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Brand: Billiedge
Product Code: 3695
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Buy Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball online at Amazon. Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Colours: White
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Billi' edge Billiards Snooker and Pool Cue Ball (White, 2.1/16 Inch ...

Billi' edge Billiards Snooker and Pool Cue Ball (White, 2.1/16 Inch) : Sports, Fitness & Outdoors.


JBB Snooker and Pool Cue Ball : Sports, Fitness ...

JBB Snooker and Pool Cue Ball : Sports, Fitness & Outdoors. ... Billi' edge Billiards Snooker and Pool Cue Ball (White, 2.1/16 Inch).

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Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Features

  • Colour: White
  • Size: 2. 1/16inch
  • Billiards Snooker and Pool Cue Ball
Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Colours:
  • White

Find the best deal on Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Price in India is ₹295 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Brand Billi' edge
Number-of-Items 1

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Billiedge Billiards Snooker And Pool Cue Ball Reviews from YouTube

I bought Expensive Pool Chalk so you don't have to // Pool Chalk Testing
What are the Differences Between the Various Types of Pool and Snooker Cue?
Cyclop vs Aramith Cue Ball with Revo and Cyngery shaft (deflection test)
What are the Differences Between Certain Pool and Snooker Balls? - Pool Table Buying Advice
Currently filming part 2 where I test Kamui, Taom, Great white and more :)
Should have included Kamui, a chalk that is actually DIFFERENT. Ah, just saw you are doing it in part 2. Never mind.
Bro when I chalk my cue it do sent chalk good or cue tip get less chalk is the problem with my cue tip or the chalk I use mater chalk
give me ah cue
Hi what about this one ? at a loss as to why you wouldnt have Kamui chalk on this list. and premium chalk does more than prevent miscuing for a longer duration. For example, kamui chalk is difficult for a many players to use because it adds much more spin on the cue ball. Kamui chalk on a Kamui tip is something out of this world.
You my friend are a life saver lol. Great review and thank you as always.
Would it be better if tested on a draw shots, its responsivenes and better control on the cue ball?
I'm surprised that the Kamui Roku isn't on your list of top chalks, I mean, I think it's the best of them all.
Have you toam chalk the one Mika immonnen uses
how about the kamui?
Don't give a poop about brands. As long as there is only one type on the table at a time so master's is fine
im useing teom 2.0 white
Thanks for the review. I just switched to Predator as it seems to hit the sweet spot between value and quality for me. I found it was definitely a lot different than Master's, much smoother and 'wetter' for lack of a better term, but in a good way. This did make it pretty messy at first, my first few session left the cue ball looking like a robin's egg. I reshaped my tip after a few goes with the chalk, roughed it up good and once the Predator was really well saturating the tip, it seemed to form a nice layer of chalk and the messiness went away almost completely. I still chalk every stroke, I can't say that it has improved the amount of extreme English I can put on the ball, but contact is now much more consistent, especially on deep screw shots.
Would you do another comparison with chalk but this time pocket straight in balls using maximum draw and or spin to determine how long it will last after one chalking?
I noticed that Kamui Roku chalk wasn't in the lineup, and a $30 a piece, I'm curious what makes it so special.
On-Cyborg chalk is great
With different variables like price, quantity, demand, and supplying my thesis is that predator chalk is the best all around.
normal players do every single shot chalk on his cues thats why its only a personal decicion wich chalk is the best
When does the new chalk comparison video come?
Can you play with a snooker cue on american pool balls
even though there is a big size difference with the tips, can i play snooker with an american pool cue?
What's the best inch for the 8-9-10 ball pool? I am thinking too buy a very good cue for 70 euro so, I don't know with size of the time to take. I think that 11,5 is very good for me because I can control the cue ball much better than with a 13-inch tip.
What about carom cues?
Can I use 9mm cue stick in Russian Pyramid? I don’t know the actual size of those balls!
Can I use other than a cue stick to play Billiards? Because I saw a video of a robot playing pool with a hammer (aluminum)
Our country use medium size cue ball with big size cue stick so it’s hard to put a spin on a cue ball we use 12 feet snooker tables we don’t have 6 to 9 feet tables even if we play 8 ball or 9 ball we still have to play with those nonsense things and Snooker halls or bars doesn’t have Masse cue and Jumping cue they only have 1 piece cheap cue sticks and they only give blue chalk which is US$ 0.70 try to play with those! Which is sucks after playing on high standard tables and now I can’t even pot every shot my accuracy of potting a ball reduces from 9/10 to 3/10!
Do you sell jump cues?
Informative and well presented tutorial ! But what is the relation between ball size and rail height on a pool table ? Is there a rule to determine this ? And does it differ for point or square cushion on impact & re bounce ? I prefer the mid size ball of 52,4 mm or 2 1/16" so what is the perfect cushion height ? What table do you recommend ? Many thanks for clarifying. Kind regards, Filip
I've actually been using a 10 mm 16 oz on American 8 ball. It's been okay, but I do sometimes think that 11 mm 15 oz would be better. The soft leather tip does tend to mushroom quite often. I tend not to like the 13 mm house cues, especially the heavy ones, but I do like using the 14 mm 25 oz breaking cue, lol
Is it ok to use a snooker cue for a English 8 ball game?
Could an 11.85mm tip be used on American pool? Might that allow for less deflection and more cue ball control?
American cue (13 mm tip) on English balls (1 7/8) for maximum power, but sacrifices accuracy. Also great for jumps and massés without having to use special cues I've tried myself
The English cue is also used in mini pool tables with 1 1/2 inch balls (38mm)
Dont chinese 8 ball players use american balls and snooker cues?
What is the right humidify is right for the room?
Is there a difference between a hand spliced cue and a machine spliced cue in terms of playability? REPLY
Mark Williams?
Can I use a snooker cue to play English 8 ball? Will this have effect in the quality of play dependent on the table I am playing on?
How old are your Aramith balls? All balls lose mass over time. For a real comparison, you would need to compare new sets of balls.
Thanks for posting this video. Good info. Quick does your scale read 0.00 with a micro fiber towel on it?
Cyclop ball move stupid
The measuring and weight is legit, but the deflection test is subject to too many variables. You would have to hit the cue ball exactly the same each times as well as stringing the cool ball in the exact same spot.
Nice video. What are those white dots on your pool table for?
Good video. The balls I got with my pool table were very low quality and even though I'm 61 I still break and even shoot with decent power so those balls were chipping. I looked into it and found out there are huge differences in quality when it comes to playing balls. I ended up buying a set of Aramith balls $164.00 worth. And huge difference in the way they look and play. They also won't wear out my felt nearly as quickly as the cheap balls I had due to less friction on my felt, especially during the break shot where I read cheap balls can generate as much as 400 degrees F. Not sure I believe it but that's what I read. Most "Joe's" making pool instruction videos wouldn't be able to pull this off like you did. To do this test fairly accurately the pool player doing must have a certain level of competency with a pool cue. Your video was very good. I really love science. I do wish you would have measured the width of an Aramith playing ball however. Cheers, john noe
aren`t the 2 ball and the 15 ball always a different colour from each other? 2 ans 10 are the same.
Do they make 2 1/4 inch snooker balls?
I have a 6ft snooker table. I think I have 7/8 balls Would you recommend 2”
Great info.
Okay but the problem is pool balls solids and stripes 4 and 12 purple instead of pink 7 and 15 burgundy instead of brown and light blue 6 and 14 green instead of light green why?
UK 8 Ball Pool stripes and Solids Black of 8 Red and Yellow Blue and Yellow
Aramith is good balls orignal is not good balls
Ok it's problems is Solids and Stripes 7 and 15 brungundy/brown instead of light blue and 4 and 12 purple instead of pink and 6 and 14 green instead of light green?
Hi. I have simple snooker balls and im not managing to make the cue ball roll back well when i hit it on bottom. Will professional snooker balls will allow me a better cue ball back spin?
American: 7:54
The cyclop pool ball the 7 ball and 15 ball light blue
The only way I would use Cyclops balls on my Gold Crown I with Simonis 760 is if some ancient Greek, one-eyed giant stole my Centennials. Then there'd be Hades to pay. Let's just say Cyclops balls and Diamond tables deserve each other, and that's not a complement.
Great video very informative
the english have smaller balls.
I used to refer the American TV balls as "Mosconi Set" or "World-class set"
hello are Aramith pool balls namely the 2" red ones are they the same color size ect as the Aramith snooker 2" balls set you offer. I was thinking of buying the snooker 22 ball set but do I need to if i have 2 boxes of pool balls containing reds with other colors for example their Aramith black and red set and red and blue set.
Nice info, really the only sets for good players should be Aramith Pro, Centennials or Cyclop with a different cue ball for a non-coin op table. Weight and size are better matched. Standard Cyclop ball reacts funny and has a deep milky clear finish that most players do no like, so it gets swapped out.
Great video! Clarified a lot of things! Just one last question, what's the real difference between Aramith set premium and pro? Thanks!
I never undarstand this, what is biliardo or 8 ball or snooker or certain pool cant understand
Should I purchase the smaller snooker balls to play on my American pool table?

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