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Big Data Analytics Book Reviews from YouTube

Best Free Books For Learning Data Science & Analytics in 2022
Everyone should read this book! (Especially if you work with data)
The book every Data Analyst should read
Big Data MBA: Book Review
mo vaii bahut dhanya bad vaiiiii
Thank you for not raising your eyes and not opening your mouth in the thumbnail.
From where can i download these books. I tried but unable to.
Thank you sir
Thanks a lot sir
Hey satyajit , I follow your channel regularly.. you are doing great 👍 ✅. But me as a 1st year cs student it gets hard to understand things. So I would please request you to start a series of data science from scratch the way you got to know and learn...
Check out my video on the Titanic dataset - I think you'll like it
Thanks a lot for this book, really helpful :)
Wanted to say.... Thank you for all your book reviews. Helps a lot.
I have only watched a few of his talks, but he seems to be using LaTex Beamer Class for the presentations. Nice.
how can i have it PDF FREE ?? CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLS ???!!!!
is this book for beginners?
Thank you. Your channel give me many insights and references. Keep going!
A very easy to read and enjoyable book.
That is great. I have this book, along with the No Bulls__t Guide To Linear Algebra to assist with the math portion of learning data science. It is good to know I made a wise choice. Thank you.
Sir, could you review a book called ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans’ by Melanie Mitchell, please? Cheers!
which book with you recommended for Math for Data Sciences?
hi i am working on machine learning specifically nlp i wanted to know more in nlp but i admit that i have no knowledge in statics should i read this book first or the preferred book for nlp. which one is more recommend for me?
I am learning basic english, I'l give this book a try. Thanks for the review.
Is better than The Signal and the Noise?
Thanks alot for this recommendation- I have just bought the book and will definitely devour it
Sir I'm a going to be a data science student for 3years bachelor' degree so shall I read this now or later
"I didn't know anything about statistics, so now I want everybody to read the first book I read on the subject." :-(
Just bought it and started reading already hooked
I didnt plan to finish the video.. but before I realize that I really need to close the video, I am almost finished with it.
Does it discuss fat tails and Gaussian bias?
Data Nerds!! Do you use the Morning Brew for your news? Sign-up for free here 👉🏼
your shout-out for Morning Brew is so smooth. Love it, Luke.
As a data analyst i get incredibily disappointed when i create something great then get told to make it into a colourful pie chart.
yes! I have that exact book. and the workbook as well
I read this book in my data visualization class this past semester and took notes. Would you recommend I purchase a physical copy for reference?
Just saw this vid today and I was already a subscriber after watching it! Do you have any suggestion on any good reads for those who wants to pursue data analytics?
U show a Best Visualisation software diagram displaying Bi and Tableau but the diagram looks suspicously (somewhat) like the Python Logo 6:07 ...
Thanks Luke for the resource.This was a brilliant read and gave me a whole new perspective on visualising data
Have this book on my desk. Currently strengthening my data visualization and storytelling skills.
You should def get a channels just full of sponsor sketches! Lol amazing stuff!
Great sharing! What other books to share? Thankssss
it is cool that colours in yur pic same as LinkenIn colours
Hi @Luke, would you help me verify if this is shippable to the Philippines via Amazon online?
How did you use Power BI on you Mac?, I have a Mac M1 but I didn't find the Power BI Desktop installer for this device. Thanks!
Great sketch!
Haha I thought the Morning Brew skit was golden, definitely not your last sponsored video! I've been binge watching your videos after looking into the data analyst career path. Currently 29 with a 3 yr old toddler, making $40k a year. Got a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a plan to teach math and science but with the way things are going in the education system at the moment I don't think it will end up happening. Currently managing an Electrical Contractor Service Company in Texas coordinating projects for Electricians and procuring materials from various sources for efficient project management. Luke, do you think that it would be possible to make a career change into data analytics with what I've done so far? I pretty much use Excel on a daily basis and am making an effort to master it a bit more but am really considering also picking up SQL and then maybe getting into the Google Data Analytics Cert course. I just want to make sure my family has a comfortable life and would like to put my brain to good use for that same reason. I feel like my skills and potential are being wasted here especially since the owner of the company is planning on retiring in the next 6 years. Thanks for you videos, giving me hope for the future.
Ki Luke do you know any platform to learn sql with codes and examples? I'm using Github to learn some python doing stuff like algotrading, business analytics etc...Thank you very much ✌
Woah thank you do much for all the value you shared! As an interaction Designer and Brand Strategist Being able to interpret user data into practical insight for the client has been a big focus for me
I also want to become a marketing analyst, so you have any knowledge related to this.
Hey Luke, I want to be a freelance data analyst. How would you start your career as freelance data analyst.

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