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B+W B+-6077 52mm UV Haze SC 010 Filter Features

  • Product Type: Filter Accessories
  • Brass Ring for higher Quality Image
  • This product is imported from USA - It is a 100% genuine product
  • Highest possible polishiing technique
B+W B+-6077 52mm UV Haze SC 010 Filter

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B+W B+-6077 52mm UV Haze SC 010 Filter Specifications

Brand B+W
Color Black
Filter Diameter 52 mm
Model Name B+-6077
Type UV Filter
In the Box
Sales Package B+W 52 mm UV Haze SC 010 Filter

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B+W B+-6077 52mm UV Haze SC 010 Filter Reviews from YouTube

What are UV Filters UV Filters Explained and Reasons Why You May Want to Use Them
How to tell a Good UV filter from a Bad one
Photography Filters Review: Best UV Filter
What do you think about UV filters? Let me know below!
I just watched an old video by Tony Northup and says we don't need UV filter to protect the lens because the lens are sturdy enough to protect from dust. I bought one and lying idle in the bag.
I appreciate the video...does he blink though?
hi, if the purpose is lens protection why not get a lens protection filter that's just a piece of clear glass? let say lens protect filter is $20 and uv filter is $25 is there a benefit in choosing the uv filter over the simple lens protection filter or i'd be better off saving my $5?
I'm getting a 10 dollar one. Is it really that bad?
Whas that it
For Canon EOS 1500D camera, I need a UV filter... which one is better in case of layers 16 layers or 2 layers UV filter?
Do you still do any film photography? This was useful since I'm starting with lo-fi photography.
Sir Please Can You Explain How to use uv Filtaer on which weather
unless I'm using an ND filter so I can shoot wide open, the idea of putting a UV filter on my $12500 Leica Noctilux is a bit like putting make up on the Mona Lisa..
Classic promotion video
Is hoya good? I won it in a photo comp..
Thank you for this video! Ive watched a couple other videos of yours and I really like how your succinct, laid back, and informative approach. I love the music at the beginning. Its really catchy. Where do you find your music for intros?
Are there any UV Filter options available for point and shoots?As my basic Canon Elph 330 has couple scratches , looking for better alternative Vlog camera
can i stack filters on my lens? ex: uv filter then an ND filter on top. great vid btw
I always use UV filter. The main use is to protect the front element. I typically have my camera in my bag without mounting a lens cover. It allows me to quickly pull out the camera and shoot. The flat filter allows me to easily clean it without worrying too much about scratch it. I would be much more careful if I had to clean the front element of an expensive lens.
Thank you for linking what you use. I'm getting the Coolpix p900 soon and I was struggling to find a good UV filter for it. I always get nervous when I see bad reviews.
Great info , I learned a lot from this short but educational video !
Does the clear haze in the filter you recommend change the color or should i buy clear with haze in the B & w?
Very clear explanation
Hi i have noticed my UV filter when i put it on a 1.8 or 1.4 wide open. Bokeh having some Visible Stripes. i thought i have a problem on the lens itself but why this is happens? i have used Sony 85 1.8 and and Sigma 85 1.4 dgdn same having some stripes when having UV filters..
so clear man! cheers!
Great video thank you
Thanks for the video. 4 out of 5 of my UV filters checked out ok!
Your video is a great reference. Is Hoya good? How about B+W? Thanks!
Excellent video my friend. Thanks!
So, simply to said we are cheated by producers becuase these filters do not block UV except one mode You have mention. So sad.
Great info. Thanks
But no one shows how to attach the filter, are they plug and play?I'm clearly new within this area :)
Really so useful information. Thank you.
So I made a good choice buying a B+W filter then! I'm happy!
Good knowledge
man waht a cool info
simple!!! bad one from china and cheap, while good filter is original and expensive, period.
Thank you for this information!!!
I guess when the retaining ring just falls out, its a bad filter too...?
Thank you!!!!
5 years later ...
Thank you very much for these tips :-)
I managed somehow to scratch the fron element of one of my lenses. Im always very careful and I dont know how it happened. It reduced the resale value of the lens to zero, which is most annoyin. After that I have B+W MRC or Zeiss T star UV filters on all my lenses. It is cheap protection for expensive glass and does not affect quality.
hello ! Great Videois the filter also suitable for Camcorder, Videofilm
legit, thank you
what aboutHOYA 67mm HD UV Filter with Multi Coating. Is it any good? :)
Hello Nicki hope you are finei also bought a pol filter , but it came totally smearedhow can i clean itany ideai would really apreciate a hint
i decided to buy the 52mm b+w uv mrc haze filter. however once i opened the box (which happens to look legit, even had the hologram and qr code that verified it's authentic), i notice mine doesn't have that greenish tint when i reflect light on to it unlike the one in your video. this has me concerned if my filter lacks the proper coating or maybe it's a fake. but i do notice that there's very minimal reflections even when the light is shone on the filter. usually when there's an antireflective coating on, you can tell by a greenish/purple hue when there's a light source hitting it.
Would I receive the same benefits when using this filter with a camcorder? I have the Sony HDR-CX900. Thanks.
Do you also recommend using a uv filter on macro lenses?
I have my old UV Nikon filters there are far superior than the B+W. Indoors i used no filters only the hood. Outdoors with dirty surroundings i used a Nikon NC filter to protect the lens with the hood.
hello ! Great Video!is the filter also suitable for Camcorder, Videofilm?regards Gnter
In 2009, lenstip.com did a comparison test on UV filters... the B+W MRC ranked high, but not as high as the Hoya HMC and Pro1 filters. about rodenstock?
Hey Nick great video thanks a lot. I'm fairly new with filters but I am looking for the best quality UV filter. Which I know is the B+W, but i was curious on what is the difference between the XS-Pro Clear and the UV/IR Cut?..
Can u make a video describing the different ways different colored filters effect black and white images please
What about the Zeiss filters?
@3:25 - poor dude just want to take some photos
If adding a pro mist filter infront of the UV filter, will that affect the effect the pro mist filter create or so? or the ND filter?
that opening line, im gonna just show up this guy right next to me over here.... said that a few times lol subbed soon as i heard it lmao
UV filters are solely a profit item for camera stores. Saying the UV filter will keep your front lens from shattering is a LIE!!!! Saying that is like saying a super thin layer of glass on top of your casrs windshield will keep it safe. The amount of force it takes to beaks filter wouldnt affect the front lens element at all. A lens hood is your best bet for protection.
Would be cool to see the result with no filter in the comparison as well. Also your mic was clipping a bit.
Sensor dust 5:33 =p
Is it me, or was the sound clipping throughout this video?

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