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Biofuels Engineering Process Technology | Second Edition Book Reviews from YouTube

Biofuel | Definition, Types, Uses of Biofuel | Biogas | Ethanol | Biodiesel Hydrogen gas | in Hindi
Biofuel | Bioethanol | Biodiesel | Bioethanol production | Biodiesel production | Biofuel production
The Problem with Biofuels
Biofuels , their classification & production process
Mam i am so happy thankyou mam 😍😍😍
Ma'am explain modern fuel ke question mai biofuels likh skte hai?
Thanks mam
very very best
Thank you very much mam for important information and explanation
Thanks mam. This video is help me.
Nyc explanation.👌
Very good explanation 🔥🔥
Remarkably explain. Many thanks
Molasses, you give the wrong definition
Good explained and nice sweet voice thankyou
Thanku mam
Nice explanation mam thank you🙏
Nys explanation ma'am thank u🙏
Dandawat pranam mam aise hi topic continue pls
Does that mean when you add the bioethanol to the gasoline then it makes it a biofuel?
Hi, can I ask you a question please🥺 My research topic is about Bioethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass (Rice Straw): A Biofuel Alternative So I have a few questions... 1. Where do you use bioethanol? 2. What is bioethanol for? 3. Are bioethanol and biofuel different? How so? I hope you read this😫😓💗Thank you so much!
Very informative content for me. As the price of fuel is rising so bad here in my country, I am trying to learn about renewable energy and biofuel. Thanks guys for posting and sharing this video.
Hey if it is possible can you please share me this ppt with me?
, நன்றி
Thank you for explaining with a lot of dedication....and making my concepts very clear...keep it up
Also hats off to your efforts 👍
U made my project too simple. 👍👍
Well Explained ☺️☺️
U helped me a lot for my biology exam thank u
1:48, I´ve been using the yeast-metaphor for YEARS... It has yet to fail to describe human civilisation.....
There is a very clear answer to all the problems brought up by this video. Unfortunately the first letter of the answer is 'N' and people don't like the letter 'N' for reasons that are completely beyond me.
you drop kick you are talking garbage the by product of ethanol production ie the waste corn is all used as stock feed you talk the same stuff that come out of pigs davi
In Brazil we don't plant sugar cane in the amazon, at least we didn't, maybe bolsonaro has change that. The sugar cane is planted in the "mata atlântica" region
Ethanol shoukd be drank, not burned
Your full of disinformation and crap
My like for the IS unit conversion
so non ethanol gasoline is more expensive at the pump due to subsidized ethanol?
And now I'm wondering how did this even begin, it's so bad that I have no idea who allowed it.
Mr Mısınformed, Sugar cane is cultivated in the south and southeast. Amazon is in the north. Furthermore, Amazon is a Brazilian land is not your busıness. Brazılıan can do anything what they want with Amazon.
a bussel is 8 gals.
yeah this map of yours didnt show any of the corn grown on the mississippi and thats all we grow is eth coin.
We don’t need to solve air travel, Ryanair is already working on a sailboat
Brought to you by BP.
I don't get it why don't we use potatoes. Potatoes can be grown almost anywhere. If a potato can be used to Power electric clock. Why can't something that's so concentrated with starch be used as fuel. Not only that but they do not use up all the nutrition in the ground. In fact potatoes is the best starter I don't remember why. I do remember it being said that they help the nutrition or they break up the soil. If you don't cut up a potato too small, you can use slices for potatoes to grow more potatoes.
Using ethanol to reduce carbon emissions
Also note that algae has the potential to be genetically engineered for direct ethanol extraction, meaning that you don't have to kill and ferment the algae to collect the ethanol from it.
How much ethanol is required in gasoline to prevent engine knocking? They used to put lead into gasoline, but this was obviously a bad idea. Currently, the use puts 10% into their gas. Could we get away with less? Some of this corn to ethanol production is necessary, but how much?
Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.
video on biofuel with no biofuel in it lol ethanol is not biofuel
does India have the technology to manufacture Bio diesel from Municipal sledge waste ? if yes only than this sector has the potential to grow & be a profitable venture. as this technology is already running successfully in US & Australia.. relying on agriculture waste & Used Oil is never going to work due to high price of raw material & continuous availability. Municipal sledge is a very low cost raw material for Bio diesel .
Now a days requirement biofuel..........
Nice info.
Vinod Habale TYME
👌👌👌superb prem

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