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Buy AVB ARC Wireless Mouse online at Flipkart. AVB ARC Wireless Mouse AVB ARC Wireless Mouse Colours: Red
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Flipkart Offers ₹599
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AVB ARC Wireless Mouse Features

AVB ARC Wireless Mouse AVB ARC Wireless Mouse Colours:
  • Red

The lowest AVB ARC Wireless Mouse Price in India is ₹599 at Flipkart.
Buy AVB ARC Wireless Mouse online at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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AVB ARC Wireless Mouse Specifications

Connectivity And Power Features
Bluetooth Yes
Number of Batteries 2
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Weight 200 g
Color Red
Model Name Arc-Red
Sales Package Mouse With Receiver
System Requirements Windows XP, 98, 7, 8, 10, Mac
General Specifications
Brand AVB
Color Red
Interface Bluetooth
Model Arc-Red
OS Supported Windows XP, 98, 7, 8, 10, Mac
Sales Package Mouse With Receiver
Technology Optical Mouse
Weight (g) 200 g

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AVB ARC Wireless Mouse Reviews from YouTube

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse Review
Surface Arc Mouse Revisited: Design Over Everything
Microsoft Arc Mouse: Not just for the Surface book......
Surface Arc Mouse VS Surface Mobile Mouse Review: Which is Better?
the clicks are loud! I thought it would take just a touch - it takes a harder press than I want to give.
Can you use this mouse to switch between desktops like on a laptop trackpad?
Thank you so much, I didnt know that it had to be bent to switch it on. I though it was broken
no offense but honestly I think ur hands a little bigger too.
ey, panda fk, cut your nails
Thanks for the review! I feel like for my small hands, the length wont be a problem. Maybe they need to make a longer mouse for bigger hands!
great video! I think I might get this?
bro cut your nails man what's up
Is it possible to use the right and left clicker without pushing it all the way down? It's sort of loud for library studying. Thank you!
I just wonder a thing does that work to a cromebook? Or is it only for a window
Can I hold right click and still left click with this mouse?
cut those nails
bit expensive mouse... but thanks for the review....
It’s the nails for me.
Does this work with the iPad pro
Καθάρισε τα νύχια σου ρεεεεεεεε
your hands are too big for that tiny mouse. Go for other design.
I have really damaged hands/fingers and need a mouse that has a super sensitive click response. Would this work?
my experience : https://youtu.be/I0_1JW66C9M
Apple fans: MAGIC MOUSE 2 IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!
would it be possible to connect the surface arc mouse with ipad pro (apple)?
My first and last purchase of one of these was DOA, I wanted a small mouse for a mobile project and the "arc" making it feel bigger than it is, and "shrinks" when off was a big turn on. But when the only way to pair doesn't work, it's a chunk of plastic and soft touch junk.
No rechargeable batteries? Lame
Gamers be like: Then how do we ads and shoot?? 🤨
Don't buy this if you have any intention on playing an Shooter with an ads function You can't click left while holding down right
I am still using the original bluetooth surface mouse with the middle buttons. Amazingly I don't have an issue with comfort using the mouse, but I get why it doesn't work for many folks. I am curious if the three-finger click works better than the middle click on the original. That said, the wide separated clicks on the original are easy and I have never had any issue using it.
does it work with mac
i have the old version. I love slappin it. people’s faces when I slap it are so funny
should be longer
Is it possible to touch click? The noise is kind of loud on demo
Some of my words: *EW*
Yeaa... At some point I too was considering this line of Mice for use with my SB2 for portability reasons but after testing it in a store I quickly came to the realization that, especially the Software, wasn't up to my expectations and the lack of additional buttons I _really_ frequently use wasn't helping either. Logitech Mice, and their Software, easily blew them out of the water. Not surprising though... The Logitech, unique?, *Gesture Function* that can be bound to any button except the two primary ones is a game breaking feature I couldn't live with anymore. Being able to bind up to five virtual buttons to a physical one opens so many possibilities when it comes to browsing the web, navigating the OS, and organizing Windows across multiple screens it's just not funny anymore.
I went to a tech school for architectural and mechanical drafting back in highschool and I used the original Arc Mouse for all of my drafting and 3d modeling. I loved it, and I absolutely love the Surface Arc Mouse.
Microsoft/windows has always had a problem with Bluetooth. It's the first one to break every time an update comes in.
I use the Arc Mouse to play Roblox. I've got to say it's actually ok.
*I've had the Arc-mouse since it's first arrival (and have actually worn out a couple along the way!), in between I've tried a host of other mice (both bluetooth & cabled), and right now I'm on my first Arc Bluetooth mouse, and couldn't possibly be more satisfied with it's functions!* *(I've also bought and given my two sons their own Arc mice, in addition as a present to a good friend!) - I do a lot of work on pixel level with the Arc mouse, and in my opinion nothing comes even close in performance!*
That mouse have real mouse life
Will this mouse pair to a LG CX 48 OLED tv ?
very good review, i was too obsessed with the design and is looking for a good mouse ,but since i think i'm using it for long time learning in college, i might skip this one cuz the comfort issue u pointed out~ again, thx for the good review : )
would this be compatible with the hp specter 8th gen??
best gaming mouse
Will the arc mouse pair to a LG CX OLED TV?
when u got that huawei laptop i thoght that when did apple started making macs with that button to start it and a long speaker at front hmmm.... then i realised it was a huawei!
i have arc mouse and i got it 1 year and a half ago. the original same battery still works!
Can I use in my android phone?
excellent demonstration ,thank you so much
no horizontal scrolling is available, it just scrolls web pages horizontally or the excel spreadsheets but not the actual mouse cursor (small arrow sign) on the screen ?
What computer are u using in this videos
this is the only tech reviewer I've ever seen flip through the instruction manual. Most of them act like "know-it-all". Keep it up man
Thanks for the video, but it would be nice to get into the gestures a bit more, for instance can I double or triple finger swipe to change desktops. I am not a Mac guy but for work I was forced to use one, now that I am back to windows the one thing I really miss about my Mac was the swipe to get to the other desktops or maximized panel. It seems Microsoft and especially the compatible windows 10 mice have fallen short in this area.
Maybe a weird question, but does it also work with Android? Im using the exact Logitech mouse you also showed right now on my Samsung Tab S6, but this seems way better.
Can you help I can not scroll horizontily . I updated my surface pro 6 and dowloaded the software but still works only for vertical scroll
Hi there, great video. Was just wondering if after some use is this black version a fingerprint and gease magnet from daily use? Thanks.
no gestures
Thanks for the nice demo. However, it was difficult to see the mouse movement on black mouse pad. It blends in. Contrast color would have been better.
should have internal battery with usb c charging
Does it work with a mac book pro
have a like for your cool intro track!
Awesome addition to my iPad Pro :)
So I got my surface Arc and my new surface pro 7, what I found is that is not only the arc mouse has a loud sound, even the keyboard of the surface pro 7 has a much louder sound. lol
As a editor. Horizontal scroll is a MUST
It's going for $45 at the moment of this comment so not too bad to get the Surface Pro Mouse now.
I am really confused... You complain multiple times about the loud click noise of the mouse, but you don't let anyone hear it? You mask it with an annoying sound and don't make a real comparison between a "normal" click noise and the "annoying" one from the Arc mouse? It seems like a really unprofossional review just because of that fact. I can't take this review seriously. Best regards Cmd.Cool
I payed 100 dollars (4 times more on my country) for a logitech ergo mx mouse.... come on bro.. as architect and creator my hands cost even more than 100 dollars... my hands make money so any tool for taking care of them is priceless and worth any investment
this guy deserves more subscribers
Hello 2021 I'm about to buy one of these mice for my laptop hopefully they will work for me
I really appreciated this video and found it really helpful. except for that the two different times he told us how loud the clicks were, instead of letting us hear it ourselves, there were loud obnoxious sound effects.
so glad i brought it now its $50 on amazon
You look like Leo Messi😄
Wow, if there wasn't this sound, I would have loved it !
"I have so many plans for this yeaaaaaaaaaaar!" This year:......
I am in high school and i have the surface pro 7, which I have videogames on. So I use this mouse during class to play bioshock.
"Major things coming in 2020"...so true.
What's with the click special effects? I had to check out the store to be sure how the click sounds. It is really a normal click.
Your channel is really professional for 390 subs
This explained the pros and cons of both mice very well thank you. Edit I thought you had way more subscribers given the quality of this video.
2020 has gone wrong trump 2020btw
how do you have only 386 subs? Ur channel is soo good!!!
I thought you had 385k subs wtf

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