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Denim Aqua After Shave Lotion Features

  • Quantity: 100 ml
  • Type: Herbal
  • For Men
  • Skin Type: Oily Skin
  • Container: Bottle
  • Key specs are not available.

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Denim Aqua After Shave Lotion Specifications

Aftershave Lotion Traits
Container Type Bottle
Fragrance Citrus
Ideal For Men
Ideal Skin Type Oily Skin
Organic Type Herbal
Quantity 100 ml
In the Box
1 Aftershave Lotion

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Original=poor man's Azzaro Pour Homme.Black=light Drakkar Noir.
Are these wearable as daily using colong on skin?
I like the way how you're talking.
In India we get just duplicate productsEven in online websites.India is such a great place to get filthy pathetic duplicate products
You should definitely try also Denim Gold, in my opinion is the version that smell best of the new ones (I kinda like classic Denim original cologne, and have some backup bottles of vintage version) . I don't really reccomand "denim wild", In my personal taste is the worst one (but might just be a matter of my taste, I have some trouble with the smell of a specific aromachemical that is massively used in that cologne version).
Denim Original vintage is totally different and better than todays releases. Current Denim is close to the original, but not the same scent like from 80's
I remember using Denim Musk aftershave way back in the early 1990s.During those days the Denim Musk juice colour was the same as Denim Original Aftershave.It had a fantastic fragrance, never found anything similar to it.I hope the Denim Musk shown in your video in green colour has the same old quality in fragrance.
Fake denim aftershave reviews .
I got Denim black but not the green one joy
yeah was 1976
I have 2 bottle of it 2019 buy more it nice very very nice Denim
joy I have lot Denim love afred shave 5 bottle 1988 1991
Can women use it,,,,coz I ve it
Joy! Good recomendation. I noticed you have flu regularly. You say you were on antibiotics on this video. But flu is a virus, not a bacteria. Antibiotics dont help with flu. Just to let you know. Anyway, you are an excelent reviewer!
You can use aftershave also as a eau de toilette !
Joy Amin bro thanks so much for your recommendation. I usually use denim musk. Thinking about trying the original one. The way you explain it's like I'm watching a movie. Could you please review other musk body spray fragrances in Bangladesh.
thank you very bro. love from india
Denin come out 1976 joy
Sir can we you face cream after using shave lotion
Good work bro keep it up
Ye kitne time lgana chahiye aurOriya pimples thik kar sakta hai uske dago Ko sab Sahi kar sakta hai kya
Bakwas fudu video
Agar shaving karte wakt cut lag jay skin keya use karn chahiye Please make a video on this or reply me
What is deference in gillette vector and gillette v +?
Brother also review old spice after shave lotion
Kya isko regular laga sakte h shaving k baad
Sar uche lga skte hea ser plies btao.
Kya ese use kar sakte h
Daam batao
Mujhe ghane beard chahiye. Which gel to use
Isase hota kya he dadhi badhane ke liye he kya?
Kya isko body pe perfume ki tarah use kr sakte hai koi problem to nahi hoga na scene pe
Bilkul iske jaisi smell karne wali koi perfume hai kya?
Aftershave lotion se kaale hote hai kya ? Pimples kam hojate hai kya isse ?
Original and fake
Can we use it to kill virus / what percentage of alcohol dose the aftershave contains Plz tell me
thank you sir..
Only thing ita gold colour here in the Uk Not seen it in the other colour .. cheers anyhow
Try shaving in the shower saves time just use shower gel ..get a steamless mirror with suction cup ..
Love that aftershave very 80s lol
So,what does Soylent Green shave soap smell like?Oh,it varies from person to person....
I've been using denim Musk deodorant spray before I grew mustaches. Love it.
Denim look up
Good video % beautiful
soylent green Classic!!!
Assalam o Alaikum A beautiful shave n video as usual..... Sir Ken.Today i also bought this Denim aftershave n used..... I enjoy it so much.... Thnks Sir Ken.
Why even use a blade twice, theyre so inexpensive I toss after one use.
I want to try Denim.... and in this video I can understand that is a great AS as you advice. Than the Spot of the '80... Here was in Italian but is the same in English... Hi Ken... To the next video.... See you!
Classic Denim and Stetson were the first two colognes I ever used! Great to see those from you my wet shaving brother!
Thanks for another great review, Ken!
Hi ken. Great shave great video.I enjoyed it.Not to be nosey or anything.But you look like you have lost some weight.Anyways looking forward for that parker variant shave.
You got me looking into these old scents Ken... Great video.-Brandon
Italy represent! this classic colognes series is top notch. I got my dad a vintage 1985 Atra brown handle on the Bay still in the original box, carton and price tag attached..sometimes you do get lucky! Enjoy your weekend in Vegas and do not lose more money than the amount you put in purchasing shaving products
Ken, have you ever used the Muhle r103 razor? It looks very similar to r 41.
Old spice should be number one it ruled since 1938
Gillette is the Man
Really Gillette is the best and long lasting. I have Old Spice, Adidas, Nivea, Brut etc, these do not last for more than 2 minutes.

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