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Bell Revolver Evo Electric Shield Snow Helmet (Matte Rally Orange, Large) : Car & Motorbike.


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Bell Revolver EVO Helmet (Large) Features

  • Men
  • Full Face
  • L

Find the best deal on Bell Revolver EVO Helmet (Large) at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Bell Revolver EVO Helmet (Large) Price in India is ₹130,600 at Amazon.
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Bell Revolver EVO Helmet (Large) Specifications

Technical Details
Assembly Required No
Brand Bell
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Color As shown in the image
Colour Black
feature Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction. Click Release Shield for fast, easy and tool-free shield replacement. NutraFog II anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shieldVelocity Flow Ventilation system with Flow Adjust. Drop-down sunshield offers "on the fly" protection from the sun. Contoured Cheek pads. Removable/washable interiorExclusive Magnefusion magnetic strap keeper. Chin Curtain to prevent cold air from entering the helmet. Padded chin strap with D-ring closureIndustry-leading
Foldable No
Included Full Face Street Helmet
Inner Material fabric
Item model number 2033301
Item part number 7053440
Item Weight 1.6 Kg,1.6 Kilograms
Manufacturer Bell
Manufacturer Part Number 2033301
Model 7053440
Outer Material polycarbonate
Product Dimensions 38.7 x 29 x 28.7 cm
Safety Rating DOT Certified
Size As shown in the image
Stain Resistant? No

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Bell Revolver EVO Helmet (Large) Reviews from YouTube

Bell Revolver EVO Modular Helmet Review at
Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review at
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Thank you telling me about it! I buy Bell Revolver EVO Modular Helmet it very nice I have not wear it that much because updating it! I add Tron brake & turn signal lights & bluetooth head set!
I wonder how it fares with Qualifier,in terms of wind noise. My 5 y/old Qualifier has been serving me well but with notable downside, however I can appreciate the plus points it has.
Great video and review thanks
wish you would give the weight of the helmet,watched the whole video and never heard the weight,good video
Bell hates riders with glasses.
My question is how do you put the cheek pads back in? I can not figure it out
I am research modular helmet because full size helmet do not fit me
I bought L size this helmet, is it okay if its hard to put on your head and take it off? I use L size on another helmets
How much pounds / kg does a large helmet revolver evo has?
I've had this helmet for one riding season. I don't have any noise complaints because I'm on a goldwing. The ventilation could be better but then again I'm on a goldwing so I can pretty much flip the shield up if need be without much worry of flying objects. A couple more serious gripes. Made in China. Guess they gotta eat right? The other is the shitty fabric on the chinstrap and cheek pads is rubbing off and sticks to my face in the form of little black chunks. Check your mirror after removing it if your skin is toxic like mine. Also, I have a rather large nose so unless this thing is perfectly centered on my noggin, the internal shield tends to rub one side or the other when in use. I'd buy another for $115 American as I did this one but not sure if I'd go the full $200.
Had to return mine. Doesn’t accommodate eye glasses :/
On the heavy side, but has all the features you need in a helmet! I have added the Bell strip on the clear visor to help with Sun.
I just bought a Revolver for $160
I've been riding with this helmet for about a month and yes its noisy. but that doesn't bother me as much because I almost always have earplugs or earbuds in. What bothers me is when I turn to do a head check before changing lanes at highway speeds, my visor tends to catch air and lifts up.
how do you remove the sun shield on the Revoler
Had one for almost a year now. I could only find reviews by online retailer like Revzilla. So here's my unbiased review: Cons: - Heavy. Size L is 2.02kg (4.45lbs) You really feel this, especially off road or on a bumpy road. - Large shell. Size L looks REALLY big. Looks like a bobblehead!I have the ghost colour scheme, which is mostly white. Black colours may look smaller. I guess. - Internal visor is not very dark and not optically perfect. I hardly use it though as I have a Transitions lense, which is EXCELLENT and I think unique to Bell (maybe Shoei) but very expensive at about AUD$190. - Weird shape. It may fit your head, but there is a pressure point on my forehead. My other other helmet is a Kabuto. And Shoei seems to fit well too. You need to work out what head shape you have. - When flipped up, it does not lock in up position very well. Not sure if other modular helmets do this, but this one doesn't. You also can't really ride with the helmet in up position if chin curtain is fitted, as it obscures your view. - Noisy. Man is it noisy. I use earplugs, but it still has lots of wind noise. Especially on a windy day, with crosswinds. The wind blows into the joint where it flips and makes more noise. The vents on the top seem to create turbulence which creates noise. The fit around the nape of the neck is not very close which creates more noise. Pros: - has cutouts for speakers. I had a Sena SMH10R fitted, which worked ok. - The transitions lense from other Bell helmets is great as mentioned above, but ex$pensive. - Cheap. - Internal sunshade mechanism is very good. Springs back up positively . - Paint finish is nice. I Like the ghost colour way.
K I've owned this helmet for about 4 years now so here is a no bullshit review: Generally overall the helmet is very well made for the price point it's set at. After 4 years with the original parts still in it, it works as flawlessly as the day I bought it. It's a bit of a tight fit so those wearing glasses like myself will have to wiggle a bit to get them in there but on the upside, they will not come flying off your head. The controls that work the sun shield work well, but I still preferred my HJC double spring loaded switch that was on the SIDE of the helmet not protruding from the bottom of the helmet. One word of warning. This helmet is loud, now before you start pissing your pants, all you need to do is get some foam rubber and fill the void that is taken up by the speaker divets. Bell in their infinite wisdom must have figured that all the cool kids out there would put huge ass speakers in their helmets so they can feel cool even though it distracts the hell out of you. If I were Bell I would have charged an extra 50 cents on 1 cent of removable plugs for those holes. Once I extracted some foam rubber from my girlfriends top mattress memory foam(I hope she's not reading this) and made plugs out of them myself. Wind noise fell by at least 40% however it's still a fairly noisy helmet(probably need denser foam to get more). It came with a nice helmet bag that I use to put spent brass at the range in, but I'm sure if you're a super polisher, one ride every Sunday type of rider you'll probably appreciate it more than more than me, but it's a nice touch. Paint has held up very well, including some really rough punk parties where it get knocked around a bit. In fact it's held up better than my bike(Bandit 1200) which I bought new in 2005. So in short you're going to pay an extra $50 for an equivalent HJC however you're getting WAY more value and quality from a polymer style helmet. It's comfy, has features and is a great stepping stone into the sordid world of modular helmets. Do yourself a favour pay the extra $50.
how to change inner sun shield for revolver,i really have no idea how to change it
Is this helmet suitable for someone with an intermediate oval head shape?
Bad review. The helmet was never lifted off the table. Did not even lift the visor.
My biggest concern is whether or not the helmet has a racing stripe that pays homage to the American muscle car era. Can anyone clarify?
Hey! Why doesn't anybody ever talk about the actual shape of the inside of the helmet? We all can pick out a small, medium, or large, but I want manufacturers to reference if the crown of the helmet is more circular or more of an oval shape. For instance, if someone was looking down at the top of my head, they wouldn't see a perfect circle they would see an oval. That's what I'm getting at. So far, Shoei is the only helmet that is comfortable to me. I want to know if Bell makes their helmets for someone with a circular shaped head or someone with an oval shaped head. Does anyone understand what I'm saying?
Review of a Bell Modular helmet.without ever mentioning or opening the modular portion of the helmet WTF
Does this helmet come with a tinted black visor?
ahhhh ok without the sticker, it is not allowed to wear the helmet. I got it thank you buddy
what does DOT means ?
@RevZilla Please start reviewing the inside of the helmets as well
Great Videos first of all! Yall are awesome and extremely helpful! my question is i just purchased the Bell Revolver in rally green, and i would like to know if it is the same helmet that is in this video? and also have they made any changes to the helmet since 2012? thanks and Love Yalls Channel! Marcus
Would be useful to put the helmets on and see how they actually look on a head.
Hello I am from Argentina a question which is better helmet Bell Revolver EVO or Nolan N91 from now Thank you.-

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