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Black Shorts
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Black Shorts Reviews from YouTube

Are $40 bibs any good? | THE BLACK BIBS & JERSEY REVIEW
In-Depth Review - The Black Bibs bib shorts and base layer
ZYIA Shorts Review (Ind. Rep)
Zara Shorts Review
What's your go-to affordable jersey and bib you'd recommend?
I've got the $40 ones and they work for me. Have gone 60+ miles on them no prob really other than my fat ass needs to shrink. LOL
Thank you Sir!
The mistake you are making is to forget why you are buying cycling shorts: because you have negative pressure points that are hurting you. Not just discomfort but real urological and neurological damage. Why not just take away the cause rather than treat the symptoms?@t
Which brands would recommend in the U$60-100 range?
Hey Justin, thanks for the vid. Given that I'm short and stocky, wondering whether the thicker chamois would be a good fit for me? I have an enormous ass and thighs from 10+ years of lifting. As things go now, though, I (surprisingly) have 0 problems with my ass hurting from the saddle. My biggest complaints are (1) thighs feeling restricted, (2) genitals rubbing against thighs, and (3) the occasional rash on inner thighs. Would anything resolve these? Lol. Anyhow, thanks again for the great vid, and hope your channel continues to grow!
You dont want to be sponsored. Theres already too many pro triathlete channels where we cant trust their opinion on products. Thanks for the review. Ive actually looked at these and wondered if they were any good.
Sir, you absolutely nailed both the good and the bad based off my own experience, so maybe I'm not completely crazy! I have the standard-issue shorts from them, so I can't comment on the straps. The pad just does not hit the sit bones quite right. BTW, I'm 6' and 155 lbs. as well. I can handle a two-hour ride in them, but it's not the ultimate experience. FWIW, I've tried these with both my ISM PL 1.1 saddle along with a Specialized Power Mimic, and the discomfort is there in either case.
Have you ever tried Rapha bibs?
Thanks for your honesty! Have you ridden on the parent company Starlight's bibs before? I know you didn't mention them in the list, but it would be interesting to see if they specifically designed the bibs a certain way for The Black Bibs or if that's how their general line of bibs are custom and non-custom.
I'm also 6 ft tall 155 and I have a pair of the extra long and tall in a small and they're not my favorite but they definitely work
What about TBB Ultimate's? I've gotten both the plus and Ultimate and kinda agree with the opinion about the chamois in the basic and plus bib's. I can share the Ultimate's have a different chamois.
Specialized has their RBX Bib Shorts with SWAT on sale for $71.99 (from $120)
I had the same problem with a pair of POC bibs which were considerably more expensive. Ive had The Black Bibs in my wish list for a few months but that chamois placement would be a dealbreaker for me
I never leave feedback but I do use Black Bibs and they are fine for daily short rides but I have recommendations for everyone. I ride thousands of miles a year.Voler Black Top Tier made in USA run small but very nice. Their other bibs aren't as good pads.Red and White. My favorite and Yuva is great to deal with. They make a budget bib and high end. High end is my #1 go to long ride. The budget is very nice just got em.Le CoL Pro expensive but many Strava Challenges get you a great discount. Really like them.
I had the exact same issues. The way this chamois is placed makes me feel like I either need to move my saddle forward or resituate the bib so that the chamois feels like it's in the right place. Also agree that the padding on the butt feels very thick but between the legs feels very thin. I haven't done a really long ride in these (only about 50 miles) but I don't know if they would work for a 4-5 hour ride for me. Unfortunately I bought two pairs based on the rave reviews and will use them on short trainer rides because I have them but will be buying another pair to use on long outdoor rides.
Did you try more than one pair of bibs? Their jerseys appear to fit poorly unless you get a see-thru one.
I agree with your assessment of the bibs. The material and stitching seem fine, but I found the pad uncomfortable at the outset, and it just feels cheap. It soon developed a hard crease in the foam toward the back on the left side which causes chafing within a few minutes of riding. Phil Gaimon recommended The Black Bibs in a vid posted a few days ago, and I felt compelled to chime in with my experience in the comments there. The Black Bibs were a waste of $65.
I have to agree, bib fit is very personal, and buying a new brand to you is a crap-shoot. I was curious about this brand, and while it might work for others, I've logged too many miles to wear any brand if they have issues. I also find many high end brands don't fit me well, and I've narrowed it down to a few brands that do, it's money well spent. I appreciate BB makes these on a budget, hopefully they work for lots of people.
I had a different problem. For me the chamois was too thick. I did a 100 miles in mine and I was dying. It was like sitting on two rocks. Too bad because I like the fit a lot.
Doug DeMuro
I've been using the basic $40 bibs for this year and I'm definitely interested in these Ultimate ones and the "Adventure" ones for their pockets. Thank you for making this video!
I'm glad you did this video. I just order 3 of the $40 version for Zwifting. I saw your response with the sizes. It was hard to tell what size to get for me based on their sizing charts. I am 6' 164 lbs. My champion Systems bibs (team kit) are larges. I therefore went with that. I guess I'll find out in a couple of days whether I chose correctly.
Merry Christmas from a fellow Tacomian
How tall are you guys and what size are those?
Im wanting to order Jean shorts but not sure on sizing. I am 53 and 130. I am thinking of getting size 6. What size are you wearing? I may have missed it
you're so cute what the hell
do these shorts tend to hug your thighs or are they looser
Omg I feel so old. I'm watching your video cause I'm looking for reviews of the 90s shorts and you mentioned "high school appropriate." Are these shorts 30 year old appropriate? Lol! Great video, thanks!
Realizing that I left a clip of my adjusting the camera in the middle of the video a month later
May I know your usual size in other brands of jean shorts?
Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the video
I love this video so much, but if you dont mind me asking, how tall are you?
Thanks I needed this video, because zara don't show the clothes well...

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