it to black and white.
can i write by finger ?
can i write by finger ?
can we write by finger ?
They should make a new ver that had an internal memory to save notes to, and with a pen having an eraser to erase specific areas. Then this will be a good replacement for notebooks!
There is an app called Boogie Board Jot to save the notes on your phone
I wish I'd seen this model before decided on one from Amazon. I looked at a few because I wanted specific requirements. I was buying it for my brother who is deaf. When he communicated with strangers ,work colleagues, members of public etc if he can't read their lips - especially with Lock down and everyone wearing masks; he sonetimes wrutesbit down especially if they person can't do sign language or us familiar with basic alphabet. He writes all conversations down bless him. So I decided to buy him an e writer with brighter screen and lock screen function so it gives sufficient time to read or discuss. I was excited for it to arrive. Bought a little pouch for it too. 10inch with stylus.But unfortunately it wasn't wgat is hoped. It was faulty, various things wouldn't work. It looked used as their were marks on the rear side. I won't go into too much detail so not to vote you rigid but tu fitbit short, I've had to try get refund which is totally inconvenient as the process is a pain. And i hsve ti rally out of area in lockdown too so facilities not open...I have to wait for refund THEN I can choose another in the meantime I am going to be later with my brothers gift.Proper let down. I'll check your description and see if i can get one as the screen is just like I wanted. But yours IS bright......the other? Well it that's what they call upgraded bright and new KCD upgrade for 2020 then we'll I must be losing my eyesight. It was totally the opposite of description and not cheap. Gutted for my bro because he doesn't have a clue I've got this and I feel he will really find it useful. Hes never had one not anyone thought to buy him one. I am looking forward to his reaction.....eventually
Ok I found one of these somewhere forever ago and I was stoked about it obviously because I came up.... i was always confused on how it saves/works in terms of keeping what you write down.... i thought for the LONGEST time that the way it actually worked was that you would clear it out and have the blank screen: then you would say, write your grocery list (and this is where I had it wrong but I wish so badly they designed it this way) then I thought you could hit the erase button which sets you back to a clear screen but I thought that by hitting that erase button, it would actually save or upload that whole grocery list you had written, to their actual jot app (which I assumed my device had already been like "paired up" to or something of that sense).I'm very disappointed to find out that all the app and function of the whole thing essentially is just taking a picture and negative-ing it out to make it easier to read..... anyone else on the same wave length as me with this
Are you interested in making a review for Wicue's LCD writing tablets?we are the worlds first producer of high-brightness large-sized LCD blackboard.Until now,we have applied for more than 70 patents for the LCD boards, thatrealizes paperless writing experience.We have now grown up a group company owning four facilities in Shenzhen,Zhuhai,Japan,Taiwan.My,thank you
this is so dumb. Why not just give it an sd slot and save as image function?
Me just got one am so happy
Lame. It can't hook up to your laptop for saving - you have to take a picture of the screen. silly
Save kaise kare
I playing with my boogie board
looks like the same one i saw on Ebay for less than $ had them in many colors.
Might be missing the point, but why not just write it on a regular piece of paper? Or just put it into the notes app on your phone? Lol seems like a lot of extra work for no reason.
This is a glorified ez sketch from the 80s
Do Invent...1. Make Wi-Fi Enable2. Connect to Education Site for Text Books3. Save Written Documents4. Reduce unnecessary options5. Reduce price upto $5 to $10 (Easy for Charity)6. Make this product savvy for education7. Make more R&D.If all done will revolutionary.Thanks
How can i save the notes ?,.. why cant just they put a memory storage rather than scanning on our cellphone.. Time consuming
Boy that it no boogie board
That pen is good but I need eraser to like that pen
I have a cheap writing tablet similar to this and it feels like magic. I still not alur to believe this is happening during my life time something I imagined in my childhood.
What am I missing? Why didn't he just write that on his phone in the first place. And eliminate the picture?
Not far to go. You are #3 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'boogie board writing tablet'.I can show you what other keywords you rank for. Would you like to know?
Support pen pressure, no?
Is it waterproof?
Well this can save paper and. Few trees. I'm probably responsible for at least 2 trees worth of paper so far in my life.
Boy is that a dumb device. You can take a picture of anything. Or hand write directly on your phone and carry one thing instead of two. Someone is making a killing on that.
Cant you just draw on it
I bought it u guys should it's awesome thumbs up to my comment if think it's amazi and sub to me channel
i dont like the idea of taking pictures to save note
I can't sink mine to my phone
do you have any tips on my lg escape is so laggy when i play games such as madden plesse help
You can do the same by writing on paper and taking a picture.....
been taking notes since my Note 2 and now on my note 4 and surface pro 4 thanks... no photos required
This is terrible. Why would u rather write on this and take a picture of it than just write on paper and take a picture of that? Or just get a note
Hi; Thanks . very good.galaxy note5 ¬e7 with pen very easy use.
I was thinking about getting this thing. Thanks for the review. This board is not as useful as I thought for me.

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