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Buy Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon. Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset . Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: Black

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The lowest Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹6,000 at Amazon.
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Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • Black

Avantree Audition Pro Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Technical Details
Colour Black
Connectivity technologies Bluetooth Wireless
Form factor Over ear Headphone
Special features Comes with Sperior ATX-X Low Latency audio technology to deliver lossless high quality Audio, Upto 40 Hours of non stop music playback time, With bass boost function enjoy rich and deep bass, Ultra soft, ergonomic design for earpad, wear it and forget it., ultra Light weight, with inbuilt MIC make calls on the go.
Wireless communication technologies bluetooth
Additional Features Comes with Sperior ATX-X Low Latency audio technology to deliver lossless high quality Audio, Upto 40 Hours of non stop music playback time, With bass boost function enjoy rich and deep bass, Ultra soft, ergonomic design for earpad, wear it and forget it., ultra Light weight, with inbuilt MIC make calls on the go.
Batteries Included No
Brand Avantree
Compatible Devices TV, Smartphone, Tablet, Mp3 Players, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Music System (Use with Bluetooth Audio transmitter for non bluetooth music systems-Available on Amazon for purchase)
Form Factor Over ear Headphone
Headphones Form Factor Over-Ear
Item model number Audition Pro
Item Weight 680 g
Material Soft ABS
Model Audition-Pro
Number of Items 1
Product Dimensions 20.6 x 17.8 x 9.2 cm

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battery dead in 6 months.....cant find online as well to replace.
I just got them. Different version though. The only difference is the boom mic which I got which has significant better mic quality for gaming. It's the Avantree as9m
Why does mine always disconnect after connecting please help
That Asmr tho
For some reason my unit feels very heavy on the left side and it doesn't feel as good as the right side. Did anyone else had this problem?
Would you recommend for working outdoors? Like golf course maintenance
Watching this video using these
my pc recognizes the microphone, but doesnt record anything... any ideas?
My order arrives with deep hissing noise and some random distortions at left side. Box seal was opened also, probably they sent me a refused product by previous customer. After several attempts to fix and factory reset according instructions in manual book, opened a trouble ticket on official avantree web site. They ridiculously responded with automated messages just like copy-paste from user's manual. Started dispute for refund on Aliexpress and it is under process. Because of noise problems impossible to prove, I have to pay for shipping cost for refund and tax payment at custom has already burned. I don't know what Aliexpress will decide when it may be possible excalation. I observed other purchases on comment section on Aliexpress, I guess I am unlucky but becareful about Avantree products anyway...
Problems with these from a premium headphone user: Sounds very flat and doesn’t have much bass It’s a bit tight, but comfort ability is ok Cushions are rubbery and foam is very squishy. Otherwise good product.
My Avantree stopped charging after only 6 months. Now, only works with a wire. Don't forget the screws in the box. Rember...you just got screwed!
Useless for watching videos. The delay is about 1-second. Sure, they sound good. But, that is about it.
Hello from Spain. Congratulations for your videos, are pretty good. Can I ask you where do you find the ear pads? Thank youu!!!
I've had this for two years and the headband faux leather (underside brown one) has peeled off with just minimal use.
does it sound better than edifir w830bt ?
Are these the best bluetooth headphone under 100$ in terms of sound quality? Or do you recommend something else? Great review BTW, you've got a new subscriber.
Really like the editing style
Any earpads which can fit into these ?
Would these be a good choice for pc gaming?
Update: I did ask the people over the aptX website as to whether the aptX LL headphones can support the aptX and aptX HD devices. Sadly, no it will revert back to the normal aptX. You may not able to experience the Low Latency version, which is a bummer.
How to activate the noise cancelling in this headphone?
I owned these for about 1 year.. They worked well in the beginning... But now I cannot even pair with bluetooth... basically useless now... It's probably MS fault with BT but man this really sucks!
indian ?
Tell me what quality made and sound if you compare Avantree Audition Pro or Bluedio V (victory) ?? Avantree Audition Pro or BluedioT3 and Bluedio F2 ?
Iphones doesn't have aptx, that's why audio and video won't sync
Dey sounds goot yesh?
Noozefer is right!...You need a source Aptx LL transmitter for the receiver to achieve 30-42 millisecond response 99 percent phones do not have the technology yet get the Avantree Aptx ll Transmitter and Boom there you go I own both devices also the transmitter has a USB that goes into computer and gets the Digital to Analog conversion fastest response time and sound quality you can find today also look in the future for AtpX-HD it will have Higher and Lower Hz. to higher Khz . transmission for better than CD quality sound, Don't for get you'll need headphones that support Aptx-HD
These are not the best headphones to listen to music in public with, because they leak like crazy. They do have excellent sound though, best battery life I've ever seen (40 hours is pretty accurate), and great latency via the Bluetooth gadgets like Aveantree Leaf that can connect with the PS4 (pro) (even if you have a Xim4 - because that's what got me interested in these headsets in the 1st place) This is the only tool that I know of that can connect to a PS4 (pro) via bluetooth - except for their own proprietary bluetooth headsets that cost more and are a lot crappier (I didn't buy them, but I got to try them at friend's huse, and aside from the 8h battery life span, they also have a crappy plastic build that, if you read the reviews, you would notice that they ever hardly last within their warenty pretiod). So, indoors, phenomenal, battery life - best I've ever seen, build qualiy - very flexible and very hard to damage unless you're trying to do it on purpose, BUT outdoors, maybe go for something cheaper, that leaks a bit less sound.
Would you need the bluetooth transmitter if you're using the headphones for gaming on a laptop platform?
Maybe in another 10 years you will be able to post a quality review of a toilet. Maybe.
Well I've done my research and checked out the reviews on amazon as well, and decided to go for this rising company, with a lets say low mid range pricing and good quality as they are described. and have to say i'm very much disappointed!!!!!!! i'm not sure if they paid the reviewers or the comments on amazon but my experience was as follows: I received the package and upon opening everything looks very nit and tidy , but as soon as i opened the case i see the headphones are crooked, and then i notice that the right headphone wire is exposed to the elements . decided to try them on anyway so i turned them on, and the disapoitment keeps on coming, the sound is decentish but the sound leakage is the worst I've ever encountered. on low-medium volume my girlfriend could here not just the tune but even the words coming out, it's like having a speaker on your head. CONCLUSION: DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT BUY THESE HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you test the mic? I want to know what kind of quality that will be
Thank you so much! I was thinking about getting this for my oculus rift S, and I was a bit unsure, but this really convinced me to get them!
I have these headphones and He doesn't know about how to turn the x-bass on or off, just hold the "Plus and Minus" switch same time switch for 5sec voice will tell you Bass on hold again and it will say Bass off, Next time you make a video please read the Manuel! I'm still giving you a thumbs up for overall presentation. Also, I use an Equalizer and DAC before i connect to the Priva 3 APTX-LL transmitter for my preference of sound making it sweet.
Recommended for Gaming? (With a aptx low latency transmitter)
Hello, question can you have the PC and phone connected at the same time? be listening to music on the pc and answer a call on the phone
The headphones come with a bass boost maybe yours is on unknowingly press and hold both volume up and down for a few seconds and you get a speech prompt telling you bass on or off maybe it’ll help but great vid
Great review as always bro.
Love this vid!
great vid bro!
Lol. I need new headphones & didn't know you reviewed tech. But I see you wearing helmets on fire lol. Nice to see where the channel came from.
do they have volume control
Are they good for dj?
Is there any way to mute the mic when playing online?
So I can play Xbox one with these???
Is it neodymium magnets or ferrite? can't find the info
Funny you did the same review as me, at around the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXgABpszNxw&lc=z12zg1bpvyzpwrl0z22puhn5nyfxgdoqc04
started watching this channel in january and I got these before I started watching and now just finding this video is awesome, great pair of headphones.
i bought these the other day for 70 euro on amazon at a discount. Theyre amazing for the price, and theyre super comfortable!
these or the regular auditions
I use these watching TV with an aptX low latency transmitter and there is no delay problem. They are light and very comfortable (comfort is subjective of course).The sound is good but not up to that of my audiophile headphones--the Aventrees sound a little hollow and lacking in detail and smoothness. But they're good and do the job intended; I'm very satisfied with the purchase--$80 on Amazon.
i have this. The sound leakage starts around 20% volume which is terrible.
nice revew ! does this sound better than AUSDOM M05? is this more comfortable than M05? is this as comfortable as Beyerdynamic dt990 pro? thanks,
IS IT CONFORTABLE WHEN IN YOUR EAR...FOR LONG TIME I GOT THE PREVIOUS Avantree Audition PREVIOUS VERSION the ear pad hurt ...so hard so i cannot put on my ears...
hello am evericingapplepro say you idiot
Thanks. I've been watching for a while, and just broke my headphones before I saw this video.
Beats wireless are just the same and maybe a little better but more expensive.
The two camera-view is awesome, but you should look at some settings about levels of black. On the TOP camera you there is a lot of black, so you can't see the dark details. The other camera is fine. Yea and keep up the good work ;)
audio sounds a bit funky. but im glad you can make videos faster now.
Ok I am in a boot because I broke my leg and I was thinking, on the side of the boot their is 2 metal strips about a inch thick and the bottom of the boot it goes rubber metal plate then a soft rubber and for the Exo boots I know you already made them but this would be giving you support on your legs and feet at the same time this is my suggestion but I don't know if it will work but it is just one idea from a kid to a man