Bajaj Majesty RPX15 PTC 1800W Fan Room Heater

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Buy Bajaj Majesty RPX15 PTC 1800W Fan Room Heater online at Amazon. Convection 1800 W 2 Heat Settings Colours: Black

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Buy Bajaj Majesty RPX15 PTC 1800W Fan Room Heater online at Amazon.
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  • Convection
  • 1800 W
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • Black

Bajaj Majesty RPX15 PTC 1800W Fan Room Heater Specifications

Body & Design Features
Auto-revolving Heater Yes
Caster Wheels No
Mounting Features Table Top
Revolving Angle 270 degree
Switch Type Push Button::Rotary Switch
Convenience Features
Noiseless Operation Yes
Other Convenience Features Collapsible Handle for Easy Mobility
Power Indicator Yes
Cord Length 1.5 m
Depth 15 cm
Height 28 cm
Weight 1.9 kg
Width 20 cm
Body Material Plastic, Metal
Brand Bajaj
Color Grey
Coverage Area - 500 sq ft
Grille Material Metal
Heat Modes High, Low
Heat Settings 900 W, 1800 W
Model Number Majesty RPX 15 PTC
Number of Heat Settings 2
Technology Used Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Technology (For Lower Power Consumption)
Type Fan
Power Features
Maximum Power Consumption 1800 W
Power Requirement 230 V, 50 Hz
Safety Features
Other Safety Features Safety Tip over Switch, Overheat Safety Device
Overheat Protection Yes
Tip-over Switch Yes
Touch Sensor No

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PTC ceramic space heater - repair and safety demonstration.
PTC ceramic space heater - repair and safety demonstration.
I'm so happy to watch your video, it's perfect! We manufacture the PTC heating element for the space heater.
I have one of this an I did flipped the motor but now I'm getting the heat from the back it just to be the same way as yours before you flipped the motor fan blades rotating the wrong way so what can I do can you help me please the heat is not going through the front like is supposed to
Can the top exterior thermostat that sets the temperature be calibrated differently? The knob on mine can make about a 300-degree turn, but will only shut it on and off in a TINY range of about 1cm or less, which may be about a 15-degree turn. That makes it almost impossible to set with any precision.
Can you replace the bearings? The fan was kinda loud when new but I'm sure it has gotten worst over time.
I got a OceanAire HPG15B-M Warmwave Ceramic Heater and the fan blows but does not blow heated air. The air comes out a  little warm on the 1500 watt setting; but the lower setting is room warm.  I think the in-line fuse is blown or the heating element is either burnt or the potentiometer/thermostat is broken. It is a ceramic heater with 120VAC 60Hz 1500W. I can't read the in-line fuse. I know that it is a Micro Temp in-line fuse. G5? at 117C. I can't read the rest and it was made in Taiwan even though it says "Hecho in Chino"?? Any ideas? The Heating element was air compressed out and 91% alcohol was used on contacts along with electrical wipes on plastic parts. Thanks!
I wonder if making it look like a face with two big eyes and red mouth was intentional...
4 years on and this is still the best workbench teardown diagnose and repair video about PTC heaters on YouTube. I learned everything I needed to know right here. Thanks.
Thanks mate!
Why not reverse the wires on the motor in the connector,
Awesome video
*Ordered one it >>>**** worked so well as opposed to waiting for the wall board heaters to warm the room we ordered another for our guest area in the basement. It is light weight and can be moved from room to room with little effort.*
Could I put a heater element in my tractor in front of my fan for air con as it only blows cold atm
Can you please show how to connect/ assemble an electric fan heater ( fan motor, heater, thermostat, power supply)? thank you very much
Hello, what is the temperature ceiling of PTC element like that, can it reach 400F?
davida1hiwaaynet Thank you for the fantastic video. I am an automotive mechanic in Australia and really appreciate the detail you went to. I have recently purchased a similar ceramic heater and found something odd when using it. TL;DR the thermostat on mine seems faulty? - at least 10 deg C or more between cycling on/off - making for uncomfortable use. After running the heater for a while until the small room area was warm (from around 16C to about 25C via a thermometer located away from heater), I turned the thermostat dial down slowly until it clicked off. I figured that was supposed to set the room temp and once it dropped a few degrees, the heater would click back on and warm back up to the set temp. After waiting around 10 minutes and the room temp dropping back to around 18C, I felt cold again and the heater had not turned back on. Turning the dial back up about 1/8th of a turn, the heater turned back on - leaving it on this setting remained on until the room was too warm and wasn't clicking back off until I turned the thermostat roughly 1/8 turn back down again. Do you think mine is faulty? or perhaps a cheap/inferior design? What would be great is a design that lowers the fan speed when close to the set thermostat to allow constant slow warming of the air based on the PTC design. Maybe this is possible with more expensive heaters.
David, Do you understand the concept of a sweat shop? It's like you have 20 seconds (or less) to put together a fan motor. If it turns, you're good. So, percentage wise, you want it cheap and that's what you get. When I worked manufacturing in semiconductor fabs, we're told that we own the process. If it doesn't work, stop and fix it. I get it that you were able to fax a $4.00 investment.
Great video. Definitely one of the best out there. I have 3 Lasko heaters and started cleaning them up to make sure they are running perfect for the winter but once I cleaned and put everything together the heat goes off. I turned it on while open and the fan away and it heats but then turns off. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. Any ideas? I’d did it with 2 of my heaters. I’m waiting for the 3rd don’t want to remain without any heater. Please let me know
Thank you! I have a Patton milk house heater with 2 heat settings and a turn knob adjustable thermostat control. When I turn the thermostat knob up to turn on the heater it just clicks on and off continuesly and won't stay running. It has a small bi metal thermo switch in it and I put some brass in between the contacts to see if that thermo switch might be causing it but it still clicks on and off constantly. Do you have any ideas?
We also do ptc heating elements
Great vid. Does this Ceramic PTC element get as hot as a normal wire coil element?? Need an air curtain over an open door so need as hot air as possible. Which would give hotter air? Ceramic PTC Air Curtain? Or normal Electric Wire Coil Heater?? Really need an answer. Hope you can help.. Thanks.