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Buy Bausch & Lomb B4 Monthly Contact Lens (-2.50, Transparent, Pack of 1) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Transparent Spherical Lens Monthly
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Bausch & Lomb B4 Monthly Contact Lens (-2.50, Transparent, Pack of 1) Features

Bausch & Lomb lens offers a great value for new users of contact lenses. Easy-to-fit low water content spherical soft lens manufactured using "spin-cast" technology and designed for use in the correction of myopia, hyperopia, and aphakia on a daily wear basis. They are high in water content to let your eyes remain moist and not get dry and itchy. They also allow greater levels of oxygen to reach the cornea making them so much more comfortable to wear and use. They should also be replaced annually. They should not be worn overnight.

  • Lens Type: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical Power: -2.50 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Monthly
  • Contact Lens
  • Transparent
  • Spherical Lens
  • Monthly

The lowest Bausch & Lomb B4 Monthly Contact Lens (-2.50, Transparent, Pack of 1) Price in India is ₹799 at Flipkart.
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Bausch & Lomb B4 Monthly Contact Lens (-2.50, Transparent, Pack of 1) Specifications

Package Weight 0.065 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.4 mm
Brand Bausch & Lomb
Brand Color Transparent
Color Clear
Corrective Power -2.5 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14.5 mm
disposability Monthly
Lens Type Spherical Lens
Material Polymacon
Model Name B&L_B4Clear-2.50
Spherical Power -2.5 dioptres
UV Protection Yes
Water Content 39 %
In the Box
Pack of 1
Sales Package 1 Contact Lens

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Bausch & Lomb B4 Monthly Contact Lens (-2.50, Transparent, Pack of 1) Reviews from YouTube

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Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses Good Option.
Is it complete free
3 month tak continue lagta hon phr phankta hon
Ma 3 saal sa use karraha hon ache lanse hai
Do you have used aquasolution to wash the lens before applying into eyes.plz reply
God!! I have toric power too.
Can we skip cylindrical
Free mtlb Koi bhi delivery charge ni lgega or ye one day use vale h kya or Kitne din m a jata h
bro is this really free?
Colour konsa he
One time.... Mtlb ek baar laga ke phek do 🤷‍♀️
Bhaiya lens milne k baad usse kitne time tak bina use kiye rakh sakte h means ki abhi need nahi h par baad m kabhi kisi function m use karna chahu to ye kab tak expire nahi honge apni seal package condition m plz reply🙏🙏🙏
Are they one day lens
Can you please answer me whenever i wear contact lens why things appear bigger than its normal size???? It only happens with me or you also???
For how long we can use these lenses
Bhai thanks me aapke vajah se mera order aa gya aise hi video banate rho bhai ham aapko sport karenge bhai
भाई रात को सोते समय निकाल देने ह हमेशा ये
Bhai free delivery he kya bhai
Right side waali Eye red ho ri h aapki
ये लैंस साधें मील ते है क्या
Free trail means..konse bhi power ka free me home deliver hoga..?on any area adress..without any condition..?
⚠️Ma'am y r u crying!! 🙈🙈🙊
Can we wear it for more than a month
ICL is better then wearing lenses....
In lense can we wash our face ?
Do they provide lense storage box with our order or should we buy it separately?
Nice video mam Very informative 👏
Mam clear lense our transparent lense me kya difference h our mai kon sa lun
, thanks 😇
They way you speak is very good keep going one day you will succeed.
Di aap itni aasni se lens hata lete ho maine try kiya tha kl i was so scared coz mujhse wo nikal hi nhi rha tha 🙄so horrific experience
Plz also tell us how to put back in the lens case...wapas rakhne ke time par dikkat hi rahi hai
Ma'am apka intro bada accha laga😁
Mam can people with dry eyes use this mam??
Boush and lomb yearly contact Lance kitne time use kr skte hai.. 8 to 10 hours am I right mam...?
Which contact lenses should I buy, wearing time 16 hours, different power in both eyes
Can we go in front of light with lense will it melt?
Which camera you record?
I've bought a contact lens today from Bausch and Lomb. I've different sight for each eye but they gave me only one box for both eyes and there is different power on the given box which doesn't match my eye sight. So what should I do now?
Finally i got the vdo want i want 😎😀...thnkssss
🔹Eye Health QOTD: Which type of contact lenses are you wearing? Do you wear monthlies, dailies or specialty lenses? Which are you favorite brands?
Air potix o2 are the best lenses I have ever used👍👍👍 I have been wearing them for 2 years I had no issue with them
I know he's an eye doctor but the teeth though!! Amazing
Hi, can you review solotica lenses?
Which contact lenses with prescription do you recommend: daily or monthly? Can I have varifocal lenses?
Hii I have a question that my eyes have stigmatism and I want to wear coloured lenses so are there any lense company you would reccomend that they make them
This video is so weird because I came here to learn how to take car of my contacts better, but the brand this guy is boasting about is the worst product I've ever put in my eye. Like after 2 hrs of wearing my eyes are watering, itchy, red, unfocused, and feels like i have a thick sheet over my eye. But he likes them....why? They are so uncomfortable
For the day and night lens come in a toric lens?
I wish my eye doctor was even half as thorough as you are.. They didn't tell me any information at all about which lenses are best, the options I had or even what level my prescription was.
Air optix are my favorite
So you can buy your own contacts without purchasing through your Dr?
I used to wear Acuvue, and switched to Air Optix like 5 years ago. Best decision I've ever made. I tried Biofinity and for whatever reason they just refused to seat properly.
Bioinfinty's are the best but a bit expensive. 3month supply= AUD 150
I would kill for those eyes
For some reason, all contact lenses have been irritating fo me ever since I've gotten a -3.25 prescription EXCEPT for Coopervision! So Biofinity have been the only lenses I have been buying for the last couple of years.
I have a question, if i wear and sleep in monthly extended wear contacts for 6 nights straight do i have to throw it away or is it still good for the rest of the month as long as i clean it once a week?
Cooper vision Biofinity - really like them!
My mother used to use bausch and laumb lens and now when I'm going to visit a doctor for contact lens she has already told me that she will buy bausch and laumb yearly contact lens for me. Btw I'm in High school (got promoted into 12th few weeks ago) and I'm 16 years old , will be 17 this September. Kinda excited and kinda nervous
Sir i know my spectacle no. So ca i use lenses without consulting the doctor?
Hi sir is Bausch & Lomb Softlens Daily Disposable Contacts good for 8-10hr continues usage? Also would u suggest iconnect daily disposable? It's very affordable
Sir 3 month wale nhi milte hai isme kya?
Sir boasch ke yearly lens hote h Kio
Sir you said in this video that if we have to wear bosch and lomb lenses more then 9-10 hours we have to go for some other varients !! Sir which varient of bosch and lomb offer more then 10 hours of eyewear ? Thank you.
Kitten ka aata hai
Knha se kharide
Sir, power coloring contact lens kaha milega
Sir mera chasme ki power -7 hai toh mujhe kitne no ka contact lens lena chahiye
Sir yearly coloured contact lens hai mere pass toh jaise lyk maine aaj phene and solution mai duboke rkh diye but muje wo 3 din baad phen na h toh in 3 din mai muje roz solution chng krna pdega ya 3 din baad kru seeda?
Sir any lense jo hum 16,17 hours pehn sake
Sir i am using it for more than 5_6 months (one lens only)what will happen sir ...? But it is very safe and visible to me Sir plzz tell me
Sir lagatar 1 mahina pahne rah sakte kya
Bausch andd lombs ka jo yearly contact lenses hai vo daily kitne der pehan skta hoon
Will these lenses can come with power ???
Sir plz price
Boush ad lomb ke ultra lenses ko continuesly ktne time tk phena safe rahega
Sir color Lance for 1yr kaha se milenga
Sir -6 number hai dono eyes ka ye contact lenses kitne ke padege??
Sir -3.5 ka power ka accha wala contact lens konse price rate me ayega?

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