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Azzaro Chrome United Deodorant (For Boys, Men) Colours:
  • Silver

Azzaro Chrome United Deodorant (For Boys, Men) Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Body Spray
Ideal For Boys, Men
Quantity 150 ml

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Chrome United by Azarro fragrance/cologne review
Chrome United by Azarro fragrance/cologne review
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This is my favorite cologne. It’s like being at the beach. I bought it back in 2014 and have only seen it since in pharmacy’s. Got two 1.7 for $80. They were the last from CVS and getting rid of all cologne stock.
I know I’m late lol
I Just bought a bottle for the first time and I really enjoyed it I think it’s a really slept on fragrance nice fresh and Woodie
I just picked it up from Ross for $20.. I am loving it.. that Violet note is so nice.
A young chad hmmmm
So it attracts older men ;P
Lol @ grown straight men can discuss cologne 😂
im watching this n missing good old days of reviewing, simplicity...stories and friendly frag family :)
Hey, you might as well move to the states
I like this and I like chrome legend. I get many compliments, more so than my other more expensive frags. I think I will always have these 2 in my lineup. Longevity is good too. Nice review
I don't no why the chrome family gets bad reviews. I've gotten more compliments would be original metallic Chrome than any other cologne I have ever worn. Women absolutely go mad over the synthetic original Chrome. That being said Chrome United is a great new addition to the family. It has less of a citric metallic notes and more of a mellow powdery note. My least favorite of the house is chrome legend which people seem to love. Chrome legend was a little too spicy for me but still a very good cologne that gets great reviews. I would rank them chrome United.... chrome..... chrome sport legend. That's just my 2 cents.
Hi Chad, I really enjoyed watching your review. By the way, I have 2 questions to ask if you don't mind. 1) What are the main differences between Azzaro Chrome, A.Chrome Legend and A.Chrome United? 2) Which one is better? Azzaro Chrome or CK One? Thank you very much. Keep it up with your video reviews :)
Ok..thanks :)
How old are u? So u think my cousin will like this his 18yo?
I normally use body lotion on my neck and chest then I apply the cologne. That might last longer.
How can I make this cologne last longer on my body?
LOL. I'd rather have both :)
Cheap gas or free health care....hmmm, let me think. Yeah, cheap gas is way better. LOL. Good review. Don't like this house but appreciate your opinion and love the humor. Yes, that's how we spell it. :)
I bought it and it smells good. But after a while I don't smell it i guess I got use to it already..
im in southern California where its always hot and sunny, they all project on me and last long on me in this heat plus im wearing the after shave and deodorant stick so that helps a lot
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Qué bien te escuchas hablando español. Greetings from México.
Got the Versace Dreamer and F Black based on these recommendations. The cool water is good for the first 5 minutes then it’s gone. Won’t buy again. The CK shock is good and lasts long time. I haven’t seen any of the gucci on any of these. The Made To Measure is really good.
Hey JeremyLet try your Spanish.Alguna recomendación de perfume para caballeros como Yo que vivo en Puerto Rico donde el clima es caliente y humedo?Regards
No Paris hilton house for men? Are you kidding me? Give us that award back ! Best low price high quality designer beast mode lines on the market.
i want
I own spirit legend, it's a good one
Step to me I have Marc Jacob Daisy I have Juicy Couture gold I have Carolina Herrera good girl I have Emporio Armani Armani for her I have Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Michael Kors sexy Amber Gucci bamboo and Pink Sugar no Jeremy tell me what you think of those
Hi jeremy how is avon black suede leather?
1812 overture in the background lol
Great video! Hope your Spanish is going well. I’m also learning, and yes I name is Miguel and I don’t speak Spanish. 😁
I will buy Joop Homme. Is ist Good ??
Muy buenos días Jeremy me encantan tus video 👍
Halloween Man X. Smells like sweet coffee and cream
Just propose already. I have not seen better chemistry for you.;
Lol you two date already
I feel they got into a fight just before making this video
Cute girl ❤️
Could you review Zara women’s perfumes please
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I feel like Jeremy is pulling her leg.
Though she has Down Syndrome she is such a great presenter.. and thankyou for giving differently abled people a chance to be in the limelight 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Can u please review of All jacques Bogart perfume I am a big fan of urs Sir.
She is so sweet and lovely.
Azzaro chrome gets all the attention
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