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Buy Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone online at Amazon. Dynamic Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone Colours: Blue
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Amazon Offers ₹10,837
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Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone Features

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dynamic
Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone Colours:
  • Blue

The lowest Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone Price in India is ₹10,837 at Amazon.
Buy Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone online at Amazon.
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Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Blue Microphones
feature Aria Dynamic Capsule tuned for natural vocals and amazing detail and clarityCardioid polar pattern delivers impressive off-axis noise rejection even at high volumesBlue's proprietary capsule mount delivers minimal handling noise without pads or filters
Item model number enCORE 100
Item Weight 340 g
Manufacturer Blue Microphones
Model enCORE 100
Product Dimensions 71.3 x 31.5 x 23.4 cm

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Blue Microphones ENCORE 100 Microphone Reviews from YouTube

Blue Microphones enCORE 100 Review / Test
Blue Encore 100i Dynamic Mic Review / Test
Vocals with an Instrument Mic? Blue Encore 100i vs Shure SM58
Blue Microphones enCORE 100 & Shure SM58 Comparison Review
Would be interesting to see a review of Encore 300.
Just heard about this mic, searched for a video and it shows you two years ago reviewing this mic
Time stamps are wrong.
The wife really enjoys the ribbing on the microphone. I am a little hesitant to talk through it now, though. I never knew the microphone came in tuna flavor.
Guitar Center's Daily Pick today has this mic set at $50 so if you want it, get it today! (06/04/2019) Okay, now that that's out of the way, I agree with most of your points, with the only exception being the pop filter. To me it seems to be doing a good job handling plosives. But yet again, I have yet to try the mic for myself and you probably have much higher standards than I.
I have the Encore 200 as a backup to my Rode Procaster and I love the 200. It has a nice rich sound and the Rose Gold grill really looks amazing on camera.
Can I put an advertisement box on it like the news people have on theirs?
Awesome review straight to point
you can take care of some of the bright coloration by adding a foam ball...I find a foam ball and pop filter works best since its so plosive sensitive.
this mic sounds incredible for $59...the gunmetal grey one is $59 everyday on amazon...
regarding to de frequency response I bet is a great mic for toms.
This is the third mic you've talked me into buying. Probably won't be the last either, lol.
Santi clous!!!!
Awesome bro, thanks again for this review. I appreciate it and you sounded great! I might get this mic for my starter podcast, do you think that would be a good call?
Merry xmas from Norway
Great job on your reviews 😃👍 JUST SUBBED 😃
Can you review the blue raspberry? That would be awesome
pls test it. I did not find a single video about this microphone on youtube:
you should review studio monitors too
Darrell Lance Abbott & Vincent Paul Abbott RIP
Dblue dare to post real response curve, the published one is faked
This review is wrong. Or, in other words, irrelevant. Better see this:
What microphone do you recommend for acoustic guitar AND vocals?
So one thing is that each microphone, unless said to be a matched pair can differ vastly from one to another even if they are the same mic. Even if they are the exact same model, it is impossible to have 2 sound perfectly the same as each electronic component can differ. This could be why the freq response chart from both the 100 and the 100i are exactly the same. A matched pair of mics can have on average up to a 3dB difference from each other to be considered a matched pair. And Neumann, being the German Lunatics they are, design all their mics to have only up to a 1dB difference from each other on every single one of their mics.
Since it is an instrument mic, I'm not sure the plosive and proximity issue is how it should be judged. I appreciate the opinion on its use as an instrument mic.
I have one and I like it a lot for recording electric guitar. And I'm not Dimebag Darrel.
This sounds like any broadcast mic, maybe this is ideal for low budget radios. With little adjustments, plosives wouldn’t be a problem.
I you please create a perfect mic so I can review it?
your ears could be broken or they compensated for the way the cage on the Blue 100 acts on the capsule and didn't adjust for for the 100i. I.e. they're fundamentally the same besides how the cages are made.
Sounds like the mic you'd hear in a Ted Talk
i have q sirius question if i want to connect a condenser to the mixer and i need to power 48V bat i also need to connect to the second XLR on the same mixer a dynamic mic bat i am afraid because i don't want to fry the dynamic mic what should i do ?
is the blue yeti good for singing when i have 150 euro? Or i buy a at2020 usb+?
Hey Bandrew, don’t hide in the background when you’re playing the electric guitar
which one is better Rode NT 1a or Audio technica 2035 or Lewitt LCT 440? 😇
I've just came here again, after I remember there was a YouTuber who introduces microphones with fun :)) Thank you man, I like your videos!
Well, it is an instrumental microphone so...
Please!!! AKG P5I
Rock On!
My Blue Encore 100 is wayyyy too quiet on my SoundBlaster K3+... My gain is at 100% and it's just barely "audible enough." Is this average for this microphone? Or is my interface just not cutting it anymore?
*Everyone **** from budding recording artists to seasoned rock stars use this mic all across the world. This is a global standard for voice and it has been the most preferred choice for vocals for more than 30 years.This is what I found in my online search for a good dynamic mic for voice-overs. It doesn't matter what country youre in or what language you speak, the world agrees that the best mic for vocals - considering vocal reproduction, durability, compatibility - there is only one choice - Shure SM58. The LC part in the title just means that there is no cable supplied with it. You just need a standard XLR cable available easily everywhere.The difference in the sound quality is immediately apparent. This produces crystal clear full range sound especially tailored for frequencies in human speech range. I don't want to waste this review by quoting manuals and datasheets, you can check these out by the hundreds available online free of cost. I just want to concentrate on my own experience and review.This is the best. It is heavy and feels solid in my hands. Even the grill is made of thick stainless wire mesh. The dynamic transducer is well protected from shocks and falls and is supposed to withstand the rough use of live on stage concerts and still be sensitive enough to be used in a studio environment.Though my own requirements are pretty humble. I just needed this for voice-overs and audio-book narration. The fact that SM58 is rock solid as well as sensitive is an added bonus for me.I highly recommend this to everyone who wants accurate voice reproduction from a dynamic mic. Absolutely beautiful and perfectly designed piece. Go for it with your eyes closed.*
Vocal microphone from BOYA,Frequency 50Hz-15kHz,similar version,
I can hear that “veil lifted” sound that blue described. I’m just not sure it’s better. Clarity seems higher on the blue, but for some they might say it’s more harsh. Can’t go wrong with either one in my opinion.
I have a Shure SM58 currently ( was given to me) . Will this work for starting out in VO work? I cant afford another mic at the moment. And is my SM58 better than USB condenser mics? Thank you for your professional insight. Love your videos!
Thank you think I will stick with the old workhorse 58 , good job.
If I look, I think the 58 has a warmth to it that's missing from the 100i. If I close my eyes and try to guess which one I'm hearing, I get it wrong 50% of the time. They're pretty damn close.
the sm58 seems "punchier" in general
Is it fair to compare an instrument mic to a vocal mic?
Thanks for the video. I’m planning to launch my first podcast and was stuck on what mic to buy. Then I remembered a nearly brand new SM58 Beta I had packed away from 20 years ago. So I’m going to use that. If the podcast helps to generate some additional income, then it can help fund a mic upgrade. Probably to an SM7.
Presence boobs
Unfair shootout. This guy's voice sounds like butter on any mic.
Wheres the sound speech channel guy ?
You should compare the different styles of the Blue as there is a vocal dynamic and an active dynamic, in addition to the instrument model you reviewed in this video.
Blue Encore 100i sounds better.
Thanks, Mike! You've saved my bacon with this one. Those frequency response curves were what I needed to EQ some life into my recent recordings.
I love the sound of your booth 😎
I use the Blue encore 100i to mic my bass cab. Outstanding mic. I use the encore 100 for my vocals. These mics are bulletproof.
They're different. The blue is cleaner but I'd say they're on par with each other. The SM58 is more boomy . They're really close though so depending on the person I could see someone recommending base off their voice which one to get. at the time I'm typing this the Blue is $30 cheaper. So... They're similar mics they're in the same price bracket and I know the Shure sm58 drops to around $50 on special sales so... this is a tough one.
The SM58 is what I personally use as a voice over artist and a singer. Works pretty well for me.
On her voice, I prefer the SM58 "Overall"...Meaning the 58 maybe a better "female" vocalist mic...
The blue exhibited more plosives, I'm pretty sure that's why the SM58 frequency response in the low end takes a dive to help prevent that. The blue with it's bump on the low end, however, would not be as clean without using a high pass filter. The 58 sounded cleaner and more even to me, but the blue wasn't bad by any means. It would be a nice alternate mic to have.
lol Calahan
Wait did I hear right the durability of the Blue 100 was better than the Shure SM58? I don't think so you provided no proof of the Blue 100 being ran over by a tour bus, truck, car, dropped from 7th floor on to a wooden floor, submerged in the ocean, being used as a hammer to hammer a nail and BBQ'd on a grill and in each case the Shure SM58 worked. The Shure is a proven design and I also noticed, while you did not point it out the capsule of the Blue 100 was identical to the Shure SM58. Shure SM58 image here: Blue 100 image here: I find the Shure SM58 a proven classic design and you will also find many manufactures coping the design elements all in an effort to look, sound and feel like the Shure, in my opinion.
Very entertaining! I agree the Blue does sound clearer (and at $99 for 2? You have to be crazy to buy 1 SM58 for the same price) HOWEVER, you do hear more sibilance with the Blue. This could be a bad thing. Good Vid!
OK I bought a couple 100s 2 for the price of 1. They have half the volume of my 58 and Beta 58. I'll try them at a gig but not looking to sell my Shures so far.
I bought the Blue Encore 100 in a 2 for package back in 2015. Not very experienced with use because I didn't perform much. Tried it recently and it seems that the output is softer (lower volume) than other mics in particular the Shure SM58. Had to turn up the volume for my channel as compared to the others. Is this normal? Thanks for any responses.
is there a big difference between the encore 100 and 100i?
SM58 is really nice but it is gain hungry, and it needs a a decent preamp to work with. I use it with Roland Tri-Capture and I need to crank up the gain all the to max to hear it in the monitoring headphones. But clarity of the Shure is better in my opinion and it is good with P's and S's
It would be a good mic for radio broadcasting but not for singing live, especially for a male singer.  I have two guys in a band of mine that use them all they do is just mud up the whole mix.  I just sit back and shake my head, "idiots", lol.
Frequency pattern is terrible, even the same on a blue encore 300.  Professionals would not recommend a blue encore mic.  Get to know your frequency charts first.  Frequency patterns do not lie.  djd131
awesome, great job. going to buy a blue mic.
Needs more Satan
Great video.
Maybe its just the camera...
Where did you get a black encore 100? I can't find them in black.
I would like to see a true "side-by-side" recording test: two mics with one going to the Right channel the other to the Left. The tracks can be isolated and made into separate mono recordings. That would eliminate any vocal variations between takes.
Have you compared the enCORE 100 against the enCORE 200? I've been using the enCORE 200 for location production of audio books for a year and a half now. The ambient noise rejection is incredible and all voices sound smooth and full.
Great test song! Beautiful voice for a beautiful Saviour. Thanks for posting.
sm58 better

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