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THE BODY SHOP Arber Aftershave Balm (2.5 fl. oz) Price in India ...

Brand. THE BODY SHOP. Model Name. Arber Aftershave Balm (2.5 fl. oz). Container Type. Tube. Quantity. 75 ml. Ideal For. Men. Read More. No Ratings Yet.


The Body Shop Arber Aftershave Balm, 75ml : Beauty

The Body Shop Arber Aftershave Balm, 75ml : Beauty.


THE BODY SHOP Arber after shave balm Price in India - Buy THE ...

This aftershave balm for men softens and conditions the skin. It has an earthy, woody fragrance with a hint of citrus. Customer reviews : Best aftershave ...


THE BODY SHOP Arber Aftershave Balm Price in India - Buy THE ...

THE BODY SHOP Arber Aftershave Balm (75 ml) ... wonderful product. Distinct lovely subtle smell n non-sticky creamy base provides great feeling on after shave ...


The Body Shop Arber Aftershave Balm Features

  • Quantity: 75 ml
  • For Men
  • Container: Tube
  • Key specs are not available.

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The Body Shop Arber Aftershave Balm Specifications

Additional Traits
Woody Scent with A Hint of Citrus, Softens and Conditions Skin
Aftershave Cream Traits
Container Type Tube
Form Factor Balm
Fragrance Earthy, Citrus, Woody
Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months
Quantity 75 ml

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The Body Shop Arber Aftershave Balm Reviews from YouTube

Activist by The Body Shop Fragrance Review (1995)
The Truth About The Body Shop
Fragrances with Lex - Arber by The Body Shop (2002)
The Body Shop Maca Root & Aloe Calming Post Shave Gel, Maca Root Shave Cream and Rockwell 6s
I do enjoy your enthusiasm and recommendation but my! I believe perfume is indeed subjective..activist was a blind buy based on your take and it totally choked my senses in a rather overwhelming way. Tried my best to love but sadly impossible so far.Thinking how to dispose off this rather all pervasive chemical stench.Btw I absolutely enjoyed my other blind buy based on your reviews...explorer, cool water, aramis, khiel's om, bodyshop musk etc
Great to know your take on khiel's OM.. based on your review m blind buying davidoff CW, activist n white musk for men.. will update once parcel reach, optimistic so far
I just ordered Activist, Arber , Kistna and White Musk Sport...can't wait to try them all!
I definitely love Body Shop's White Musk for men. I will have to try their others . Hope you are on your way to feeling better.
Thank you for the review. I just got this & wow it is a great scent!
Thank you for introducing me to this nice fragrance. The projection little weak so I layer it with Zadig Voltaire This is him. Great combo!
I love the rootbeer one. Good video boss.
Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed night
welcome back brother
Just increase ur vitaminC intake joy.. 2000mg to 3000mg per day.. virus will not go near u or will live in ur body
Im glad youre back. I missed you after two days.
glad to see you back my friend.
You should try an amazing fragrance called (life is) by the bodyshop .no one talk about it
My sister bought this for me last Christmas.
Get well soon! Support from Taiwan
Hey Joy, a long time subscriber here. A bit of tough love, take it or leave it. Your hairstyle in this video "Which Aqva is the best from Bvlgari house?", looks way better, in my opinion, than your current hairstyle. Thank you for your videos.
Your doing a great job joy.
Brother, try Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir
Glad to hear youre feeling a little better man, thank you for sharing. Im sure youll be back to 100% very soon
Get better, Joy, and take care of yourself!
I will check them out!
I would love to hear your thoughts on the body shops Drops of Light, Drops of Youth, and Oils of Life ranges! I used to work there and these were the more luxury ranges with natural ingredients like plant stem cells and cold pressed seed oils.
You explained me why I have allergy on "the body shop" products.
I've been using their aloe moisturiser with spf30 along with the aloe mask for years now. I've tried switching to other brands from time to time but everything else irriates me skin. It helped clear my adult acne as I was finally being kind to my skin instead of stripping it of its natural oils.
can i use the tea tree serum after DOY concentrate? i have some acnes,
i'm a member fan, one thing that i appreciate is the' bring back bottle act', you bringback your bottle after use to the store and get the points, and the bottles will be recycled
I am conflicted on them cause I had the biggest allergy reaction Ive ever had after using their vitamin c sunscreen. I believe that they products were too strong for me and they destroyed my skin barrier. My mother didnt know I stopped buying there and bought me aloe cleansing foam. I dont know whether to give a second chance or not. I havent tried this particural one.Edit: Oh okay I come back after wathing the video and since its the only line without fragnance, I will give it a try.
Thanks even though I'm a year late w/ this vid lolusing body shop facial skin care right now since I'm starting, friend recommended it to me as a good cruelty free brand.So far so good I'm not iratated w/ my day and night creams and tea tree serum, I'll definitely try the aloe line after finishing w/ my current productsP.s subscribed already!Vids are informative and life saving, much love thank you
Can you please talk about aveda skin care
for all those wondering tea tree oil does work! i bought a bottle at the drug store and i put at least 8-10 drops in a small medicine cup with lukewarm water to dilute it cause it can cause ur skin to become very dry if u dont dilute it and then i just use my clean fingers to dip and apply it on to my face and i saw instant results in just 2 weeks!! my acne is 90% gone highly recommend!
Isn't it a MLM?
I don't use their facial products, only because my skin is very dry and sensitive but as far as body lotions, it's always and only Body Shop for me
Do Bath and Body Works!!!
You really should not support the body shop because of their body shop at home pyramid scheme. No skin care is worth the harm that it does. Also it's beneficial to learn about green washing. That's what body shop does.
the problem with the body shop amd cruelty free is that they themselves are cruelty free but theor mother company os not so basically they are only half.. its sad.
As a teenage girl in south of England in the 80's Body Shop was huge. Every large shopping centre seemed to have 1 and everyone had at least 1 of their products that they loved. Sadly 99% of their products brought me out in terrible blotchy rashes so I had to avoid them. Trying to explain this to people at birthday and Christmas times would usually get a response similar to "but all their stuff is natural and hypo-allergenic so it must be something else" . Did love several of their scents so was actually disappointing that I could not use any of their stuff. These days having learned of their fake origin history, mlm business offshoot and questions about the reality of their source ingredients and product testing I am almost glad. Its a shame that good people with the best of intentions are still falling for it.
Dearest Hyram, I hope that you will see my comment. I know that you would want to know about shady business practices so please have a look at blairs or the illuminaughtys video about the Body Shop She explains it in a lot more detail than I ever could in a comment. I am a huge fan of you and hope you dont take this the wrong way
But then there's this - and it makes me so sad :(
Please do a "truth about..." video for Nuskin!
If parfum is listed as the last product is it really that bad? Gutted bought some new skin care 2 weeks ago and its on there! X
Use this parfume while summer, the smell will more strong, like a knife cross into your throat through your nose. Not recommended parfume for Summer
Nice review. Wat accent or dialect is that mate
I bought this and white musk sport for a colleague in work. (We got 50% discount for working for the council prior to Xmas!) should have got myself a bottle.

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