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B-1B Lancer Units in Combat (Combat Aircraft Book 60) Book Reviews from YouTube

The Badass B-1B Lancer Bomber • Nicknamed the "Bone"
Stunning Video of B-1 Lancer in Action • Takeoff & Landing [Training Footage]
Long Range Combat Aircraft B-1B (1981)
B-1B Lancer Loads With GBU-31 JDAMs For Combat Mission
This support this a dream not true
hazi badha da3wa hazi ya e5wan
Love this beast so much man🤩
Ternyata amerika nyontek design pesawat ini dari pesawat pengebom milik russia wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk
Genda tore mándame enumero teléfono victor montanez
It's lovely. Is it An American craft
Que buen esteabion
Que ermosura de abion tan súper importante de buenas tecnologías fue buena inbersion
Hello Russia!❤️✌🏻
예수는 사탄의 머리를 깨뜨린 참돤 왕입니다. 그대가 예수를 믿으면 사탄의 권세와 운명에서 영원히 해방되며 하나님의 자녀가 됩니다. 예수를 믿고 영접하세요. 그분은 하늘과 땅의 권세를 가지고 이 땅에 다시 오실 창조주 하나님이십니다.
Zlocinacki avion brzo ce kraj nece nista da boli
Dêve Ser pôr ISto quê USA OTAN saíram FUgidos dó Afeganistão Vietnam Africa SoMalha CAbJA ToDOs os Conflitos saiRam FuGuiDOs prendem Crianças Mulheres Himigrantes inlegagais Deportao COmO Animais ISto é USA CoVaRdes AssaciNos GuantAnaMo EtC usaráM DuAs BOmBAs Atômicas Gás Nepal VêNenoso Nó VoEtiNam EtC pôr quê Saíram FuGiFoS dó Afeganistão derao Bilhões dê Dólares prá Talibã Saíram FuGiFoS 🔥👍👍
Good as it is, it should be deployed over Ukraine to keep the Ivans at home.
Bom dia! Pra mim é uma honra viu prestigiar seu trabalho, vamos sempre juntos somar e fortalecer nossos objetivos, Conto com você, eu já estou por aqui,.
Its face looks like a seal.
Here are some other military videos which I think you might be interested in: ►US Navy Launches Ship Sideways Into Water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e36PO-grjSY ►Special Forces Green Berets High Altitude Jump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWeoFpih0Ms ►U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier EXTREME High-Speed Turns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPmHmbOh2I4
That F4 just looks like it belongs right next to that b1
I hear the USAF wants to put these birds away. I don't understand this when they have abilities that the B-52, B-2, & B-21 don't have and will not have.
What so awesome about weapons of destruction? Maybe its awesome for warmongers.
Looks like a TU-160 but still beautiful though
What a awesome machine and looking at that b-1 bomber with the four engines which I think are the same engines that are used in an F-15 PW100.. I was thinking down the road they should make another B1b but stealth and uses 4 F-35 engines since the F-35 has the world's most powerful single engine fighter....or better yet make a stealth B1 with 6 F35 engines like the Valkyrie! mach 8 bomber!!👍🇺🇸
the plane of anti crist dajjal one day the muslims will finsh this all thing
2:44 I am sorry but what's with those fake ass sound effects? 🤡
Decimate!!! Commander!!! xXx
this aircraft is totaly as Eagle face
nice superb
in the name of the LORD l bless your every Aircrafts and tanks and missiles and evey small or great.but be careful to stand in the commandment of LORD.then whatever weapons you have will not go in vain
Omg what a beauty... all lines are so sexy...pfff Im in love with this plane.
Hell on earth
@TalksWithDirt My comment was aimed more at praising the technological advancement of this aircraft to the point that we're flying it past the time frame they gave in the video, and with all the avionic upgrades we give our planes to give them more service time it looks like it will still be flying for some time to come. Thanks for the info though, I wasnt sure about the radar defenses of the USSR.
NOTHING will replace the B-52! BUFFS for 100 years!
@santa135 Im sure they meant that it could penetrate air defenses the USSR had at the time. The USSR was working on what we today call the s-300 system, due for then, and was deployed in the late 1980's. When deployed in mass the B-1 would have had to receive a B-52 style refit of new electronics in order to spoof the new missile and radar systems then under development. Also as we know the B-2 would come online in the late 80's and take the lead penetration role.
anybody else like how the video says that this aircraft well be good up into the 1990's yet we are still flying it till this day?
@rm688 think about how narrow the B-52's fuselage is. It is very skinny. The B-1's is much wider allowing a bigger bomb bay
It looks much smaller than b52 yet carries morre bombs? how is that possible? I think B52 can bomb the shit out of a country!
The funny part is, The B1-B took a back seat to the B52 through the 89s and into the Gulf War
I always thought the B-1B was a cool looking aircraft... but unfortunately, bombers just don't get the same level of appreciation as flashy fighter jets.
you can tell an aircraft's age by the cheesy music that accompanies its documentary.
Phai hoa binh khan truong
Hay tra lai cho ai cap co đai ngay My ta tu anh ta ruong chien ruong nguc hoan voi 100 viec lam ta anh quân Ct hong rung ct EDk ct bao anh ta tu anh co phan đo la tram ngay lenh khan teuong trai đat nay leu khong muon ket thuc vao mot đem lanh gia khan truong Suc manh bau troi la khong tjr chong cu Tu vu tru hanh tinh thu 2
Tiep tuc ung ho uka la đay quan nga
Mang vu khi vao uka la danh
Holy fuck this has to be the most American bomber IT HAS A REVOLVING BOMB RACK!?! The B-1 has the big iron on its hip.
One day this all use for world end.
0:12 looks like someone must be praised for the bruce almighty reference lol
And he is off to scratch the surface of mother earth
how much each them
Why the hell does she have that i.d. dangling from her neck
Its oky.
Beek stupd
So, with an internal bomb bay do they even need to do an EOR check? I assume the bombs are made live before the even start up in this case?
Now we are facing it in the shape of Corona virus..... God is God
Can't the loading be more automated?
Omg the guy at 0:58 is hot af😋
I was a weapons loading crew member in the USAF from 1963-67. Boy, how times, aircraft and munitions have changed since then. I enjoyed it but not enough to make a career of it. I loaded B-58's in SAC, B-57's in Vietnam and F-4's in Arizona. The only "high tech" weapons I loaded back then were all nuclear. A salute to all my brothers and sisters carrying on this work now. Good luck and stay safe.

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