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Bluedio T Elf2 Bluetooth Headset Price in India - Buy Bluedio T Elf2 ...

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Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Features

    Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Colours:
    • Black

    Find the best deal on Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Price in India is ₹1,499 at Amazon.
    The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
    For a comprehensive understanding of Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
    Shop for Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds on Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

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    Bluedio T Elf 2 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews from YouTube

    Great! But... - Bluedio T Elf 2 Review!
    Bluedio T Elf 2 Review
    REVIEW: Bluedio T-Elf, TWS Wireless Earbuds (Bluetooth 5.0)
    Bluedio T-Elf 2 Earbuds Full Review
    *SOBRANG Late upload* Pasensya kung nabulabog ko mga notifs niyo ►Buy the Bluedio T-Elf 2: ❗ NEW FORMAT for Lazada Tech Deals: elf or this? Which one is smaller and has good quality
    These and the skull candy ones are really good. Skull candy ones are 29.99 but you can get them cheaper on eBay. They just have a little bit more base but overall really nice
    Love your review and your sillyness. Keep up the hard work
    I'm listening to this video in these earbudsI concur with your review. I use these everyday at work, the battery never dies. #Florida
    this review really helps. thank youuu!
    Awesome review. I love the way you articulate your views in such a lucid manner.
    I think you have gotten a rip off thr bluedio branding should be clearly visible
    Bluedio Casque D'écoute De Musique De Sport Sans Fil Bluetooth Avec Microphone T-elf 2
    I like your point about making the earbuds programmable. So many options are built into tech like this. Equalizer, sensitivity, volume. It could be like logging into your modem or plugging the charger into the computer to interact with a kind of earbud website. Easy. Chinese technologist copy stuff and leave out things that are truly necessary. They copied track balls that have left right up and down but left out the press-click. Every hearing aid uses technology like you mentioned; software to adjust the hearing aid to the person. My first Bluetooth headset had an app though it lacked any of the functions you would expect from a hearing aid, buttons could at least be reprogrammed. China is a leader in technology but the sort of thinking about making peoples lives better is not happening. Who they think they are making this stuff for is a mystery. Someone outside of China will hack the earbuds. They will first be angry and fight it. They will suppress it. They will execute people who have copies of the app. The program will become open source and manufactures will be asked to support it as an international standard. Maybe to help children in Africa. Finally they will adopt it. Edit: Bluedio does have an app but it is universally hated. One star. It does none of the things discussed.
    Sensitive ba siya? I mean kapag nadampi sa tela ay nagrerespond? Thanks.
    Thank you I just saw these locally and wanted to know if it was a good buy. Yeah its cheap and apparently good. HERE I GO
    thanks for this review I am planning to buy this after my t elf 1 breaks. I have been a bluedio fan for more than 3 years and the battery life is always excellent
    Support for telepon?
    Wish I bought these but instead I bought Bluedio Fi because they look better and according to Bluedio even sound better. But they are rubbish. Sound is very disappointing, no bass at all
    Ganito dapat ang review. Salamat po!
    5:05, When your younger brother annoys you so much on borrowing your earphones.
    When I put the earbuds in their case the light turn blue but when it’s fully charge the earbuds automatically turn on. Is it normal?
    how long truely music time
    they are good for the price, I paid 19.99 plus right now on Amazon they are offering 10% off ($2)
    One of the Bluetooth ear buds stopped working but it still has the white light in it but no sound and they're do I do?
    unbox theraoy, mkbhd, mrwhosethebosssame stratosphere mate! well done!
    60mAh in each earpiece, found out in the laundry room, Dont ask :)
    I've owned my pair for over a month now & was unfortunate to receive a defective pair where the right earbud has zero touch control. Bought from eBay where I suspect the seller knew nothing about the product, so I paid under US$5 with free shipping for it - what a deal for sure! Anyway, these fit perfect in my ears using the large silicone eartips which do provide passive noise cancelling as I only listen to trance/edm for my workouts & cycling. I tend to get 5+ hours of use per charge, & the bass is pretty darn good I must say. Think I got lucky with my defective pair at such a bargain price & love the punchy bass + decent treble for the music genre I prefer. Good to know (or stinks to know) many here are experiencing the same brief bluetooth disconnect when using, so it's not just my defective pair. Overall, I love mine & find it pretty darn reliable when I know I'm gonna be using it straight 5+ hours at gym, commuting, & running errands. Thanks for your review!
    I had the Bluedio t elf 1, 2 times into the laundry machine, 3 cycles, working well but the mic didn't make it the second time on the double laundry cycle.
    эти наушники неописуемое неюзабельное дерьмище.Все обзоры их- просто галимая реклама.
    NEED HELP! Is it okay to play game with?
    Звук не фонтан, поправить наушники не реально в ухе , чтоб не задеть сенсор.Не берите, не надо. ,
    you have the scar on the face in the same place as me .
    Ok the connection issues is a no no for me. what alternative u suggesy?
    Are they waterproof?
    Enjoyed this review, ended up buying a pair for myself. Then but a pair for a friend and my brother. They're a real good deal. They're both satisfied with the earbuds
    what's that game you were playing on your phone?
    I've been using this earphone for almost 5 days, I've done everything I could think off to try to make it work properly with no success. Problems I've encountered: 1 - The most annoying one it's the random audio loss, sometimes it happens on only one side, sometimes it happens at both at the same time and the worst off all it is when it happens on both but separately and in a rotational kind of way (makes me feel dizzy, because It feels like you are spinning) 2 - I've tried to call using the earphones a few times, and sometimes I could hear the other person but the other person couldn't hear me. To fix this, I have to turn off both earphones and turn back on again. 3 - It doesn't stay in my ear, If I'm running, rollerskating, talking too much or eating the earbud gets loose and eventually it falls from my ear. I've tested all three earbuds tips sizes and none change that. I think it's because of earbud body format and it's because when we move our jaw, the ear moves a little bit too. 4 - I've tested it on PC too, I was doing the audible frequency test and one time, while I was doing the test with the mic being used, I could only hear the audio frequencies up to around 8khz 5 - I've tried to reset the earphones as the seller and the manual tell us to do, nothing changed and I still get the same problems. I've lost hours trying to see if I could find what was wrong. I've told Bluedio it could be something wrong with the auto start/stop feature that uses some king of sensor on the earbud to know if the earbud is inside the ear. I thought it because when I touched the side of the earbud that I was having issues, the problem stopped and I could listen to the music that was already playing with no issues as long I kept my finger in place. What Bluedio told me? They just ignored what I've said and told me it was the touch function. Which I know it have, but the music was already playing and I didn't start/stop the music, I didn't change the volume or choose another sound track.
    Excellent honest review . But I do enjoy them,for the price not a bad buy.
    Good review. Just bought the product. Agree with your review.
    Finally someone mentions the annoying connection drop when using these, I thought I was the only one. I returned the first pair and I'm on my second but they still have the exact same issue. It's so annoying to walk around with these.
    Except ear tips everything is good in this earbuds . great battery life, easy pairing, good call quality , type C charging cable, small and light weight case but their ear tips are really very cheap if you put any good ear tips the sound will amaze you for its price range .
    For what you get for the price they are good the highest volume isn't loud but it's good enough.
    This is the best review i have ever seen in my life. Thouroughly enjoyable.
    I trust Bluedio because I already have the Turbino. I have been looking around at so many of these style of earbuds for the past 2 years. I think this will be my first earbuds of this style. Thanks for the comparison of the other earbuds, you seem to have some experience with this style of earbud.
    How to i start them?
    How does this compare to qcy and haylou.?
    I accidentally got mine wet. So i placed them in rice for 48 hrs. And it worked fine wtf
    Mine got delivered about 13 days ago and one ear has already stopped working. I didn’t even get to use it for 2 weeks and one year is no more working. I just wasted money. But who knows how I can fix it?
    cut your f.nails
    Compatible to IOS ?
    I have them, they are excellent because small with a great sound plus it's cheap
    My 1 erabuds problem no working sound
    Can i use it as monobud. seperately
    hii i buy them cuz iam bludio old custumer i went to the gym with themand oh my bass at all i cant hear good with them why is that?
    Nice "YEARBUDS"
    thanks for this review. just got the elf 2's off amazon (which have the capacitive touch) for $17 and i love them! they're so much smaller compared to my jlabs. i have a pair of bluedio over ear headphones as well. they're my most trusted third-party brand.
    haylou gr1 pro , znt or this?
    One of mine stopped charging for one ear. Anyone know how to fix it?
    hi sir.these buds have hooks for ears to not fall from your ear because normal small one for me is not off from my ear and i need hooks!
    Charging time?
    I didn't understand why it didn't work. I tried as instructed. Only the right side works. And the left always when I turn it on he says - pay remot something like that. Urgent please dare me thank you
    please tell me which one is better this one or bluedio HI I’m buying tomorrow and I’m confused which one do I buy
    Planning to buy this
    hi my left earbud is not working. can you help me?
    Bro thank u I was scrolling through vids looking for the case charging stats and u answered my question keep up the good work.
    i use one at a time,,,when the box is charging does it have to be empty
    Awesome review. Thought of getting a pair. Not any more. Thank you.
    Thanks for review man, mine are coming on Friday

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