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Buy Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon. Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset . Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: Black

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Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹8,999

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The lowest Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹8,999 at Amazon.
Buy Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon.
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Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • Black

Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headset Specifications

Bluetooth Yes
Brand Avantree
Color Black
Compatible Devices Laptop, Mobile
Designed For Mobile
Headset Design Over the Head
In Sales Package Audition Bluetooth wireless Headphones
Model Id Audition
Type of Headset Over the Ear
Wired/Wireless Wired & Wireless
Microphone Features
Noise Cancellation Mircrophone Yes
Sound Features
Noise Cancellation Headphones No
Noise Reduction and Cancellation Yes (Microphone)

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Does the mic work for phone calls if you're not connected to bluetooth?
I just bought these - the sound quality is dreadful.
Avantree stops being wireless in six months. Won't charge. Bend over. Did you enjoy that?
The video latency is a 1-second delay. The sound is good, but useless for watching videos.
can they work with mp3 players
Is there any way to mute the mic when gaming online?
I don't like your face bro
Great Review!
Not connecting to ipad mini 2. Any suggestions
Hey Lance....please review the latest AUDITION PRO by AVANTREE they are even better....& popular these days....
Fantastic review.... Thank you. I'm sold and will be buying a pair.
I love your reviews!
Only downside with these, is microphone will only work via Bluetooth, not wired.
Do they have a mic?
Did these break easily or do they?
Will they block out the voices?
Sigh. You win. Ordering now. Thanks!
What about the mic ???
Great video. I like how you added the annotations on the video, this helped me skip to the parts I was interested in. Again, great video
These are the same cans as skull Candy hesh 2
battery dead in 6 months.....cant find online as well to replace.
I just got them. Different version though. The only difference is the boom mic which I got which has significant better mic quality for gaming. It's the Avantree as9m
Why does mine always disconnect after connecting please help
That Asmr tho
For some reason my unit feels very heavy on the left side and it doesn't feel as good as the right side. Did anyone else had this problem?
Would you recommend for working outdoors? Like golf course maintenance
Watching this video using these
my pc recognizes the microphone, but doesnt record anything... any ideas?
My order arrives with deep hissing noise and some random distortions at left side. Box seal was opened also, probably they sent me a refused product by previous customer. After several attempts to fix and factory reset according instructions in manual book, opened a trouble ticket on official avantree web site. They ridiculously responded with automated messages just like copy-paste from user's manual. Started dispute for refund on Aliexpress and it is under process. Because of noise problems impossible to prove, I have to pay for shipping cost for refund and tax payment at custom has already burned. I don't know what Aliexpress will decide when it may be possible excalation. I observed other purchases on comment section on Aliexpress, I guess I am unlucky but becareful about Avantree products anyway...
Problems with these from a premium headphone user: Sounds very flat and doesn’t have much bass It’s a bit tight, but comfort ability is ok Cushions are rubbery and foam is very squishy. Otherwise good product.
My Avantree stopped charging after only 6 months. Now, only works with a wire. Don't forget the screws in the box. Rember...you just got screwed!
Useless for watching videos. The delay is about 1-second. Sure, they sound good. But, that is about it.
Hello from Spain. Congratulations for your videos, are pretty good. Can I ask you where do you find the ear pads? Thank youu!!!
I've had this for two years and the headband faux leather (underside brown one) has peeled off with just minimal use.
does it sound better than edifir w830bt ?
Are these the best bluetooth headphone under 100$ in terms of sound quality? Or do you recommend something else? Great review BTW, you've got a new subscriber.
Really like the editing style
Any earpads which can fit into these ?
Would these be a good choice for pc gaming?
Update: I did ask the people over the aptX website as to whether the aptX LL headphones can support the aptX and aptX HD devices. Sadly, no it will revert back to the normal aptX. You may not able to experience the Low Latency version, which is a bummer.
Avantree SUCKS! My phone stopped charging after a short time...a few months! No longer wireless! RIP OFF ! ! !
These headphones have a noticeable 1-sec delay when watching video which renders them useless for that purpose. Sure, they sound good and fit OK, but for YT, movies or TV, forget it. They even have a habit of dropping out when trying to watch a YT video. Ironically, including this one.
Anything WIRELESS is a form of a radio frequency RADIATION which is not GOOD for YOU so stay away from wireless headphones
how are they with volume others can hear? Loud? I'm packed on the subway like a sardine on weekdays and don't want to disturb others!
Agree mostly with Nimo, but a fantastic overall review and feedback + quality vs quantity of information in your video is fantastic. Thank you! Much better for my needs than the less than enthusiastic rep at Best Buy trying to sell me $250 Sony headphones
Thanks, just ordered mine. I have been using Avantree Hive for years, love them and still going strong but charger stopped working so can't use wireless. Don't like buying cheap chargers online, (can't get one in store as not got usb end) so treating myself to a new set.
Not sure it's only on my headphone... The volume is not that loud compare to other same price headset
Awesome review!! I’m gonna purchase these
Grate! I like that how you gone in details. Thank you!
Are you confident that the headband won't break? I have snapped 2 headbands with those 'Bluedio' headphones! For the price, they sound awesome, but the headband is made of the cheapest plastic ever! I'm considering these and hope the durability is TOUGH.
17 min video 30 seconds taking about sound quality 0 seconds trying them on/speaking about comfort 0 seconds of mic audio testing Dude no offense, but that's not how you review a headphone. comfort and sound quality are the most important things. hope you do better on the next videos.
thanks for the review. how is the bass, is it rich and deep?
Hi, i have a budget of 100 dollars and in looking for Over ear wireless headphones that has a pretty long battery life. I was wondering if you have any suggestions?
bought those on aliexpress. Bass is all over the place. even mids are bassy. Like the music is played inside the tube.
does the microphone work for ps4?
how do you think these compare to the pros version?
Is it on the bass side? Because I don't like "bassy" headphones
I have been using wired in ear headphones Sony XB30EX for a couple of years. Due to wear and tear, I am planning to upgrade and looking something in wireless section which can match the sound quality. How do these compare to Sony MDR-XB650BT in terms of sound quality only ? If you have any other model in mind. Please let me know. My budget is around $100$.
are they good for gym?
I wasn't going to listen to this for 20 minutes to see if anything about audio sync (latency) said, guess there wasn't any!