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Azzaro Visit After Shave Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Azzaro
feature Imported from USA, Delivers in 15 days
Manufacturer Azzaro
Model 201552

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Azzaro Visit After Shave Reviews from YouTube

Azzaro Visit (Initial Impression) for Men
Azzaro VISIT for men review 2020
Azzaro VISIT for men (2003) fragrance review
I have that same boucheron lol
Its like water with a hint of fragrance -Maybe its the new formulation but it literally has nothing to it- Im hearing how it performs and is strong- honestly I just bought it and it is seriously weak - I only wish to inform people so they dont waste their money - I think they have seriously weakened this one , try before you buy , honestly this disappears within half an hour of weakness as it is - I feel mugged off but luckily I can return it - wanted to love this one - wish I had old formulation
By signature perfume its sexy woody
Is it suitable for 35 years of age?
If you're in India you can also buy Titan steele that black bottle... 100% replica of Azzaro Visit with beast mode performance
I bought it yesterday.. It was reformulated?
That look at 5:48 makes me wanting it.
Blind bought off JoyAmin and SmellsGood reviews and because i just 'had to have it'. Smells to me like Davidoff Cool Water Deep & SANDER by jil sander. It's just structured different and less cloying than those two
I stumbled upon a great combination that I'm calling a Trip to London. (LOL)Burberry London // Azzaro Visit.
Joy, is there any way to remove the cap in order to decant? I want to fill my Travalo, but it's not looking so doable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Just picked it up this morning; completely a blind buy and Im beyond happy.
Blind purchased it based on your review, very different just loved it. Thanks Joy
Brother its not a unique scent it's very very similar to the older hyped Versace blue jeans
My signature scent when it was launched... never saw it again... will buy for sure! Thanks for bringing it back!
Hello Joy! Thank you very much for featuring this gem! I have it and I love it! I also would like to recommend something to you that is also very unique! Trust me on this, please get Guess 1981 Indigo! It's very inexpensive yet is also great quality! I'd also love to see your review. It's fantastic and will put a smile on your face, guaranteed!
Love this perfume, best in summer's.. easily last for 10 hours.. v v unique frgnc..
I also bought it after watching Chris' review:)...came today...and yes,it is very similar to Gucci's rush,which I owned many years ago...nice scent...
Thank you from France for this review.
love that fragrance, intesting woody spicy, great in cold weather...and powerful in hot water (if you are a savage :P)
I had to look if you reviewed this... wow! just love this juice and your awesome review. keep it up ...
Sounds nice mate. I've never heard of this scent.
Another good look at a frag. Its sounds good to me but not sure if or when I will get chance to try it.
Interesting combination of notes! You should do a list of your top fragrances for meditation and yoga!
Is it me or is this like water with just a tiny bit of fragrance - just bought it , I swear the smell is gone within 10 minutes - I was hearing its a big performer and its strong- this is so weak , like I was shocked , think it got reformulated and destroyed , test first, it performs like water
I read it was released 2003, not 2013
Thinks men.
Very nice fragrance I have 10 bottlesI am very very very very much love this fragranceFrom Egypt I loved this review
So this is the famous Azzaro fragrance that has been often compared to Gucci Rush. Just bought it for 20 bucks literally after watching this.
Great review! For another unique fresh Summer scent try Dunhill Fresh if you haven't already (would love to see you review it). Keep up the great reviews!
Great review! Appreciate you adding the drydown update even after you finished recording the first time!
After my shower I gave this a couple sprays! Scentland did a review for this a while ago and tossed it into one of my orders. I wear this for work. 3 sprays when I use this out.
Zino's Davidoff distant lower IQ cousin : (
Yes... Two days 2 blues
Hidden Gem
I got a month whit this fragance, and it's one of my favorite in the collection, and i heard of this fragance for Joyamin, greetings Tommy
6:47 that was so ASMR lmao
Second one of my now favourite perfumes that I bought because of your recommendation (the first one was Havana). Visit is magnificent, that cedar scent - just beautiful. But the blue color still causes some cognitive dissonance in my brain :) every time I see it, my mind screams: "this is blue, this should smell like sea!"
I own a bottle and i have never met another one that smells the same. Very gut review..:)
I'm wearing this right now. Great fragrance!
Friend, azzaro Chrome Legend or Visit? Good chanel!!
Chris is a true hidden Ben's hunter.
This one's good!And I'm a incense lover...
Does it last longer than joop homme? Cause joop man the females will go home Smelling like me the next morning lol
One of my best SOTD fragrances in winter time. I wouldn't find this gem if not for your review. Thank you as always, Chris!
Chris is that 30 or 50ml bottle you got there?
Very good review...I tried this one.... too peppery for me, so I gave it to my brother. I did love the bottle design though. :)
Thanks Chris , for putting me on to this truly under rated gem and at such a cheap price. I will be wearing this as my work scent, as it's great smelling, long lasting, and inoffensive. The first time I wore it I had a compliment from a work colleague. Just wondering as it's approaching Christmas, what Fragrance you'll be wearing on the day. Would it be Christian Diors Eau Savage Parfum, as it has Myrrh or perhaps a Scent with some incense, what are your'e thoughts. Great videos Chris, I really enjoy your reviews, and best wishes to you and your Family this Christmas.
My SOTD. I see it on line for $22 for a 100ml. Great price for this scent. It outperforms He Wood Rocky Mt. The Cedar and incense is well balanced. I live in Alaska and I do5 sprays. its not a beast and doesn't overwhelm any of my co-workers.
Nice reviewquestionHow Many sprays you put to be noticeable when you pass thru people?thanks
lol that titanic reference
Great review of a very underrated gem! Really enjoy this and it is great value price wise.
In my mind it gives me a similar vibe to Amouage Memoir man. Great review Chris.
What I like about it is you don't need too much spray on your neck... One or two is enough!
Well done review. I originally assumed that Annick Menardo was a man as well. I am a huge fan of her fragrances (specifically Hypnotic Poison and Body Kouros) and this is a very different scent for her. She usually works in a vanilla/anise/gourmand direction but this Visit is a very nice woodsy, herbal scent. It's very wearable, which I appreciate.

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