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Buy Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter online at Amazon. Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter . Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter available in Colours: Blue

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Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter price at Amazon - ₹10,000

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Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter available in Colours:
  • Blue

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter Specifications

Size (in inches) 8.5 Inches
General Features
Brand Boogie Board
OS Android

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Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD e-writer Review
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Boogie Board Jot 8.5 Paperless Memo Pad REVIEW
The Future of writing? Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter
The Future of writing? Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter
$29 Boogie Board 8.5’’ CH-LCD eWriter, Capture and Share via Bluetooth
$29 Boogie Board 8.5’’ CH-LCD eWriter, Capture and Share via Bluetooth
Hola soy DARKS
I got mine on Ebay for less than $7 w/ free they had about 5 colors to choose from......but looks like i got screwed
Price??, also can I for example put my grocery list on it and throw it in my purse or is it going to erase?
the jot 8.5 as of sept 2018, comes in three colours, pink, blue, and grey. Grey, is a neutral colour. however the picture on the box I found was different from what the device looked like. On the ones I saw here in Staples, Canada, at the edge of each of the four corners of the writing surface was a dot. So, the blue one, for example has four blue circle dots, but that is not seen on the picture on the back of the box containing the device. Feels like, looks like, fraud, or human error. Why the coloured dots? Why assault the eyes like that? They serve no functional purpose. Destroys the aesthetic appeal of the device. So, when buying this device in a retail store like Staples, look carefully at the device, to make sure it looks like the one depicted on the box.
can i do my anime drawings on there
When she says boogie board it sounds nasty
How do you replace the battery?
You really think no trees are destroyed in order to produce this device?
1. I bought another board just like it off amazon for 10 bucks. Works great so far
This product is nothing shy of disappointment. I bought 3 of them for Christmas gifts and none of them worked longer than a week. We have replaced the batteries but it never helped. The boogie board will not erase. Total waist of money!
is it possible to edit notes synced to phone ? is it possible to sync a previously saved note back to screen from phone ?
I got mine in saint john at justice
oh no i reallly hope my mom didnt get me this one for christmas... i wanted a drawing tablet that connects to a computer :((( im so scared now
can we connect it to laptop
It has a way to save to your phone with the jot app but apparently it involves taking a pic with the app and it turns it to black and white.
can i write by finger ?
can i write by finger ?
can we write by finger ?
They should make a new ver that had an internal memory to save notes to, and with a pen having an eraser to erase specific areas. Then this will be a good replacement for notebooks!
There is an app called Boogie Board Jot to save the notes on your phone
I love Mat’s sense of humor. Or should I say, humour.
Nobody’s talking about how for the first time we learned his name, Scott...or Mat actually I’m not sure anymore
2:54 EXCUSE ME??!?!?!?!
You can get them under 10 euros at aliexpress.
How dare you make light of the crystal meth epidemic plaguing our society today! My cousin's, husband's best friend's pen pal blew up half their city block on Easter Sunday when brewing some up to cover their porn addiction! ;)
Better pen storage than the one we have. it clips in on the bottom with a thin strip of plastic on the edge to hold it in between the thick stuff naturally the thin area cracked. :( the magnets on the back aren't glued correctly so it fell off the fridge. That being said it doesn't like my palm so it indicates smudges araghhh blur
I bought a cheap clone and use it to doodle instead of paper, not to keep notes. I take pictures to save drawings, would be better if a flash ram were in it. 2:20 - And people say right hand privilege doesn't exist. Show me a model with the stylus slot on the left for left handed people. 2:55 - A better idea for the fridge door: a magnetic white board. That, I do use regularly.
It's all clever and all until you need to erase a mistake
Don't forget to call Eileen Bilton, too
I have one and I've thought about donating it. You're supposed to be able to transfer the notes onto your cell phone, doesn't work. But a nice review nonetheless!
These are absolutely perfect for math tutors!
I have a smaller one that cost like 5-10$, but it doesn't have replaceable batteries (that I know of), or the screen lock.
And why can't you just use a whiteboard?
2:55 Demi Lovato's kitchen 😭😭😭😭
can you change the color of your lines?
Are you calling Saturday superstore??
3:10 probably safe to politely decline cups of tea at Mat's house
The story I'm getting from the fridge notes goes something like....wife doesnt want to cook for husband....wife stays out late....husband kills and buries wife after collecting required supplies.
Well, the great advantage of paper is that you can keep the written information there. However, can you do this equally in this pad? I don't want to delete every single note I write... What if I want to use this for school pr college? 😰
Multi-Coloured Swap Shop phone number :) Love it. And carried over to Saturday Superstore if I'm not mistaken.
Me just got one am so happy 😌
Lame. It can't hook up to your laptop for saving - you have to take a picture of the screen. silly
Save kaise kare
I playing with my boogie board
looks like the same one i saw on Ebay for less than $ had them in many colors.
Might be missing the point, but why not just write it on a regular piece of paper? Or just put it into the notes app on your phone? Lol seems like a lot of extra work for no reason.
This is a glorified ez sketch from the 80s
Do Invent... 1. Make Wi-Fi Enable 2. Connect to Education Site for Text Books 3. Save Written Documents 4. Reduce unnecessary options 5. Reduce price upto $5 to $10 (Easy for Charity) 6. Make this product savvy for education 7. Make more R&D. If all done will revolutionary. Thanks
How can i save the notes ?,.. why cant just they put a memory storage rather than scanning on our cellphone.. Time consuming 😑
Boy that it no boogie board
That pen is good but I need eraser to like that pen
I have a cheap writing tablet similar to this and it feels like magic. I still not alur to believe this is happening during my life time something I imagined in my childhood.
What am I missing? Why didn't he just write that on his phone in the first place. And eliminate the picture?
Not far to go. You are #3 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'boogie board writing tablet'.I can show you what other keywords you rank for. Would you like to know?
Support pen pressure, no?
very cool writing board.
The title is misleading. no blutooth at all.
I'd buy one if only it could allowed you to do animation in several layers, like in Toon Boom animation or stuff like that, that would be the best way to save some papers.
from where i can buy it in $ 29 only or less