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Buy Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner online at TATACliq Amazon. Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Colours: Titanium
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TATACliq Offers ₹29,990
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Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Titanium Blue ...

CROSSWAVE has following specs. Function: It is a 3 in 1 cleaner. It can sweep(vacuum), mop(wet) on tiled floor, hardwood, ceramic floors and a rug function ...


(Renewed) Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ...

(Renewed) Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Titanium Blue). To view this video download Flash Player.


Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Vacuums and washes your floors at the same time
  • Multi-surface machine cleans both sealed hard floors and area rugs
  • Dual-action multi-surface brush roll uses an microfiber and nylon brush to mop and pick up dry debris at the same time
  • Two-tank system keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate to ensure that you are always cleaning with a fresh mix of water and formula
  • Smart-touch controls on the handle allow you to easily switch between cleaning hard floors and area rugs and control your solution with an on-demand solution trigger
  • All in one multi-surface cleaning system
  • Capacity: 828 ml
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 560 watts
  • Includes: Vacuum cleaner, Handle, Dual action multi-surface brush roll, Storage tray and Brush roll drying tray
Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Colours:
  • Titanium

The lowest Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Price in India is ₹29,990 at TATACliq.
Buy Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner online at TATACliq Amazon.
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Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Please go through Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

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Bissell Crosswave 1713 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Reviews from YouTube

Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface Cleaner Demonstration & Review
Bissell CrossWave Review | Unboxing & Testing On All Floor Types | Best Wet Dry Vacuum!
Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface Cleaner Review & Demonstration
Bissell Crosswave 3 in 1 Multi Purpose Cleaner Unboxing and Demo
No steam in this bissell cross wave?
Every when do i have to clean the brush ?tyou
Hello dear is there w a better version of this multi surface cleaner I am planning to get one thanks a lot for your help
Dear I am prepaid on your channel, you are great. I often come back and look at your videos. One question I would have Bissell original liquid I have to buy from abroad (I live in Slovenia) Can I put Amwey liquid in the device greetings
Can you do a review of the HiZero if you get a chance also
Mine streaks like crazy and I can't find any videos that address this well. Can you help?
@ibaisaic can you clean the rug without water? just vacuum?
This was the best video I found on the net so far. Even on the Bissell website I could not figure out what is what. I am happy with this video and I about to use my crosswave for the first time. Thanks Ibaisaic.
Thanks for sharing!!
thanks for the review, i’m considering this item but please help me with one question: will I damage my carpets if i vacuum them with this every single day?
Ugh your killing me why do you British have washing machines in the kitchen that’s a basement appliance not a kitchen one ugh British people confuse me
IS the tank that holds the clean water with solution separate from the dirty tank
Excellent video
Karcher FC5 Have issue with water flowing. Doesn't seem to work well. Anything to do with foam filter? Which is the right position?, with foam on top and pin allowing flow? Still doesn't let enought water to the rollers. Have changed 3 already and I am at a loss. I feel stupid: any suggestion? Am I the only one with issue? Isn't the floor supposed to look wet?
Does the Bissell come whith with cleaning extra's?
Why is clining eggs milk food is so funny
Dear did you review for karcher FC7?
Loud! One question: does it have hotsteam ?
I have a question. Can you leave the system ready to go with cleaning solution ready to go for wet spills on the floor? With 3 kids, it happens often.
Will it work with carpet? That's mostly my house
👍👍👍👍just ordered one!!
what is the difference between Crosswave MAX and Crosswave??
I hate how when you lower the handle lower the vacuum head comes off the floor. Makes it hard to clean under the kitchen table and beds. Also can’t get in tight spaces. No attachments for getting in those tight spaces so I still have to use my hand head vacuum or just a broom or duster or swiffer mop.
I'm thinking of ordering the model you have. How's the Bissell crosswave model you have. Do you still enjoy the crosswave and is it still going strong?
How much was this?
What a great review! This is exactly the kind of video i was searching for. THANK YOU!
Could you tell me what model this is? I just order the 2304p was wondering if this was the exact same one. 😊
This would definitely be a good product for the Los Angeles County's Registrar Recorder County Clerk, especially for their Operation Centers.
I'm somehow wondering, do I need to use the Bissell cleaning formula, or is it okay too if I use other types of cleaning solution?
Another CON: Too LOUD‼️
how did you use this on the carpet without making it wet with the cleaning solution?
Oh wow I will definitely buying one!
Thanks for reviewing the cross wave. I just got mine and can’t wait to give it a try.
My first baby was the Hoover mop and vac I had gotten for Christmas but I want to get the Bissell for my birthday coming up September
You can make your own cleaning solution.
Tell me, how has this Crosswave served you? I ask, because I've been hearing of more and more angry buyers who've complained that bearing failure causes the roller brush to stop spinning rather prematurely.
Watch Karcher FC5 hard floor cleaner
I love your accent. Great review. Am very tempted.
Per favore date le spiegazioni anche in Italiano.
When the video stops and restart showing a cleaning scene make me suspicious.
Excellent review. Thanks for explaining everything.
does the dog hair gets tangled with the brush
Thank you
Can we use a different cleaning solution
Excellent video. Found the Bissell manual is picture only and not so friendly, whereas the video shows how to operate the machine. Good job Grumpyman.
Brilliant video- very clear, easy to understand and honest review. Personally I would never use this tho to clean up heavy messy spillages as I feel cleaning the machine out afterwards takes too much time. I just wipe up mess with microfiber or paper towels. I think it is best for mopping the hardfloor/tiles once a week or so. Just ordered the new 'CrossWave Advanced' model which gets 30% closer to edges of wall/baseboards/skirting, has another filter inside the dirty water tank and is supossed to be quieter than the original model. Thanks again for the video- one of the best I have seen on YouTube for this vacuum.
People buy Karcher just for the name. Their services are pathetic. This machine lives up to it's name. I will most definitely buy one.
Wow this looks MUCH better than the Karcher.
Hi grumpy man reviews, thanks for the review. I was wondering if you could tell me, does this leave the floors really wet? I've got cheap laminate flooring in my rented house that was already here when I moved in and the slightest bit of water just ruins the floor if it gets in between the joins, it lifts and makes it bubble so a mop and bucket and steam mops are a no go basically my only option is getting down on my hands and knees with a damp sponge, which is a nightmare and super hard work, especially when the whole downstairs is laminate!ive been looking for an alternative for the past 4 years but i just can't find anything that doesn't leave the floors soaking! What I really want but haven't so far been able to find is a machine that can both clean without too much liquid and dry also. Would you say this one is a good option?
I love your Newcastle accent ?
Do it again and don’t break up the shell
WOW, found this video after watching your Karcher one ... this is so much better, am now wondering how I can sneak this into the house bearing in mind we've just bought a new VAX carpet cleaner ...... am off to watch your other video's now I've subscribed .... (as a woman I was wondering where your wife was when you were throwing the tomato sauce and egg down - I was terrifed the tomato would stain before you got to it ......
Thank you very much I just bought it and I will receive it tomorrow. I am really curious!
Thank you. Convinced me...
Great little unit, nice review. I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I probably wouldn’t have dropped an egg 🥚 on my floor, but it’s awesome that it picked it up.
wow a great product !!!!
Ich habe einen Bissell Crosswave 17132 seit 30.10.2018. Jetzt ist er kaputt gegangen. Ich bereitete den Crosswave wie immer vor. Die Sicherung in der Wohnung ist rausgeflogen, und im Bissell swivel gab es ein knisterndes Geräusch und die Walze drehte sich nicht mehr. Der Rest, Wasser und saugen ging. Nur die Walze dreht nicht mehr. Ich also zu Media Markt. Dort hieß es das es ihnen leid tue, keine Garantie mehr nur kostenpflichtige Reparatur. Ich habe mich dann bei Bissell gemeldet, hier eiert man nur rum und bestätigt das mit der kostenpflichtigen Reparatur. Also Leute überlegt Euch was ihr macht. Für mich handelt es sich um einen Produktmangel da man dort als Anwender nichts macht. Ich warte seit 2 Tagen von Bissell auf den Paketschein zum Versand und berichte was der ganze Spaß gekostet hat. Heute am 14.01.2021 kommt die Rechnung von ACER Ahrensburg über 65,35€ per Vorkasse zu zahlen. In der Zwischenzeit saugte ich vor und putzte mit meinem Leifheit Bodenwischer, komme in jede Ecke und wisst Ihr was. So eine technische Scheiße kommt mir nicht mehr ins Haus.
Hello, can someone let me know if this machine replaces the mop?
Scheis. Musik!!!!
سعرها كام في مصر
Que precio tiene y donde hay vivo en cuba cuanto me gustaría una
Ye moping and sweeping dono krta h?
Plz i want all information about this machine urgent
Could you write me is there a one to take off the dust from the curtains ?
Limpa tapete,?
Service center hyd kaha hi pl give me number
Wow the vacuum sound too loud like jet fighter engine
I forgot to put the filter once and used it on carpet fot about 10 minutes. Is it ok to use it or i should contact the service? Any ideas?
Qto custa???
How much
What is the prize
Price???? Of this cleaner
Please view My Video and Comment

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