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Bioenergy and Biofuels Book Reviews from YouTube

The Problem with Biofuels
Biofuel | Definition, Types, Uses of Biofuel | Biogas | Ethanol | Biodiesel Hydrogen gas | in Hindi
Long term markets for biomass and biofuels
Biomass and Bio Energy - Sources of Energy | Class 10 Physics
This video is probably oil company sponsored
I do love that he stopped to convert away from a "bushel" seriously wtf. Even with liters, why not sell by weight? Liters seems less precise.
What about Nuclear Fusion ?
Bio-Fuel NayE-Fuel Yay
Even disagreeing with the effectiveness of biofuels, sugarcane plantations in Brazil date back to the 16th century, most of the areas that today are cane fields have been cultivated for hundreds of years, there is almost no deforestation for this type of culture, even due to the type of soil. The Amazon is not good for planting in general, the soil lacks nutrients. The cerrado, our savannah, is mostly used for growing soy and raising cattle. But there is a large amount of cattle in the Amazon, after all it represents more than 50% of the Brazilian territory. Remembering that Brazil is bigger than the United States, if we exclude Alaska. Now imagine you, American, without being able to use 50% of the United States, is this viable?
Powering this process costs us 6 liters of fuel. It gives us 5 liters as a endproduct.
The waste from ethanol is used to feed livestock. Is it better to strip mine for the material to make solar panels and batteries
Producing ethanol just to burn it is hell of a crime itself and no sophisticated calculations are needed.But I really appreciated the mathematics of biofuel.
The energy balance on minute 7:23 is totaly misleading if not all wrong, first of all there is a missconception on Thermodynamics here, in a closed system that works in cycles as depicted the power output or usable energy (ethanol) is allways smaller than the power input necessary to run the cicle, this is stated in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and there is no technology that can overcome this. Second the solo production of biofuells produce net electricity through the excees heat produced by burning the rest of the biomass of the plant on furneces to generate the heat necessary for the process. The excess heat is used power a vapor turbine that generate electricity. The third thing is that bio fuels are not only made of corn, in tropical countries sugar cane is used wich has greater sugar content, thus more potential to generate ethanol, riqueres less fertilizers and does not impact directly on fooed prices. An extra point is the comparisson with solar panels, which also require also allmost much energy as they can produce in they lifetime with the down side you need bateries to use that energy in cars. Ethanol is not perfect but it is a inteligent way to provide energy (fuels and electricity) in a practical, carbon neutral en relative cheap way, spacialy ethanol from sugar cane.
This is proof while lobbyists in government should all be shot then hung. That's what got this garbage started.
When I thought amricas measuring units cant get much worse...America: "Hold my bUsHeL of coRn...
Wow removing comments with a pic or my sonReal classWas shocked you looked alikeNo need to removeNice engagement
America is eating itself to death
Go vertical!
Create more farmland
a problem with biofuels Especially for Diesel engines When the trucks are moving it get tiny air Bubbles in the fuelWhich prematurely ruins the injectors.
"Feeding people and animals" No focus on the fact that we use more crops to feed cattle than humans?
What a great content! It's been a pleasure to watch your every single video
This should have so many more views...I suspect at least part of the reason it doesn't is because there's a large segment of people stopped listening after hearing that turning awake from ethanol means the potential of a loss of 300k jobs (even if that's not representative of what would happen. Personally... Taking away the federal corn subsidy but using that money to create a federal collegiate education subsidy instead would weaken the impact of potentially retraining 300,000 workers, but, that doesn't solve the problem of having to somehow prevent or overcome the pushback that the lobbies would bring as soon word is received.If only there was a way to get a temporary ban on lobbying or, maybe, facilitate the eradication of the industry... But I don't see that happening anytime soon-wait, I mean never
Thanks mam
very very best
Thank you very much mam for important information and explanation
Thanks mam. This video is help me.
Nyc explanation.
Very good explanation
Remarkably explain. Many thanks
Molasses, you give the wrong definition
Good explained and nice sweet voice thankyou
Thanku mam
Nice explanation mam thank you
Nys explanation ma'amthank u
Dandawat pranam mam aise hi topic continue pls
Previous Video : Wind Energy - Class 10th Physics Video : Solar Energy - Class 10th Physics
thanks di your videos are very helpful.
Thank you so much mam explain this topic
U r amazing
Thank you so much ma'am
Nice lec love u mam
Thanku ma'am
Magnet brains is excellent for all boards as I am from state board but this topic is in my textbook also and I have doubts in it but now all clearHats off to you mam
Wonderful video.
Thank you mam
Thank you so much mam for this wonderful amazing shaandaar educational video.
Wow.. Ma'am... Thanks
Good presentationCommunication quality goodToo much knowledgeButIn this case CH4 is dangerous for air pollution & case climate changeIt's big factor for climate changeIts solution ?
Nice explanation
Mam aap bahut sundar ho aur accha padhati ho
I have comfugen in biomas energy
Thanks mem meje biomas energy

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