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Brand: Billiedge
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Buy Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) online at Amazon. Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Colours: Blue
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Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves Pack of 2

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Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Features

  • Manufactured up to International quality standards
  • Trusted by professionals
  • Innovative design
  • Great fit and comfort
Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Colours:
  • Blue

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Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Brand Billi' edge
Color Blue
Number-of-Items 3
Size Universal

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Billiedge Billiards Snooker and Pool Gloves (Pack Of 2) Reviews from YouTube

FIVE REASONS YOU NEED A POOL GLOVE ~ Why a glove can be great for 8 Ball / 9 Ball ( Pool Lessons )
10 Best Billiard Gloves 2019
Why Snooker Really Needs Billiards Gloves
Should you buy a Billiards glove?
What glove would you recommend?
Thanks I will try using one I do see some people use gloves
I got the same break cue, with a white diamond. Love lucasis beaulah is a buster
I have very clammy skin and tried playing without a glove for the first year I played. I was constantly having to wash and dry my hands and constantly having to wipe down my shaft while playing. The second I switched to wearing a glove I was in heaven. I still put the same amount of time into maintaining my wooden shaft at the time though. When I switched it up and bought a Revo I never even thought to play without a glove because I got so used to using one. I keep very good care of my Revo in terms of keeping it clean and I wipe it down with alcohol wipes before and during play. Occasionally I'll have my glove off and I'll try to make a shot and have the exact same problem as before, my clammy skin causes the shaft the cling to my hands, even though it's smooth as butter. If I want to have the most uninterrupted stroke possible, I must wear a glove. There is no question.
I always assumed someone like SVB is paid to wear the glove by sponsors, esp now with CF negating any real benefit.
I personally don’t like wearing a glove because it makes my hand hot. But I do use the finger wrap. It wraps the thumb, forefinger and middle finger and works very well as far as a nice smooth shooting.
I always wear a glove. Own several so can color coordinate. (It’s a girl thing. )
I did a better one pocket video last night. very detailed.
I never wore a glove before. Thought they were sissyish. Well, tried one recently and quickly got sold on their use. Never play without one now. Maple or fiber shaft? Doesn't matter. I wear mine with either shaft.
I was not a believer in using gloves until about 7 months ago. I bought a new cue and decided to get a glove. I will never go back to shooting barehanded. A glove can make a big difference, especially if you are playing in a humid environment or have naturally sweaty hands. You never have to worry about the cue "sticking" to your fingers and throwing the shot off. You don't have to use a baby powder or anything like that. I am a firm believe in using gloves now.
I recently upgraded to the Kamui. Great glove A little more $$$ but worth it. Been using a glove for a while because of shooting in bars and wanted that consistency. I also have to admit I need to take better care of the shafts on my cues but they are still very shootable. Just not as clean as they should be. The glove definitely helps with that! Good info as usual Bryan
Because of my autoimmune issues I suffer from really dry skin which makes me not need a glove but some people I've noticed have trouble with their skin gripping the shaft they should try a glove.
Great video Brian. I use a glove all the time and get some negative comments about me wearing them. I use them because I have PTSD and CTE and take meds that make you sweat especially between the fingers. Gloves give me that way of playing without a load of baby powder all over the place. LOL
I got a glove like Efren Reyes uses! It seems to work for him? The glove is just like golf gadgets, they are made to sale not to be used!
Hi like
DANG Bryan watched it once for the glove info, and had to back it up and watch it again for the alsom shots, and number one is my reason, my local bar always was changing from the air conditioning being on to opening the doors and windows. One day my hands where dry the next day they would be sweaty. And powder can only do so much in high humidity.
I like the kamui glove. I've used them for years. And have been using it with a revo
Never used a glove,just kind of felt funny about it. But maybe i'll try one if it helps me shoot Better! if not i'll look like ShaneHa
I started wearing a glove a few years ago because places I went to never had chaulk and two to three matches in my stick would drag causing a lot of missed key shots and lost games.
I go through cycles. month or two with the glove, month or two without. Often depends on drinking, cigar smoking, other things that get hands dirty, or how recently I cleaned cue etc. it’s kinda random.
Anyone from india or pakistan that just plays at local clubs with whatever cue they can find. Please buy this glove because those cues are extremely cheap ones with no care whatsoever and by using this glove i was able to bypass that quite successfully.
Really enjoyed these videos over the years. Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated
Look for the Poison or Predator gloves. They have a rubber coating on the table side of the palm that will help grip on the cloth. I have a feeling you're seeing more hand marks because the material of the glove wants to grab the nap of the snooker felt. Oh, and for the pinboard map, Reno, Nevada USA. Love your videos. I haven't played pool in almost two years due to the pandemic and getting hurt working, but I can't wait to take some of what I learned from your videos to the table :)
Why do they use the different grips with pool and snooker
We used to see Jimmy White using the powder in matches all the time
There used to be two lower-ranked snooker professionals - Ian Graham and Nigel Gilbert - who both usually played in gloves.
Ive been playing english pool for about 4 years now, and didnt try a glove until October. Best decision ive made, i suffer from slightly clammy hands so the cue tends to grip my bridge a bit. Having it feels so smooth with cue delivery
Hi from Bavaria in South Germany. Been playing snooker for less than a year. Personally it is no question to wear gloves or not. I have very dry and wetty hands within minutes. It changes so often, that I have to wear them. It helps to climate the hand. If I play without, the skin breaks and I can peel it off like an egg. It's very disgusting and ugly to see. Without gloves my bridge is either dry, and the delivery is great, the next moment the hand ist kind of wet and the delivery is sticky and vibrating and there is no predictability where the cue ball goes. Without I can pot 2 consecutive balls with glove I did a break of 23 (I play 2-3 hours a week on average). For sure with the glove more often, 'cause it's much more fun. At the end: sry for some mistakes in writing. Germany.
One negative I noticed is feeling that my hand is detached from the cue. I like to feel my cue sliding on my hand. Get's me the feeling of more control though it probably doesn't help. But a pool player there are many benefits and I got used to it.
obviously, people use gloves cause their hands get a bit sweaty and then the cue does not slide smoothly when stroking, so it's quite difficult to be accurate.
why are you doing so much with your left hand?
I love the arrangement of the glove's fingers at the end.
Hi from melton mowbray
But why use your left hand to take the balls and chalk your cue. You’re right handed aren’t you
Great video. Thanks. Have been asking this question for years without a satisfactory answer. Might even subscribe.
One of the biggest negatives is for players that switch hands. They need to take the glove off, and even put one on the other hand. Given you do this occasionally, I'm surprised you missed it.
Ronnie O'Sullivan does not use a glove because it would be ugly when he picks his nose.
Hi, enjoy your videos, I have a question similar to this Why do top level pool players seem to have very poor stance and cue action compared to snooker players?
Interesting, i have always had to keep wiping the cue, especially in humid places, i can't honestly see any disadvantage in using a glove, possibly a better quality one which he tried.
An alternative answer: because sometimes you need to play left-handed and sometimes right-handed. And you can't lose time changing the hand that wears the glove, soo.
I just bought gloves and I am having a very hard time adjusting to them. I use a open bridge and the cue flies in the air at times when I wear them.
Love your channel! Have subscribed & found your vids to be abundantly helpful & have incorporated it quite nicely in my billiard play so big ups to you on that. Oh yeah & btw, I bought my Longoni glove on Amazon (a cool leopard design, love! Lol) They actually have quite a variety on there. They do have the Molinari & Kamui as well. Just thought I’d throw that in there! But keep up the great work! I’m definitely a fan!
Hi! Just "discovered" your channel. I'm use gloves too. My hands sweat a bit and using powder or starch on damp hands just does not work. I use closed tip non-branded gloves made from spandex that I picked up from a local shop a few years ago. They have and still are serving me well.

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