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Axe Provoke Deodorant Spray price at Flipkart - ₹161 ₹195

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Axe Provoke Deodorant Spray price at Amazon - ₹180 ₹200

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Axe Provoke Deodorant Spray

Axe Provoke Deodorant Spray Specifications

Additional Traits
Do Not Puncture or Burn Can Even When Empty, Do Not Spray Near a Naked Flame or Any Incandescent Material, Keep Away from Sources of Ignition - No Smoking, Do Not Spray Near Eyes or Face or on Broken / Sore Skin, If Irritation Occurs, Discontinue Use, Avoid Direct Inhalation, Harmful, If Taken Inter...View More Do Not Puncture or Burn Can Even When Empty, Do Not Spray Near a Naked Flame or Any Incand
Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Deodorant Spray
Fragrance Segment Mass Premium
Ideal For Men
Quantity 150 ml

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Axe Provoke Deodorant Body Spray - Poor Packaging Preventing Usage
Axe Provoke Deodorant Body Spray - Poor Packaging Preventing Usage
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Stop swearing at him! Why are you all even swearing at him?!
WHY the heck do u only have such product??i NEver had such problems in AXE in past 7 years...PLus your Airtel Video I had no such problem
معطر راقي جدا
معطر راقي جدا
Creed AVENTUS !! 🔥💯
They all have the same smell. What differ is the way you apply them.
Dark temptation makes me 🤢🤮
Different women like different type of fragrance DNA. So the axe has an edge by the virtue of being a different scent in general, unless this axe is trying to clone the scent, and clones in general do pretty well for themselves.
The comparison is like Porsche vs BMW...
Ever I can't forget axe ATLANTES .. it was 2009 .. and it was WOW .. do u know the original fragrance ??
AXE chocolate 4life
All these people with videos saying don’t wear axe are frauds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Your good my man but how about giving out lil samples for their participation,just a thought....
I used to wear the $4 frag in elementary school btw, armani code absolu is really similar to dark temptation 😂😂
If "Erwin Creed" sees this comparison video. He will hung up himself instantly.
*Aventus is amazing, but has too much citric acid musk, it pushes the frag toward a cleaning product scent. They need to pull back on it and give a lil more pineapple oil sweetness.*
Hahaha..creed family please take note..u price shit not helping anymore...
i looks like a cold weahter, but creed perfoms way better indoors and warm weather - thats not fair
As a woman, Axe Dark Temptation smells like f**k me later on tonight, and Creed Aventus smells like marry me right now.
This is ridiculous. It's like comparing a Michelin star restaurant meal to McDonalds. Of course there a people that will prefer the Aventus, but that is beside the point for me. Axe is a cheap deodorant made to please as many people possible and is very fleeting. Aventus is a beautiful long lasting niche fragrance. It says more about what peoples noses are accustomed to, then the quality of Aventus. And I'm no real Aventus fan.
what axe it is ?
Thanks for the sharing
people who own Aventus: B R U H
Watch more videos in my Basics Series!
Tbh man I was a fragrant collector but I just prefer light air smells and to sweat a little and axe is amazing... in my highschool years all the girls would like my colognes but prefer my axe body spray over it and tell me to get axe 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ so I don’t think it really matters but that’s just me and I love cologne but I’m starting to become a body spray guy now 🙍🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Maybe it’s just a modern day stuff that smells bad maybe you have to use like the stuff from the early to thousands
I've noticed that people who smoke tobacco products are not bothered by AXE fragrances at all, they wear it copiously. But then, tobacco smoke also gives me a severe unbearable headache. I figure smokers get a sort of _'immunity' (ie, the inability to smell or taste ANYTHING)_ to constant headaches due to their repeated exposure to tobacco smoke, so they don't notice or succumb to similar effects from AXE.
If I'm in a public place, I automatically hold my breath when someone under 25 is walking toward me. The various fragrances from AXE give me a severe headache. Bone crushing, soul killing.
The face you pull on the vidio cover is hilarious mate🤣
U don’t put that much on it gets way too strong if u put more than a little on
Tried it once. Caused blisters around my armpits smh.
I just want money and it's your opinion
Me a grown ass man using Phoenix, and Gold oud wood, dark vanilla because I actually think they smell good. Despite the scent disappearing after maybe 3 hours tops. For the price they're a good everyday scent if you work in a manual labor job, or are wearing them to school. Just don't dose yourself with half the can, or use body spray to substitute a shower.
Not even a lie. My lady just now she told me that she doesn't like that always wear sweats. So I went out and got some nicer stuff.
You can wear axe if you don’t use it like shower in a can. If you come out of the shower, spray a reasonable amount on your body, it’ll actually keep you smelling better for a longer time. I will agree the blue and green can smell like trash, but less harsh scents like dark or gold temptation does smell good.
What about axe black eau du toilettes
Legendary thumb nail 😂
Well I don't use axe everyday so I'm fine
What about moscolino body spray that shit is the bomb and smells and last longer then most colones.
More expensive in the long run? A 100ml perfume on average give you 1400 shots. A can of axe give you 140 short burst. I am not good in english but your math is on the level of a donkey. I also tested this stuff and most people really can't tell the difference from this and some expensive sh*t
Did anyone ever tell you that you kinda look like Alan Cumming. Those eyes
Tbh Axe Dark Temptation smells fine and last long depending on the situation your in 🤷🏻‍♂️ but guys please DON'T OVER SPRAY!
American? are you talking South America, Central America, North?