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Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir EDT 50ml Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Azzaro
feature Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir By Loris Azzaro For Men 50 ml With Free Ayur SoapPour Homme Elixir By Loris Azzaro for MenBest Products For MenBetter Quality
Manufacturer Azzaro
Model 34605

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Azzaro Elixir fragrances Review
Azzaro Elixir fragrances Review
Azzaro Pour Homme Review | Azzaro Pour Homme by Azzaro Fragrance Review + Full Bottle USA Giveaway
Azzaro Pour Homme Review | Azzaro Pour Homme by Azzaro Fragrance Review + Full Bottle USA Giveaway
To me this is a dark smoky fragrance. I don't get alot of vanilla like others are getting.
Okay if I was him, I would hide my face for the rest of my life 🤣 Taking product review to the next level shamelessly. 😁✊🏻 respect bro I didn’t expect to land here , maybe it was fate 😁 Bragging too much 🤣
Single best review of anything ive ever seen
Great vid.. guess Ill do a blind buy..just because your backdround music has a smooth vibe...I like it, whats the song..sounds like an instramental....I need that hook bro...sharing is caring...Lol
Ok Smokey,,lmfao...I got A GEM for you. IF YOU wanna try... From the house of Rasasi. ..,let me know..
CDNIM. ???
show me her pants!................gotta love that term............dig the music bro
Good take on this!! This is another awesome frag from Azzaro...someone mentioned it's best for a vampire - blood in a bottle!! Have you tried Azzaro silver black/onyx?
I own 2 bottles of Elixir and absolutely love it. One of the best blind buys I have made in my fragrance journey. If u would like another recommendation of a great blind buy, I recommend BANG BANG by Marc Jacobs (the fragrance in the blue bottle).
Best top perfume for less than ₹1400 long lasting compliment getter best projection for teenager for dry skin for eg any fragrance like nautica voyage,coty aspen hardly last for 2 hours on my skin so suggest fragrance that go atleast 6-8 hrs on me and gor the price it should be atleast 100ml and beside this also suggest some quality concentrated oil be particular for eg rasasi amber oud dont only name the house but point the particular fragrance oil from that house same for the perfume plz be particular
I wore this 2 days ago. It lasts a while on me as well. My mood was hyper-masculine so my choices were split between an Aqua Di Parma, Drakkar Noir, L'aventure, Coolwater and this. If I still had Quorum, that would have been my pick.
Would you say it smells outdated?
Absolutely masterpiece, and one of the best men's scent in history. Bold, masculine, night scent. Amazing.
Azzaro pour homme vintage is the original, and it's really cool. The new version is trivial, weak, and I lost the true classic meaning.
Is it versatile?
This cologne was made to upset hookers who wear Taboo. . .Azzaro PH smells like coitus. Trashy, nasty, fun.
I use Pour Homme perfumes, I use it to create an attractive masculine odour on my body to help me attract women and I have 2 Pour Homme perfumes and Pour Homme is French which in English translates as for men
Am I the only one getting Brut from this? I love the smell of Brut anyway. But I'm wondering if I'm gonna get Brut stigma from people.
One of my all time favourites.
this is the only perfume that i hate on men
I've always thought if this as the best hands down. I worked at the cosmetics counter at Neiman Marcus when it was hot.
One of my favourite fougeres
How much longevity?
I love azzaro homme. I have gone through over 3 bottles. It just works all the time. I read the creators wanted a musky fugere. Its a good one.
1. You have incredible vast knowledge of this field. 2. Thanks for conveying the passion
oh I definitely smelt this one somewhere when I was a kid... not my style, but definitely a classic. I can imagine 70+ businessmen wearing this mostly. Not really the kind of classic I would want to play around with tho, but definitely a nice lavender dry-down there. Reminds me of freshly ironed white shirts
This has been my signature scent since I was a teen.
Azzaro pour Homme is legendary and still one of the best male's like a wonder of it since I know it and that's allready 35 years...
Could you do a review on Azzaro Pour Homme Noir 🙈