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BlackBerry Leap Features

BlackBerry Leap BlackBerry Leap Colours:
  • Grey

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BlackBerry Leap Specifications

Capacity 2800 mAh
Talk Time 25 hrs
Type Li-Ion
Front 2 M.Pixels
Primary 8 M.Pixels
Video 1080p@30fps, 720p@60fps
2G Yes
3G Yes
4G Yes
Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP
Infrared No
NFC Chipset No
SIM Configuration Single SIM (Micro SIM)
USB Micro USB v2.0
Wi-Fi Yes with hotspot
Wired Micro USB v2.0
Design and Build
Dimensions 5.6x2.8x0.3 inches
Weight 170 grams
Color Reproduction 16M Colors
Display Type LCD
Pixel Density 294 pixels per inch (ppi)
Resolution 720x1280 pixels
Screen to body percentage 65.7 %
Size (in inches) 5.0
Touchscreen type Capacitive
Architecture Krait
Frequency 1.5 GHz
GPU Adreno 225
Make Qualcomm MSM8960
No of Cores 2 (Dual Core)
Variant Snapdragon S4 Plus
Accelerometer Yes
Ambient Light No
Gyroscope No
Proximity Yes
Operating System BlackBerry OS, v10.3
Headphones Yes
Loudspeaker Yes
Expandable MicroSD, 128GB
Internal 16GB

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BlackBerry Leap Reviews from YouTube

BlackBerry Leap Review 2020: The Last BB10 Device
Hindi - BlackBerry Leap Review
BlackBerry Leap review
BlackBerry Leap - review
This phone it is for people with classic tastes that just wants to use it for a basic or a professional use. It looks nice. I bought one for my mom.
I had this phone, and it was amazing! I have an iPhone now, and it still doesn't come close to how much I loved the BB Leap. I have had Windows Phones, Androids, iPhones, and Blackberry. I still miss the BB10 OS. The others just do not compare, and that HUB is something I miss a great deal.
Blackberry is not for stupid ppl.
Awesome! I just found one for free. To add to my collection. I believe I still have a blue Crack berry Thanks for the review. I had know idea it was the last of its kind. Also there is a way to get a Google account setup on the Q platform. The phone is a hybrid so it's possible to run Android apps.
Nokia already adopted the full swipe gestures way before them with the Nokia N9 in 2011.
When iphone 10 launched, most people felt guilty of themselves because they condemned BlackBerry smartphones gestures back in the days
Leap or Dtek50
Can I get WhatsApp on it now?
It's a really beautiful and sophisticated design, for a sophisticated type of person. A real pity on the limitations.
It doesn't tire the eyes while reading. Is it a feature of all Blackberry displays? Fallen many times never broken. Really solid IMO. Unfortunately now it gives me an error. I should reload OS, but i don't have a windows device, with linux is more complicated or the non original cable does not allow full recognition. Etc. Hope you understand what I mean, i did not add all details. Opinions welcome.
BB leap and BB black is same or not pls rply
Thanks for the best video / review out there. My friend just bought me one. It will arrive on Tuesday. I'm happy with my choice, it only cost R1399 a steal i thought. I'm just worried about the browser. Any thoughts or links on a hack or app change perhaps?
Q20 Classic user here. Maybe Leap is more beautiful, elegant and more sleek in compare to Z30 and Pass, but we have another models with goldy BB10 OS like Class, Pass and Z30 as the best BB10 OS models, so the difference is only in point who actually want BB keyboard or fully touch-screen phone model. I personally prefer BB's with keyboard, so for me Class is much, much better than Leap beside the fact that Leap have bigger screen and UI rotation feature, but Class have a keyboard and it looks even more beautiful and unique. And it's the same thing in comparision with Pass and Z30, they're both running BB10 OS, but Pass is a much better device in general, and the only downside is the fact that phone hasn't OLED/AMOLED screen, but it has BB keyboard and also amazing and unique design, so there's no doubt that Class and Pass are still the best BB10 OS models. And also, you can install a lot of Android apps on BB10 OS models and make them useable even more, doesn't matter which store or apk websites you're using for downloading apps. Most of the most popular apps these days are still working properly on BB10 OS models because of the app's coding (writting) phylosophy which means that the main purphose in coding Android apps is to support as much as possible mobile devices who support Android firmware/runtime because developers or owners of the apps wants to have as much as they can users of their apps, and what is in general actually a good for BB10 OS phones because most of the popular apps are still useable like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, various web browsers, GPS/Maps apps and all various categories of apps you can find on the app stores like Google's Play Store. I'm still satisfied with my Class even now in 2020. and the only BB phone model which I'm planing to get is Passport to complete my collection with two most beautiful and unique BB phones and make a switch from Class to little bit bigger and stronger brother Pass. I will definately continue using BB10 OS phones and still have a legendary BB keyboard. For me, I can't imagine a BB phone without a keyboard. Ppl are still staring in my Class and saying, "Wow, what a beatiful and unusual little phone", and they can't believe that such a little phone actually runs Android apps and have ordinary-popular soc. apps like WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype, not to mantion web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and some another most popular, as well as popular File Menager apps like Solid Explorer, Amaze Manager etc. Basically, you can easily install and use most of today's popular Android apps, but I have no too much installed Android apps on my Class because the phone isn't pretty much strong in specs. So when I get a bigger and stronger model Pass, I will use a lot more Android apps. Fun fact: On BB10 OS phones, you can do some custumizations like changing icons on your screen, you can use Android apps of Icon Packs from the latest Android and iOS phones if you want, extract the icons from Icon Packs and change and modernise your default/stock system icons. Also, you can use some Android apps for showing notifications like on modern Android phones, all you need to do is to allow apps to run in background and consume device resources, as well as apps for live LED glowing screen indicator at the edge of your screen when you're recieving a phone call. Actually, I think that BB10 OS phones could be a lot more custumised with Android apps for custumization, but we need to explore more apps and test them at our BB10 OS phones. So, in general, Class and Pass are still very good even in 2020., they're still unique and catchy, and my personal opinion is that Leap or Z30 aren't better than BB phones with keyboard like Class and Pass. These phones will always be a few steps in terms of design and overall look in compare to full-display phones because of glowing/illuminated keyboard. If I ever make a decision to switch to fully-Android phone, it will be definatelly a BB phone again like Evolve X or some eariler/older models. Android phones and iPhone are not for me.
Cool rant
@TechOdyssey Thanks. This gave me all the info I wanted. Plus interesting perspective. I just bought this as a temporary phone. Now I know what I can and can't expect from it. Funny, cuz the S3 was my Shiniest Toy Ever. And, after others, I'm back using it. Battery bad, so interim I buy for $ contemporary of my (expensive then) baby.
Hey bro can i use whatsapp in leap 2020
I ned giv me your nambar
︎ 𝐁𝐁 10.3 ︎
If u want to escape from social media trash, just go for this
bai jan isme imo kese use karsakte
whatsapp chal ta he kay sir
whatapp chalata he kya?
ye mobile mere pad hai Bahu acha hai
Is that support what'sapp in 2018?
Sbse accha blackberry konsa hai Ya other koi
Blackberry kharidne k liye accha hai ya nahi
Kya ye Android h plz tell me
Kya a 4g phone hay
Is k price kea hn
Blackberry z10 Hindi review video btao mujhe Lena h pls
Sir Can I use whatsapp in this phone in india
Android nai chalti he
z30 ke fetures btavo bro
blackberry nice mobiles phone
Still miss this phone even Android 11 is not as fluid! Fail! Apple pretty much copied most of these guestures.
Guess what. New Android and iPhone copied Blackberry's gester navigation
Can you please suggest me it's worth buying in 2020. What is the future of BlackBerry OS in 2020
i like this mobile it has pretty good camera amazing torch light great speaker sound quality
GREAT This spartphone is created for work, but no word about the call quality and mic quality, only games, photos apps what a shallow review
Does Watsapp work in this blackberry hand set?
You can't replace the battery? What are you supposed to do if the battery goes tits up, just throw it away?
How too download Facebook book messenger in BlackBerry leap
What is name of the game?
Thank you for sharing this review. Very nice job
How to install the football game u r playing? Please share the link.
what was the football game u r playing at 02:04 ?
I HATE this phone. I hate the navigation menus. I hate the thickness. I HATE the weight. I HATE THIS PHONE.
THis phone is only 79 USD now brand new on ebay. SO i came to see the review to see if i should buy it for a trap phone for when I sell my main device and waiting on a new one.
At 58£ is it still a good (second) phone.
Will this phone sync with my computer without using a cloud server?
What about call quality and network strength and all thatpeople are forgetting the basic use of a phone lately :P btw enlighten me if i missed where you said about those things :)
why have i not heard of this phone?
can i play pokemon go on this? lol
Can I use my cricket Sim?
I want this mobile phone. Could you sell it to me ?
does it support whatsapp?
Take care
Pics amazing
please tell me how to install share it & watapp also tv channels live is nt coming in youtube but others mobiles are support live channel in youtube
You can change the camera setting to 720p and 60fps which is better then the video you took
Have to agree the reviewer shows a remarkable and unforgivable ignorance of Blackberry 10 .
'Youtube' comes with blackberry os, what are you talking about?
the problem i have with this phone is that i can easily see lines and pixels on the screen display
the blackberry priv should be running BB os not android
bb os is the best the problem with it is that they have to include more aps
For those that are still interested in this phone, the reviewer is wrong that there are no alternatives for YouTube, Google Maps, Instagram and Netflix at 3:28 There are third party clients for these services on BlackBerry World. YouTube can be substituted by Supertube, Google Maps by BeMaps10 Pro, Instagram by Installing 10 and Netflix Android app works just as good on the BlackBerry as on any other Android phone.
please wash your hands before making a review. Good review though
wait a sec. thats coquitlam! haha i live in port moody :P and i have this phone! good for the price
Great review!
자막 달아주셔서 감사합니다 ㅜ 리뷰 잘보고잇어요 늘 화이팅입니다 ㅎㅎ!
what android app relays notifications?
The catchy intro is stuck in my head .

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