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Beginning JavaScript Book Reviews from YouTube

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Javascript Introduction | Lecture 1 | Web Development Course
JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour
Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners
I just realised I need a javascript for dummies video
wow im dumb
Thank you ,pls make videos on objects for begginer
so amazing
Very good video to give you an idea about what you will be going for
no seriously thank you had the ideas and basic knowledge now i can move forward
thanks 🙏
Clickbait crap, unsubscribe…
Video not play
YouTube "Five Minute University: Father Guido Sarducci"
you can also use var in js to create variables now
Can you make 2 minutes tutorials? I have job interview tomorrow
really ? JS in 5 min ? what a clown
Use whiteboard man don't waste paper
Hello, have anyone worked freelancing? are you freelancing currently or going to pull your next gig? I am learning programming self. I want to see how people choose a gig suitable for their current situation and how they build the project from start to end, how they publish it to the client. I would do some work for you to ease your work with zero or few money if you would like to pay for it. The only problem You may face from my side, I will be asking small things.
5 minutes is too long for my gnat attention span can you teach me javascript in 60 seconds?
dang actually not bad, you shouldve explained classes more though
Shradhha di se bolo aur courses provide kare
Sir notes
Sir 5% website me javascript ki jagah kaun si language use hota hai.
can you please fix your mic voice compare to other so your mic output soundn is wrost
Notes kha h bhai ?
0:36 Technical Guruji k style main start kiya 😂
lecture 1 completed
3:22 part was best
gulab and gulab jamun nice comparison XD XD XD
I love ur every videos 😍
Thank You So Much 🥰
Such a understandable lecture 😊
Waiting for javascript 😱 full course
Please upload Type Script tutorial
DIDI ko Bolo Sikhane ko JS
Gulab and gulabjamun example is very nice 😂😂
For JavaScript tutorial in Hindi
How i get notes of java script ?
sir ye easy to nhi lg rhi hai
🔥 Want to master JavaScript? Get my complete JavaScript course: 👍 Subscribe for more tutorials like this:
You are the best!
H1 IS NOT WORKING what I can do
sir I love your videos
The part at 14 minutes makes no sense. Open command prompt and go to the folder from earlier? In this folder we run? How do you go to a folder on command prompt? I completely lost it there... And what's up with the completely black screen? If looks zoomed in, if we could see the whole screen we could sort of guess how to do it but I have no idea how to get that to show.
Mosh thanks so much for activating my zeal to learning JavaScript
0:40 I don't need money, my goals are beyond understanding I just need the knowledge
I am having a problem. At 11:58 I go to run the code in the browser and it says console is not defined. How can I fix this? I understand this video is not recent but would this have been a change made in the compiler? Please anyone reply to this and let me know how to fix it if you know. Thanks!
Yes Dr. Mosh - tho it says in hour ....It has taken me 5 hours ... because I paused the video soaked up each break down then gradually applied the concepts, examples and memories each step - may have taken me hours I am ready "Hello World of JavaScript". Thank you for a well descriptive, easy to understanding JS code. Thank you for teaching so well. And what's nice - Mosh 👍🏻 you skipped the mumble jumble jargon (the unnecessary stuff)
14:10 the command prompt task doesn't work for me. I'm stuck! first, I dont have a blank sheet, I have "C:\Users\username>" there when I type "js-basics $" or "js-basics $node index.js", i get the following message: "'js-basics' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I have win10, my folder path is C:\Coding\js-basics\
instructions unclear, pc exploded
that is a lie the video is only 50 minutes long
Enjoyed Learning ...Thank you
Can somebody explain “var” vs “let” to me? I’ve been studying this video very closely and practicing along with it but I’ve just watched a few others that say “let” isn’t used _instead_ of “var” - the two have different uses? So now I’m wondering if I should’ve been using “var” this whole time?
Awesome intro, I really want to enroll in your course, can I pay it with Tether or any other crypto ?
what video to watch after completing this lesson
10/10. impressive...
i didnt got it
Next learn the React JavaScript framework in 99 seconds:
Open the door, someone knocked on your door at 12:48
I found this 9 months ago just found it again! This really helped me get started in front-end dev. Love you!!
I'm totally love your kid.... hehehe... he is cute.... take care and stay safe.
Every thing on it is not completely true
"Use your code for good" The best lesson of the entire course.
Time stamp 45:00
Very good planer
Nice video)))
I feel like some parts were skipped is there an even longer more explanation on each basic concepts? ps... this video is awesome!
you make such a good tutorials. I didn;t even need to google or think abotu anything. you make it clear
I got completely lost after 'arrow functions' at 2:47:17 T_T
I'm wondering if someone can share some vital info I seem to be missing; I want to believe I can just "get hired" and all I need is to "know coding" trying to change careers, learning this stuff, how can I find actual projects to work on so I can gain the necessary experience needed for applications? That employers will take seriously? Thats been my biggest roadblock, is finding peer-run projects that I can list as experience and the employer won't laugh me out of the building?

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