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The lowest Benro Versatile A2970F 3-Section Aluminum Tripod Price in India is ₹26,030 at Amazon.
Buy Benro Versatile A2970F 3-Section Aluminum Tripod online at Amazon.
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Benro Versatile A2970F 3-Section Aluminum Tripod Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Benro
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number A2970F
Item Weight 2 Kg
Model A2970F
Product Dimensions 71.1 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm

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Benro Versatile A2970F 3-Section Aluminum Tripod Reviews from YouTube

Ignore the Peak Design Hype: This Benro is ACTUALLY a Good Travel Tripod
Benro A2970F vs. Manfrotto 055XProB.mp4
Benro TMA38CL Mach 3 Tripod REVIEW | BEST Landscape Photography TRIPOD?!
Best Budget Premium Tripod for Professional YouTubers - Benro Tripod Review [Hindi] - TechToTech
I just feel the height is bit less is there any way we can extend the height further with any hack ?
this review is super helpful thanks a ton :)
Don't know how much Peak Design pays Youtube? Peak Design products just pop out when you search bags or tripod, that's insane!
Subscribed. Starting out in the industry, and this is one of the best review videos I’ve seen...
Pro (ish) photographer chiming in here. Agreed on many of your points . I have one of the larger Benro tripods, and these offer an incredible value for the money. They’re basic and have less bells and whistles than many competitors, but features on budget tripods also mean more potential points of failure . I think the build quality of their aluminium units is impressive . What brought me here is because I’m considering picking up this model as a backup in order to have a more portable unit for those times where I don’t feel like schlepping around the oversized beast. These things can take a beating and are crazy impressive for the money.
Does it have a cellphone holder if i want to take a pic from my own phone if I don’t have a camera
This was a pretty good review, thank you!
Great review! I've been using one of the first gen Benro Travel Angel Carbon Fiber tripod for over 8 years now, the legs flop around and tightening with the allen key doesn't work for me anymore. I believe the magnesium cam that attaches to the leg has worn out. Now I'm looking for a tripod replacement. (Or perhaps a part replacement) But after doing much research, it seems like many other tripods don't last a couple months or even 2 years... Mine lasted until now, and I do use it frequently! I guess I'll be buying a Benro again someday!
Hi, the name of that tripod is angel travel? can you tell me the name? thanks
I have this tripod and I don't like the central column because doesn't lock enough tight. Moreover I'd like ti be able to detach part of it to save weight if I don't need al of its height. The legs and the ball head B0 perform well. I still have an Benro Go series and I like that one but its heavier too.
Great presentation ! I appreciate your passion and expertise. Thank you for taking the time to create this informative and enjoyable video. I'm looking forward to seeing more ! Cheers
Thank u so much, good review
Really love your genuinity! Been browsing around for tripods for a while now and finally found this vid lol. Really great vid, thanks!' Makes me miss those podcast episodes with you and peter too... :D
Really usefull! You've a new subscriber ;) Is it possible to replace the head with the Benro S6 rotule for video? Thanks!
Was liking this video but wishing for a monopod build in like a saw somewhere once… the. You pulled it out! BOOM. Sold! Wait. One more thing. Walking stick!!!
Was searching for tripods and ofcourse Tom has a video on it :D
Hi Tom. Great review! Just wondering if the ballhead can be removed? I was planning to buy a star tracker next year and was thinking of buying a good tripod ahead of it.. Plannign to use the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Pro with this tripod (the 22lbs capacity one: FTA28AB1) . So idea was to remove the ballhead and attach the star tracker to the tripod.. Could you please advice if that's possible? Would really help me!Also, how does this tripod compare to another one of Benro's creation: TAD28AIB2? This too seems like a potential candidate!
If you are in college you can get a great deal on one of these through the B&H student program! I think it is around $175?
Benro makes the meFoto A1350, which I bought in Osaka in ‘15. Comes with a case, with both rubber and stake feet. The big thing for me is that the meFoto in the case fits in a Carry-on bag easily. Try that with the Benro big brother. I think the meFoto is the best travel tripod. . . .Unless you’ve got a hasselblad with 400mm lenses.
What is the model number of this piece?
Great review. Thankyou. Youhave helped me decide on the Benro. The infinitley adjustable centre column decided it for me.
After Your review I buy Benro. this was third my Tripod. Now i have + Gorilapod + Manfrotto. This Benro with Velbon PHD-65D head is my main tripod.
Good review! Thank you.
You should do reviews professionally!
Big thanks!
Best comparision ever! Thanks buddy, you helped me to save 100 Euro! )
Very nicely done. Thanks for the great information.
Hi, thank you for the review. I have a question. Wich one is better to film from top down with a samsung galaxy camera? In the future maybe an other camera. Because I see that the manfrotto is horizontal longer. Can someone help me?
So two years later how is the benro still?
Which head choose Triopo B-3 or Manfrotto 496RC?
Terrific review. I'd go for the Benro too. The fact that the horizontal bar on the Manfrotto hangs beyond 90 degrees is a dealbreaker for me. Does the Benro arm stay perfectly parallel once you attach a DSLR to it? Thanks a lot!
Thanks for your good review. Help me to understand them better.
awesome video!
thank you for your review. keep up your good work....
Really helpful review, thanks for putting in the time and effort - influenced me to pick up an A2970F with confidence, thanks!
Benro A2970F Discontinued Product FAIL.... Manfrotto WINS !
Thanks for the excellent review.  Very will done.  I compared the Benro vs the Manfrotto 055 at the store and came to  the same conclusion.  I purchased the Benro A1980F which is very similar in function to the A2970F.  I have used it at a number of weddings and events and I am very pleased with its performance.  I use a Manfrotto 496RC2 ball head on it because I like the Manfrotto quick release system.
Thanks a lot for the review....very helpfully....
Great review. Exactly what I was looking for. If it wasn't for this I probably would've already ordered the manfrotto 055xprob -no I have a huge decision to make. I know that the spikes that the Benro offers is very key to my decision because I didn't know that the manfrotto would not have spikes on the bottom of the legs. Also the functionality of the Benro as far as using the center column have a swing arm in multiple positions is clutch. Honestly after seeing this review the only thing that I like about the 055x is the capability to extend legs all the way to the ground and the grips on the side of the legs! Q: Vanguard 263 AB or benro model in this video?
Awesome review. Thank you! You should do more of these ;)
Just a great video! I haven't had the chance to experience it in person yet but I also think it will be a good enough tripod for mine mirroless camera. No paying for double or even triple the Gitzo or RRS products needed. Btw, this is a very useful and funny video as well 🤣 5:40
A good review Korey and well explained thank you, I don't think I could explain it any better on my channel. I am buying this tripod on wednesday this week and came across your video, I am a semi pro landscape photographer and take people on tours hence the name IR Photo Tours :), the way you explained yourself I thought your sub count said 48k I am surprised to see 48 only, I love to support my fellow tuber so have another sub bud.
I saw your channel on another photography channel, so came over for a visit and enjoyed your content, thank you. New subscriber here, :)
9:58 really good points and review Korey
Nice review, I do need a new tripod so will take a closer look at this. I also subbed to your channel and look forward to seeing more! 😁
5:40 😂 Actor of the year? Great video mate - I'm actually gunna consider getting this tripod now, you sold me on it haha.
Hope you guys found this video to be useful! By the way I forgot to mention the actual price of this tripod, it is only 425$ on b&h, or amazon, which is an amazing price for this product!
Bhai ab to 2300 ka mil raha hai.. Digitek hi le lu kya?
Brother which one is best? this tripod or digitek 550lw?
Very Nicely Explained... 👍
Which one is more better for a beginner-Amazon basics 50inch or a digitek 450 one??
Very nicely explained thank u so much
Thank you... ❤️
Great work 💕 simple and informative
sir which is the best ring light for tiktok videos sir
Very nicely define
where this tripod is made ?
ধন্যবাদ দাদা।
Is it work with mini projector?
aktu bolo na dada.... amar canon eos 300d er camera... tripod konta valo hbe aktu bolo na please.....
Which is good? digitek dtr 550 lw tripod or benro ka tripod??
Youtube add kaam kar raha hai bhai
Came by clicking your ads waise how many rs you invested in campaign
*भाई एक ही दिल ❤ कितनी बार जीतोगे* ❓

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