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Buy Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset online at Flipkart. Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset
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The Lowest Price of Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset

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Flipkart Offers ₹3,386
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Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset Features

  • With Mic:No
  • Connector type: 3.5 mm
Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset

The lowest Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset Price in India is ₹3,386 at Flipkart.
Buy Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset online at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Please go through Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset Specifications

Brand Binatone Wireless
Color Black
Compatible Devices Mobile
Model Id Headset For Pc - Highest Skype Certification - Comes With 3 Months Unlimited Us And Canada Calling
Model Name Headset For Pc - Highest Skype Certification - Comes With 3 Months Unlimited Us And Canada Calling

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Binatone TALK-5193 Wireless Headset Reviews from YouTube

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Димитри, да не си българин случайно?
me living in greenland :0
you can literally make a song with the mh630
The Cooler master MH630 sounds very good if you ask me. But nothing tops the modmic USB
Na! the Fnatic React sounded crystal but none of these had noise cancellation I'd write home about!
logitech or razer v
You forgot the Beyerdynamics MMX 300 V2
I think that v2x has better mic sound than other headsets.
undecided whether to go for sennheiser gsp 760 or razer blackshark v2 any help appreciated
I'm really in love with this series of testing!! keep it up! I'm feeling sad that comments are talking about the book instead of the amazing mic quality of the Cooler Master headset! Cooler Master MH630/650 is the King of Headsets yet!! I have HyperX Cloud Mix, I love it! but after suffering from the low mic audio for a long time I found it comes with a defect mic! so whom suffering from this issue it's a mic defect you should replace the mic under the warranty before it ends like what happened to me!
Honestly the mod mic sounded the best from these choices. Think I might pick up those and a real pair of headphones.
Awesome comparison. This helped me a lot to decide on a headset! I might be one of the only ones, but I've never seen a comparison like this and I think it's awesome. Thank you!!
2:14 3:44 5:00 5:47 7:14 8:30 personal markings
My choice BlackShark v2x , with a clear mid-range sound, price and lightweight, I need a headset for videoconferencing and some gaming. Im going to place my order right now. BEST mic comparison VIDEO.
RTX Voice: Let me introduce myself!
2021!!!! new review!!!
the headsets with thinner or lower sound, it migh help to bend the boom arm so the microphone gets closer to the mouth. It would also help on the noise cancelling performance. However, be carefull that you don't put it directly in front of the mouth as it will result in puff-sounds.
Which is better coolermaster mh360 or blackshark v2 x
i hope technology gets so far in the next few years that we can have dynamic capsules in headset mics, those tend to reject almost all kinds of background noise (yes, even chair creaking) at very minimal loss of audio quality
very helpful, thank you
I have this headset. What I hate most is the battery life. Five hours and I’m done one bar
How's the sound quality with the headphone jack? Is it the same as if I used the usb connected to the console?
Can u put the usb on any tv and liaten to tv wireless
what if i lose the usb can i still use them wirelessly
"Gloth"? 🤔
Any experience using this with a PS3?
Mic sound like ass man dont get these
these only lasted me 1 year and worn out...
Can you use these on a ps3?
I have these headsets and I can't wear them for more than 30 minutes without my ears hurting, It wasn't worth the 50$ just get some hyperx or SteelSeries.
Do these work on ps3 as well?
What do I do if one side is working?...
I got that headset for Christmas and they are AWSOME
Eww that mic dookie
PLS SOMEONE ANSWER. Is it worth buying it over the razer kraken green analog? I mean everything is good exept from mic quality. Is it worth buying anything else or this???
How do I get it to work on my PlayStation?
I tend to get at least 7 hours of use. Even a friend if mine gets the same 7 hour use.
Good news! If anyone lives in Canada. I have an storefront with some good deals and I got what you're looking for... Do come and check out my storefront by clicking the link down below. Also, let me know if you saw this ad and bought it from my storefront. Thanks!
In my opinion: if I can hear to the left, it's godlike
Man the mic on the HyperX sounds incredible compared to the others though.
why does he keep saying a full bass is better and doesn’t like the drop off ones? most fps players want that bass drop off as explosives and other loud noises will drown out important audio queues. this is why a lot of people say the steel series is the best GAMING headset. the Logis bass is too overpowered for most competitive players.
Unless you’re a streamer, lights on headsets are literally useless
but the question is, why is the mike so shitty on every headset in the test?
The title says "the best wireless headset" however you leave the steelseries arctis pro wireless and review the base model arctis 7 and then go on and say about budget and which is budget friendly wtf the title said best not best budget . Seems to me you left out the pro wireless and other very good wireless headsets out of this so called review so the shitty logitech that CRACKS WHEN BEING MOVED wins the medal.
Got Logitech G933 for a year and what can I say... Logitech mouses are ultimate overkillers, like G502 is, I would say pure perfection for its price. But wireless headsets... ...oh boi Never again, even after testing a lot of drivers, upgrading firmware and adjusting USBs they keep dissconnecting like every 20-30 minutes, sometimes even less...
Bro if you want to buy the astro a 50 just use code Kackis (only destiny players will understand this)
I want the best most expensive headset, i don't care about value..
Can we get an 2021 update video like this one? Looking to upgrade from my old pair, thank you!
well done , you have recommended the worst set of headphones I have ever used and the battery life SUCKS !!!! another fail by team linus
No GSP 670?
The g935 is 180 Not 120
Carefull with the Artics, they use a "propietary cable" that is awfully fragile and if it breaks its going to send you on a Witch hunt trough the universe to get a replacement.
Astro A50's have adjustable EQ settings as well "since you guys tweeked every other headset" in the lineup... Edit: And the Astro A20 wireless may be a good cheap option for the masses.
Why do all the mics Sound awful
Yeah nah Logitech G935 has the worst durability, so many people complaining that they don't last at all and that the build quality is trash.
had g933 for 2 years great in all aspect but when u are forced to install ghub and it works 5% off the time its not good ghub is not really compatible with the g933 because off software issues and bluetooth issues i had to buy a new headset because it just wasnt working at all
How do I stop my G935 from lowering the volume to what I'm watching when I dial out to make a call? I'd rather listen to what I'm watching rather than hear the phone ringing.
Damn Razer BlackShark V2 got no love??????
you didnt even test, hyperx cloud 2 wireless, razer blackshark v2 pro wireless, audeze penrose? so youre test is false for ps5.
dont buy last gen headset like a50 and arctis pro wireless, they sound bad. Wait for new gen astro a50 or go for audeze penrose x works on ps5 and xsx
audeze penrose
Anyone know the best EQ settings for the arctis 7P? Immersion? Performance? Or any other?
This guy is an idiot, steelseries arctis pro wireless still does not have ps5 update so it sounds horrible, and astro a50 may sound good with the adapter but then your stuck with 4k 60hz instead of 4k 120hz
Great video again guys! RTINGS can you confirm that the ROCCAT Elo 7.1 USB Surround Sound are identical to ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air Wireless, with the exception of being wired? Thanks!
Isn't virtual surround almost impossible on the ps5? Only 2 channel supported?
Whattttttt. How come the Razer Blackshark v2 Pro not on this list?
How can you accurately test the Sony Pulse 3D headphones when you can't test virtual surround audio which is what the headphones are made for. Also, for the comfort factor of the Sony Pulse 3D headphones, I think you need to take another look. I have a larger head circumference so there are some that I can't wear for long periods of time but these are very lightweight, I often forget I have them on, and I can wear these for 8-10 hours and have no issues with discomfort. Both the SteelSeries and the Astro's feel kind of tight and uncomfortable, especially with gaming over an hour or two. Also with the mic, I have never had any complaints about how I sound even with a lot of background noise and the fact that I don't have to rely on a boom is amazing. Also, they may not noise cancel all the time but when I am playing a game, it feels as if they are actively noise canceling using the 3D audio but when paused or in between matches, I can leave them on and have conversations with others with no problems of hearing the other person while talking normal and they have the feature where you can listen to your own voice if you are ever unsure and I have bad hearing thanks to the military. I don't know how this was done but I really think that this needs to be re-looked at because there kind of feels like there is some bias towards the SteelSeries and the Astro's with how things are worded and described.
I have to go with Audeze Penrose as the best PS5 headset but the $300 price tag is scary. I've noticed the sound being flat with Sony Pulse and not loud enough on the Hyper X.
I've been using the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for my PlayStation 5 and I understand about them not being as comfortable. I think I broke them in long enough where they feel just fine wearing them for hours. I also do wear glasses so that add to any headset with discomfort but they seem just fine over time. Maybe I'll buy another headset to test out in the future. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Does the Logitech g pro X's surround sound work on ps5? Cuz with the ps4 only a certain few other non-Sony brands also supported it.
my Corsair virtuoso SE should be on the lists..
How about ROG delta S?
I hope you gonna post soon the best headset for series X. Can I suggest to mention which are more comfortable for desk or couch. I'm going to change my hyperX, and still prefer wired than wireless; not sure between a40 tr and the steel series pro + game DAC, but I think their aro not that comfortable if you are on the couch or on a chair in front of the TV without any desk
No cloud 2 wireless?
Can arctis pro wireless do 3D audio wireless?
Review Audeze! The penrose and or penrose x!
You forget to check out the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro.

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