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Buy Beats Executive Headphones online at Flipkart Amazon. Beats Executive Headphones Beats Executive Headphones Colours: Silver
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Beats Executive Headphones Features

Beats Executive Headphones Beats Executive Headphones Colours:
  • Silver

The lowest Beats Executive Headphones Price in India is ₹33,933 at Flipkart.
Buy Beats Executive Headphones online at Flipkart Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Please go through Beats Executive Headphones full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Beats Executive Headphones Specifications

Cord Type 1.361 m
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Other Control Features In-line Remote and Mic Cable (Smartphone Compatibility May Vary)
Weight 340 g
Brand Beats
Color Black
Compatible Devices Mobile
Headset Design Over the Head
Model Id By Dr. Dre Executive 06946 | Over Ear Headphone Bt Ov Exe Blk
Type of Headset Over the Ear (Circumaural), Open Back
Wired/Wireless Wired
Microphone Features
Microphone Type Built-in-Microphone
Sound Features
Other Sound Features Noise Cancellation

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Beats Executive Headphones Reviews from YouTube

Beats Executive Unboxing & Review (Beats Over-Ear Executive Headphones - Silver)
OFFICIAL Beats Executive Review
Beats by Dr. Dre Executive Headphones Review!
Beats Executive Headphones Review
Watching this in 2021
Can you still.listen WITHOUT the batteries?
2020, is it still a good time to buy them for $110?
lew do you still have this beats executive i still want that
I still have these in 2020 🤦‍♂️ 😂
I watch this in 2020 and... I LOVE THIS BEATS😍😍
the best beats desing
Honestly Lew was to the point back then. Nowadays only stupid jokes snd 30% is the actual review
September 2018.
Yes Lewis sounds way different!!!!
i just got that
Omg sooo Oooolllld
Doesn't talk about how they sound... Not surprised
Man it's funny watching these old ones and how chilled and calm lue is and now he's a nut he's crazy as hell and funny
Those have a futuristic design
Oh yea first 2017
Hey everybody Should I buy Beats By dre Executive Headphones yes or no ? By the way I have the headphones called Beats By Dre Pro White Headphone.
I've got these they cost $300
hey lew i know u have many headphones unboxing if your reading this please give this beats video
1:10 The girl in the picture also knows these are so shit that they are impossible to hear
Is it worth buying these or studio beats
Nostalgia trip:^)
so they are made for old ears that can't hear hiss
Actually one of the only pairs of Beats headphones with decent build quality that folds in a better way. The cups rotate and the extender doesn’t fold with the hinges.
I wish Beats made a second edition of the executives to address some of the problems such as the noise canceling issue and made them wireless and add the ability to function without batteries. They don't really have any headphones out nowadays marketed to adult workers/businessmen.
Whats the battery size? Tnx for the review
Aren't they also Bluetooth?
These sound like crap in fact im using them rn and its a bad idea
You didnt wear them right
Beats is downgrading , those look like $30 headphones
"You don't find any flashy red here" ... Hello? Those cables? :D I would go and try to find black replacement cables :)
I wish I had those back in the day but I have the Solo 2 wireless
So they don't work without batteries, but when you turn them on they hiss ? What ?
do you hear the hiss still when it is turned off
Worse headphones evrr
If someone could replace the drivers with those from the Sony MDR-1A and remove the ANC feature, they would become hella G.
is the hiss bearable, i can get these for 70 shall i get them?
Don t buys them they suck if your a DJ speakers blew in weeks
I dont give a shit about the hiss its not that distracting
Ik this is an old video but what are the two plugs in comes with??
You could have just turned off the noise canceling lol
Product came in great condition and arrived a day early JustU.Faith/BeatsSolo?棺 Came with original case and all cords. Was a great birthday present. I will be purchasing these for myself!
Almost make a huge mistake. Until I seen your vid. Thanks. You you said turn the camera I yelled “ TRASHHH!!!” Lol thanks Im going technica!
I like mine lol
I’m listening to this with the exacutives
Trash part killed me lol 😁
Great review
If it price 20-30 dollar no body will hate you beats.... Your real price is only 16 dollar retail price should be 20-30 or 40:))))
I almost brought these for $50 off Craigslist but after watching this video, I'm cool. 😂😂😂 He threw those shits in the trash bruh!!! I'm crying 😭😭😂😂
my mans threw them shit in the trash its a dub i ain't coppin now lmaoo
Just bought these headphones for about 80 dollars brand new, I bought them more for the nice design, I hope that the sound quality isn't that bad.
I already watched this review 3 years ago and it still makes me lol XD The truth is still a truth!!! #BeatSucks
I think this guy is being a bit dramatic, I have had these headphones almost 5 months now and I'm very happy with them, yes the noise cancellation is very noticeable when you aren't listening to anything but when the sound starts you can't hear the "hissing" this guys talking about. As for long listening sessions, I've used these on multiple long airplane trips from the UK to the US - to be precise, from Manchester to Boston MA & London to Orlando FL, and without any discomfort on the ears although the head band did cause slight pain after continuous use of approximately 5 hours. I did find that the noise cancellation feature was a bonus on the flights as it muffled the sound inside the planes very well and allowed me to concentrate on my work, music or films. I definitely recommend them.
you can cut the whole video to just the ending and that would have been suffiencent Great Video. The truth was 100% spoken
now their a great price at $179
I have a pair of these and everything you are saying is true, but I didn't pay for mine so I can't complain too much.
instead of throwing it into dustbin u would've givem em' to me!!! 😂
I just got these Today.. And the "HISS" sucks... I wished I would of seen this video befor I bought these...➡😠 I liked the first one's but the make sucked... the band keeps coming off... What really pisses me off is the fact they won't fit back into the dam box... corporate greed at its finest merry Christmas to me... ➡👎
HAHAHAHAHA loved it .... thumbs up for this video...
Rocky beads
Are the bass incredible
some parts are a lil fast that's all, I got everything else tho
sound good tho no disrespect
slow down lol
I can't hear from one side
I just got the beats by dre executive for graduation and overall I like it I just don't like the hissing noise. But I was wondering can these headphones be charged from like a USB? Or do I have to keep buying batteries?
I love my executive's yeah it makes a slight hissing noise but anyone who would buy these anyways isn't going to be listening under 50% I can tell you that much. You want sound quality these are great head phones. Yeah they have bass it's BEATS what do you expect. 
If y'all are just talkin about beats headphones in gen .. If ur not a bass head then don't say shit
I just bought these from eachgame! How much should I sell them for if I want to sell them.?
there so sleek looking but i love the pro's 
Thanks for the review sir. :) But i have a question. Which is better, Studio? Executive? or Solo?
I bought headphones that had far better sound than beats and I spent $2
true story bro
if bose or audio technicas looked like beats...theyd sell so much more
is the hiss really that bad
These beats which are better or mixr
I like the Logitech UE 6000 headphones, for $200 they are better than any headphones I have come across!
Fr ee beats by dre at badabeats dotcom

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