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  • Eaux De Toilette

Azzaro Now EDT Specifications

Fragrance Notes
Base Note litchi, amber, suede
Heart Note violet, tea
Top Note rose, cardamom
Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Family Woody
Ideal For Men
Quantity 75 ml
Base Notes litchi, amber, suede
Heart Notes violet, tea
Top Notes rose, cardamom

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Now by Azzaro Fragrance / Cologne Review
Now by Azzaro Fragrance / Cologne Review
Azzaro Now For Men Fragrance Review (2007)
Azzaro Now For Men Fragrance Review (2007)
NOW has been my most succesful Cologne ! women love it after dancing
When I smell it close, it feels like minty sauna oil, and then when it sticks inside my nose, and clears down to this rosy-eucalyptus-woody-smoky-creamy something. It's super weird, but interesting. It reminds me of being in the sauna... which I like... but maybe not for a perfume. I wouldn't wear it tho. Interestingly it has the Azzaro DNA hidden. If I had to by an Azzaro, then I'd just by their classic scent.
I don't think you are playing fair here. This is way better than bullshit generic Nautica Voyage (old version) or Versace Eros... you were praising so many times that I got sick. I personally love this scent and it lasts forever on me. I used it for 2 weeks (everyday) in Egypt during the extremely hot month of August. Amazing performance, it doesn't smell cheap at all, I totally get the fresh frozen metal vibe. Litchi chinensis is amazing in this. Was perfect for Capri and Ischia, suited for couture shopping. But of course, you have to have the high class written in your DNA to wear this flawlessly. Underrated. Not by you, you have no authority. 😁 And btw, look around for "CB I hate perfume" and learn more about "impossible" accords of rain drops... Or notes of wet carpet in a London old school pub. Memories.
i smell rose and litchee :D
I love the bottle, very unique design
Nice review as always...would like to know what Azzaro Visit is like, anyone?
It looks like a reciever of a telephone
Great vidz bro nu subscriber question is buying testers are ne different from original juice bcuz I just got a bottle of jean paul gultier not a fan of the smell to vanilla for me but I was wondering is it bcuz I bought a tester bottle it was like $7 cheaper neways aloha from dah 808
Hey Stephen, these reviews are brilliant - I don't know how you can afford to keep buying these! why don't you start a kickstarter or something for some donations to keep doing reviews for new fragrances? I would definitely donate, you could even pawn off some old bottles for large donations.
Beard looks awesome bro!
You are very knowledgeable, its great watching your videos. Keep 'em coming!
How do feel about Azzaro chrome sport is worthy of a blind buy and Mesmerize by Avon noticed that you have it from your collection video.
the bottle does look like a few deferent female digging the beard!
Wow!  That bottle is positively hideous and reason enough to leave it alone...but I'm also not a fan of Chrome/Nautica type fragrance so I'll pass on this one. However, excellent review as usually. Whether you're reviewing a $300 niche or a $7 cheapie, you always deliver a thorough and polished review...even when your sniffer is dead wrong. (lol)
This is the cologne that got me into fragrances. I used to get many girls with this cologne back in 2007.
It looks like a Maxi-Pad!
I think this bottle is a telephone too for sure, I love chrome legend but have not tried this before, will probably just stick with legend, it gets really good comments too when i wear it, cheers steven :)
I had it and ended up giving it away for free. I am looking forward to the Dsquare review. When is it going up? Come on, tell me tell me :)
*That bottle...* *O__o*
Hi bro. Your energies level is very high. Keep it up
Hey Joy, have you think about doing a review of a Mauboussin fragrance? There really isn’t any on youtube as far as I can tell. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on Private Club from Mauboussin. Cheers from Chile.
Looks like a ladies pad
great review joey
Discount racks are flooded with that stuff up here in Canada 🤔 to bad you're so far away I'd give you my bottle I dont like it the bottle angers me 😏
Awful design, this should not resemble the female pleasure toy!
WTF were these fools thinking? I AM NOT spraying anything on me out of a blue dildo. Nope, not gonna do it. They can shove it up their silly a$$e$, then again, perhaps that was their intent. Pretty much the same reaction to that stuff in the German butt plug. Rochas man I believe it's called.
the bottle, i am screaming
That bottle makes me insecure lol. The flanker should be called "Just The Tip"
There's no tea in Azzaro Visit. Just saying.
Superb ... 👌👌
Yes! Finally a raplecament for my Rochas Man Bottle
This bottle is for Women
Your friend must be horny as hell
According to the bottle, this perfume is meant for women
At first when I saw the thumbnail I was like " Why the fuck is Joy reviewing a dildo? " 🤣🤣🤣
Good afternoon from dhaka Bangladesh
Is that a dildo?
Am I the only one here who thinks this bottle resembles the shape of a dildo 😂😂
It's not litchi, it's litchen which is an algae.