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Buy Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black Colours: Black
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Benro A2190TB1 TRAVELER SERIES TRIPOD KITS Price in India ...

The Benro Traveler A2190TB1 6 kg Tripod is constructed from high strength magnesium alloy and carbon fibre parts that make it strong and durable. This TRAVELER ...


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Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black Features

  • Traveler Tripod
  • Triangular profiles
  • Compact and portable
  • Key specs are not available.
Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black Price in India is ₹18,500 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
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Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Benro
Color black
Includes AC Adapter No
Item model number A2190TB1
Item Weight 1.8 Kg
Manufacturer BENRO
Model A2190TB1
Product Dimensions 67 x 21.2 x 8.2 cm

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Benro Traveller Series A2190TB1 Tripod - Black Reviews from YouTube

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My stunning new tripod! How much should you spend on a tripod?
Hi Tom. Great video. just wondering: As one of the legs come off, can that monopod be used as an external microphone boom arm? It looks like its a screw thread so technically a Rode Videomic Pro or Rode Videomicro NTG should be able to attach to the end and then that monopod can be used as a boom to
I broke my back a few years ago and have used mono pods for a walking stick in Europe to Las Vegas. When traveling I was able to walk further without the hassle of having a cane. The fact that the monopod can collapse makes it easy to put into my backpack when I don't need it. I actually purchased a knob that screws onto the monopod which makes it a better walking stick. This is the feature that I have been looking for in a travel tripod to combine a monopod/walking stick in one instead of taking both the tripod and monopod with me. Thanks for a thorough and excellent review.
Great Video Tom, I'm looking for a tripod that allows me to shoot vertical, does this tripod allow this? thanks!
Any link where to get that part headball lever locker? You now that lever to tighten so camera aint move. I swear I cant find nowhere
Thanks for making this video. I bought this tripod about 2 years ago and the instructions were no so great. Anyway, after watching your video, I learned quite a bit more about this tripod. The walking stick cracked me up. I could not figure out what the wooden ball was for and that is NOT in the instructions either.
Great review! One thing I need to know before I pull the trigger, have you had any issues with water getting in the legs?
i found this for less than one hundred, i didn't know the model but you convinced me, brilliant video
I just feel the height is bit less is there any way we can extend the height further with any hack ?
this review is super helpful thanks a ton :)
Don't know how much Peak Design pays Youtube? Peak Design products just pop out when you search bags or tripod, that's insane!
Subscribed. Starting out in the industry, and this is one of the best review videos I’ve seen.
Pro (ish) photographer chiming in here. Agreed on many of your points . I have one of the larger Benro tripods, and these offer an incredible value for the money. They’re basic and have less bells and whistles than many competitors, but features on budget tripods also mean more potential points of failure . I think the build quality of their aluminium units is impressive . What brought me here is because I’m considering picking up this model as a backup in order to have a more portable unit for those times where I don’t feel like schlepping around the oversized beast. These things can take a beating and are crazy impressive for the money.
Does it have a cellphone holder if i want to take a pic from my own phone if I don’t have a camera
This was a pretty good review, thank you!
Great review! I've been using one of the first gen Benro Travel Angel Carbon Fiber tripod for over 8 years now, the legs flop around and tightening with the allen key doesn't work for me anymore. I believe the magnesium cam that attaches to the leg has worn out. Now I'm looking for a tripod replacement. (Or perhaps a part replacement) But after doing much research, it seems like many other tripods don't last a couple months or even 2 years. Mine lasted until now, and I do use it frequently! I guess I'll be buying a Benro again someday!
Hi, the name of that tripod is angel travel? can you tell me the name? thanks
I have this tripod and I don't like the central column because doesn't lock enough tight. Moreover I'd like ti be able to detach part of it to save weight if I don't need al of its height. The legs and the ball head B0 perform well. I still have an Benro Go series and I like that one but its heavier too.
Great presentation ! I appreciate your passion and expertise. Thank you for taking the time to create this informative and enjoyable video. I'm looking forward to seeing more ! Cheers
Thank u so much, good review
Really love your genuinity! Been browsing around for tripods for a while now and finally found this vid lol. Really great vid, thanks!' Makes me miss those podcast episodes with you and peter too. :D
For more information, check out the full blog post: found the video helpful in providing direction for further research to make my own choice. Thank you great for publishing the video.
You missed the Sirui T-024SK which is a good alternative between the 025SK and W-1204
Too expensive
great info
Okk what shd i get? $500 budget
No way manfrotto is on top of the list !
It is a comercial ?! Mmmm Wich one is the best for you? Why ?
Could you use Kg?
Do you have a video for video tripods? :) - these seem mostly suitable for photography
Please include the MSRP for each tripod in the video
What a terrific product.
Thanks for the good content. Very helpful and professional.
Top 10 lists can be very subjective. It would have been a big plus if you had noted what the pros and cons were of each, rather than just repeating what their respective websites said about them (which are subjective in and of themselves). The blog post didn't shed any more light on it either. It just regurgitated what was in your video. It's nice that it was all in one neat little package, but I was looking for actual in the field reviews.
Great info
Your reference photo is taken at f6.3 (basically sweet-spot for lens) and you are comparing it to f20-f32 apertures when doing longer exposures. There must be noticeable lens diffraction effect on those high f-stops, regardless of tripod stability. comparisons
Quite informative. I was just about to order the Benro and needed some more clarification on specs. Thanks for providing that!
When doing the sharpness test, the reason that the photos appeared softer at longer shutter speeds is probably not related to the shutter speed but instead the f-stop. As you close the f-stop more than f/11, diffraction will cause the images to be less sharp than wider apertures.
Thank you for this presentation!
Does the Benro Tripster Series 0 have a friction control knob on the ball head?
Thank you for an in depth review.
Hi. One question, I want to use the Tripster backwards, is that possible? For macro photography.
Any recommendations tripod like benro tripster? I can't find in my country :((
where to buy benro tripster
i like the benro just too expensive
Thank you. That was by far the most comprehensive and informative comparison (along with video 1) I have seen. I have been looking for a travel tripod for a while and have looked at countless YT vids. This was the best. Be well and stay safe.
Great video, Thank you
Thanks for actually use the tripod and show the results.
Thanks for your super detailed analysis and comparison! Curious why you didn't compare carbon with carbon. Perhaps you can use Benro Tripster Series 0. That's about exactly same folded height as Mefoto and carbon. However, I believe it does not come with the same head as Series 0. I'm not sure. I also hope it's not as slim in its last section.
Looks like a good tripod. Been thinking about buying one of these as a second tripod. My current tripod is the Sirui Waterproof 1204 and I have zero complaints and I haven't had any water leaks inside of the legs. Perfect for seascapes and shooting from the water.
Height and stability are my most important needs with a tripod. That's a nice tripod but not high enough for me.
Hello Gareth, very good review. I was wondering though why you added an additional level base since your Benro balhead has 2 rotation plates ?
I like it doesn’t have a center column which I rarely even use, I think it is sturdy enough for astrophotography. You can always add weight to the hook though. The lack of height also doesn’t really bother me. It should also be an amazing versatile and travel tripod. The Mach3 series looks also lovely but I think there just to big to travel with. 16kg of weight should be fine with my mostly wide angle use cases. Definitely thinking of buying this one. The panoramic head also looks to be amazing and a giant step up from my 50€ tripod and ballhead.
Hi Gareth, don’t know if anyone has already commented on this or you already know but after speaking to Benro you can use the ball head as a levelling base and then the rotating clamp for panning. Thus removing the need for the levelling attachment
Hi spikes are best for muddy Hill sides and putting through hole on cds if on sand :)
Do you really need the levelling base when the ball head of the Tortoise has the dual Panorama function?
Great video Gareth. Have a look at Leofoto tripods I think you will be surprised at quality and price. they do need a reviewer like yourself in the UK. they have 10 layer build in carbon fibre and price is very competitive.
Been looking for a review on this for so long! Thanks for sharing your insights!
Kase Filters do waterproof covers for legs now. Apparently Leofotos new tripod series The Poseidon has titanium parts and waterproof legs
I have a Gitzo Series 3 Sytematic tripod with long legs. I bought this, because, like your Benro, it does not have a centre column. So it will go from flat to the ground to just under 6 feet in height. On top of that I have mounted an Arca Swiss Z1 DP (The DP stands for Double Panning which means I can pan without a levelling base.) To buy now, this combination would cost in the region of £1300. However, I have used this very hard for the last 6 years without problem and envisage using it for at least the same period again. Most of my work is landscape based, so it has been subject to a whole range of weather and water conditions. It is also very good for macro work with a focusing rail, where often the weight of the camera is well in front of the tripod, acting as a lever on the ball head. The Arca head locks absolutely solid, unlike other cheaper heads I have used in the past which start to 'creep'. It was a huge investment for me, but it is a great tool for the jobs I do with it.
Benro tripods are superb, used to buy Gitzo, but Benro offer great quality and excellent value for money. All you need now is a decent camera, lol may I recommend a Z6 or Z7, lol. Happy new year mate, hope 2021 bring all you wish for, cheers. PS Gitzo used to make a tripod called the "Ocean traveller" it came in two sizes, all fittings were marine grade stainless steel and it was designed for use at the coast and in the sea, they were approx £1,000, I think they have stopped making them now!
Up until very recently my main body was one that cost me $300 used and the most "expensive" lens was $350 also used so I had a real hard time justifying anything over ~$200 for a set of legs.
I use the Feisol CT-3442 Tournament with a Markins M20 ball head. Great combo for my Olympus gear. Tripod weighs 1.15kg and head weighs 598g (and the head is way overspecced for my gear). Max height 55.7 in (141.5 cm) and folder height 19.0 in (48.3 cm) without ball head and 23 (58.4) with. Had it about 9 years I guess and whilst not used frequently it has always done what I needed when I use it.
Snap locks on a tripod are better than twist locks and I’m tired of pretending that they are not.
I Recently purchased a Sirui N-2204SK N-S for $200usd on sale, cant wait to get it in my hands. Most expensive tripod I've ever purchased.
When I spent over a couple hundred Euros for a Manfrotto travel tripod I was quite happy with it.until I started carrying it around on my ruck for long periods. My advice: If you're going to carry it often, spend the extra money and buy carbon.
Peak Design Travel Tripod carbon fibre. Brilliant design, solid as a rock, light as a feather and 100% maintainable. Oh and guaranteed for life
£200 max for me but i am not a professional so hey
FWIW since you struggled so much with pronunciation: "Mach" is a German word and pronounced "mock". I do need a travel-size tripod to back up my full-size FLM CP30-L4 II tripod, which is brilliant. I paid $459 USD for it; it's now on holiday sale for $390! That's legs only; I have a Really Right Stuff BH-40B head on it. Benro is a solid brand.

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